Create a Paradise Full of Vintage Surprises with these Home Decor Ideas

Does your heart still reside in your grandpa’s old house? Those vintage tables, the wall clock and the room theme, makes you want to leave the city and go back to his old yet dilapidated space once again. Now that your heart craves to go back, your husband gives you a fantastic idea. Well, it’s transforming your modern house to provide the vintage look you’ve been longing for. 

Are you looking for vintage and antique home decor inspiration? Well, you’ll be glad to know there are a gazillion ways of transforming your paradise into a livable showcase of valuable finds. And, these can be right from making furniture through suitcases to using a workbench for the kitchen island. 

Can’t wait to revolutionize your home? How about going through this guide for finding out the design inspiration to create an antique home? Sounds great; let’s get going:

  • Choose a Colour Scheme:

You can easily create a vintage home by choosing items for a room under the same colour palette. Thus, the best that you can do is add a dark leather trunk that’ll work as a coffee table along with a neutral Persian rug. Just make sure that these tie together with the mismatched wood frames for a vintage farmhouse style. 

  • Come at a Common Ground Regarding the Room Theme:

Believe when the home decor experts enumerate the power of antique collectables. Yes, they go a step ahead in creating a themed room. 

Check with your hubby and come to a common ground if you both want a room that’s solely dedicated to music or to the 1950s or not. If that sounds like you, you can have tin signs and a funky chair and a jukebox. Or, you can show off your explicit music tastes by dedicating a corner to band posters, photographs, and old records. 

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After all, nothing shows off the antique collectables like curating a 1950s themed room!

  • Focus on One Space at a Time:

While considering home make-over, know that you don’t need big pieces for getting off the bat. You can start small while decorating with vintage items. 

Start off by choosing one room- or a corner and craft your creativity around that area. And know that it doesn’t have to be significant. Initiate the process with a decorative armchair and slowly add pieces around it to see that best; see the ancient!

  • Mix and Match Several Vintage Finds:

One of the best decorating ideas for a living room is easily mixing vintage furniture with your quirky antique collectables. For instance, you can have a dark green room with rustic dining room sets, vintage-style appliances, and inspirational tools to add antiquity to the place. You can also build a cohesive look with puffy chairs and a compilation of black-and-white photos on the wall. 

However, if the dining room set idea fantasizes you the most, you can consider displaying various vases as a centrepiece on the table. 

  • Use Books for Vintage Wall Decor:

Are you an avid reader? If yes, then what are the piles of books doing in your cupboard? Rather than putting them on the coffee table or a shelf, use these as vintage wall decor. 

You can use nails for fastening the books to the wall for a statement piece, or you can even make a collage using torn-out pages. This decor idea would even look better when you put antique frames around them. 

  • Show Off the Credenza:
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Now that antique’s on your mind, it’s worth bringing a little retro feel into your living room, dining room or entryway using a credenza. This credenza would work wonders for storing your fine china, like a minibar or as a TV stand.

Home decor experts also recommend pairing a credenza using a round vintage mirror on the wall. Or, you can even use a milk jug vase for adding contrast to the sleek design and get an added warmth. 

  • Transform Doors to a Headboard:

Folks, you can wave goodbye to the modern tufted headboards and say hello to the worn antique doors. Just try to paint the old doors the same colour as your bedroom furniture for getting that unique rustic look. 

Consider tying everything together adding the different antique decor like a chandelier or a cabinet for storing blankets. You can even paint the old doors the same colour as your bedroom furniture to get a unique rustic look. 

  • Make Use of a Vintage Bar Cart:

A bar cart is an antique decor item that works well to bring a chic touch to any room and store the knick-knacks, heirloom cocktail shakers, and crystal decanters. You can also consider turning old and worn-out suitcases into tables. 

All you’ve to do is stack the same and use these as a side table for a nightstand in your bedroom or living room. You can also store the extra knick-knacks in these. 

  • Blend Several Textures:

One of the best ways of adding an antique style to a minimalistic room is through mid-century modern chairs and tables. It is because their sleek design helps in creating clean lines and keeping the space open yet straightforward. 

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You can also add warmth to your room by mixing vintage and antique decor textures. Layering large Persian rugs beneath neutral fur rugs is a fantastic idea. You can also think of placing pillows on a leather couch. Or, maybe knitted blankets in a retro basket under a modern table. 

  • Explore the Craziness with Wooden Crates:

One of the antique decor items that every home needs are wooden crates. You can use these to store small plants on the sill and hold documents in the home office space. Or, maybe they can be perfect on the patio or on the living room table. 

The Conclusion- Give your Creativity a New Vision

Some other ideas that are sure to add old memories to your home are playing with patterns, bringing the outdoors inside, or opting for an apothecary cabinet. Not only can you add vintage and antique decor, but you can also add sparkle to your home with sconce lighting. 

After all, it’s all about creating a modern ancient home and satisfying the joy of vintage living!

Which ones are your favourite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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