Here are 15 Plant Pedestal Ideas You Can Have for Your Home

In providing the greenery to your home, you must need a rack or something that can be used to put the pots with plants. For that need, we advise you to use the plant pedestal. In this case, the plant pedestal can make your plants to be vertically arranged which will make the plants in a high position to get a more elegant look. Also, it is useful for you who have a small home space. There are some designs of the plant pedestal that you can have that could be seen from the materials and the shape. Also, the designs can also create the style to complete your home decoration. For example, you can have the modern plant pedestal in a modern style with black and white color to complete your modern home decoration need. The following references will show you other plant pedestal designs that could match your home decoration.

Vertical Plant Pedestal Ideas

Crafted from high-quality metal, this plant pedestal is an ideal solution for plant storage in smaller spaces. The minimalist design makes this stand versatile for any room in your home. Its vertically designed arrangement makes all indoor green plants neatly arranged and will save all your pots for indoor gardening. Repaint the iron part of this pedestal plant with a deep black color to avoid it rusting easily when exposed to splashes of water from your plants. This plant will look bolder when applied in a white room. Vertical Plant Pedestal with Black Paint from @plantedagbok

Single Tiered Plant Pedestal Ideas

An easy way that you can do to decorate your living room decoration is to hold a single plant pedestal with selected materials that are sturdy and not easily porous. Black iron combined with hexagon-shaped wood is a combination of materials that can work well together to accommodate the terracotta pot which has a beautiful pastel pink color that gives a feminine impression. Low-maintenance green plants are the right choice that you can apply in this room. Choose and just use a tiered plant pedestal to insert more than one potted plant. Just put it right in front of the sofa as a room decoration that will bring the feel of nature. Single Tiered Plant Pedestal Ideas from

Low Plant Pedestal with Vintage Look

The placement of indoor plant pots in the living room area can be considered by using a plant pedestal so as to create a new look in this room. This vintage look plant pedestal made with reclaimed wood is enhanced with a few beautiful carvings and beautiful-looking spindle legs. Just put it right next to your sitting area sofa so it doesn’t interfere with your movement space when in this room. In this way, the existence of the plant pot will look higher because it has a lower surface that is higher than the use of the floor. No need to repaint so that the vintage look can look more real. Low Plant Pedestal with Vintage Look from @houseonburningtree

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DIY Teak Wood Plant Pedestal

Use teak wood material to make a plant pedestal that can be used outdoors or indoors, repaint it with transparent paint for a shiny look that can be obtained instantly. This pedestal plant design can be moved easily when needed because it has a size that is not too big. After it can be used, just combine it with a black matte pot with shiny ceramic material. Furthermore, the snake plant is the choice of indoor plant that is able to develop well even though they are indoors, what you can do here is to carry out regular maintenance by watering them and giving fertilizer more regularly. Snake Plants Wooden Pedestal from

Bonsai Plant Pedestal

Create a garden centerpiece in the room for a beautiful look and make the room feel fresh. For example, you can make a DIY plant pedestal with neutral-colored wood. No need to repaint for a more natural look and can blend more perfectly with your bonsai plants, just design this wood as simple as possible so you can do it yourself. This is done to save costs, so it is suitable for those of you who want to decorate a room on a budget. Here you can use pots of two different sizes to make it look more varied. You can try it now to decorate your home room. DIY Bonsai Pedestal Design from @ekathewrecka

Black Wire Plant Pedestal

To keep up with trends that fit within your budget, extraordinary planters are very inspiring to use. Also, consider using a plant pedestal with wire material that will add character and charm to your favorite balcony area. Supported by round feet, this plant pedestal can stand firmly to support the plant pot you are using. Try to choose a pot with a different color such as gold so that it gives an instant luxurious impression. The beauty of this pedestal wire plant can be seen by everyone from below so that it produces an impression that attracts attention. Black Wire Plant Pedestal from @baremalin

White and Gold Pedestal Design

The procurement of green plants in the room is sometimes needed to add a natural touch that makes the room feel fresher. Here you can use cactus plants with the selection of white pots that have color harmony with the dominance of the interior of the house that is used. Consider using a plant pedestal so that your cactus plant is safe from children and of course, it will look taller when applied in the corner of the room along with a matching colored drink bar cart. Take a look at the feet of these plant pedestal designs, they have a glossy gold finish that can instantly give off a modern vibe. White Gold Pedestal from @rustoleum

X Leg Plant Pedestal Bathroom

This small plant pedestal with sturdy iron material offers enough space to display a large green plant pot in an industrial bathroom area. You can choose and buy a plant pedestal design with a new look, namely those who have an X leg design with sturdy iron material that has been repainted in solid black. Because the size is quite small, the design of this pedestal plant is ready to be moved to any room when needed. You can also clean it easily by wiping it with a cloth, white ceramic planter pots are a blend of bathroom decorations that will never fail. X Leg Plant Pedestal with Iron Material from @ivymuse_melb

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Natural Wicker Rattan Plant Pedestal

Taking up little space, but adding a lot of style is how this indoor rattan wicker pedestal plant fits into your living room. Everyone who sees it will be delighted to have regained the living space while keeping your plants clearly visible. This woven rattan plant pedestal has a design that blends with the planter pot which has a fairly large size. Green plants and flowers are a combination of indoor plants that you can apply simultaneously to add color to the room naturally. In addition, the use of rattan plant pedestals offers a favorite finish to complement your home decor that looks too plain. You can buy it at the nearest craft store. Wicker Rattan Plant Pedestal from @sggeneva

Nesting Plant Pedestal Design

Are you looking for a place to put indoor plants in your living room? This trio of nesting plant stands is a great choice to match modern, contemporary, and farmhouse styles. This plant pedestal design has a gold-plated steel base material that looks shiny so it promises to be used as a natural decoration throughout the year. Choose and use plants that are easy to care for. The legs of this pedestal are also made of sturdy material so that they are strong to support ceramic or glass pots that are placed on them as room entertainment. Nesting Plant Pedestal Design from @homeandcottages

Antique Plant Pedestal

Don’t let your floor area look empty and boring. Currently, you can use an antique plant pedestal that is dominated by wood that has been repainted with a transparent color. This pedestal surface has a striped pattern that instantly adds texture to the room. You can put it right next to the storage cabinet so that it can be used as a room decoration that can be obtained easily. Vines are a smart idea that you can place on top of this antique pedestal, these plants will propagate to the floor area beautifully, do pruning when they are too long, and have interfered with your space. Antique Plant Pedestal Design from @the.plant.killer. Antique Plant Pedestal Design from @the.plant.killer

DIY Vintage Rattan Plant Pedestal

When you have the ability to make woven plant pedestals, just do it when you have free time when the weekend arrives. Here you only need a few ingredients, wood and rattan woven into a smart combination that can be assembled into a pedestal plant that is ready to be placed in any room of the house. Make the wood the main frame of the shape that will accommodate your plant pots more firmly. Looking at some books arranged vertically is also a smart idea from DIY plant pedestals that you can try as easily as possible with expenses on a budget. Several types of plants that are placed in the same area are ready to be used as decorations that will bring the feel of nature into the room instantly. DIY Rattan Plant Pedestal from @amysvintagedecorium

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Ceramic Plant Pedestal Stand

So that your flower plants can look taller than other plants around them, just use a plant pedestal stand with ceramic material that looks sturdy and easy when doing routine maintenance. Place this flowerpot right in the middle of this pedestal. Just choose and use a plant pedestal with a floral pattern as well to give it an instant vintage impression. In addition, you can also choose a pot with a bolder color such as bright green for a more perfect look. Flowers that can be applied indoors are bright pink roses that have practical care, you just need to water them with clean water and give enough fertilizer for the specified time. Ceramic Plant Pedestal Stand from @annwsparrow

Creative Concrete Painting for Plant Pedestal

When you have a concrete plant pedestal with a neutral color like white, then do creative ideas for a more attractive and less plain look. What you can do now is repaint it with a plant pattern as well. Just choose watercolor with black color to make it look quite contrasting when applied to a concrete plant pedestal which is dominated by white paint. The combination of black and white gives a modern and monochromatic impression, this color is suitable for a room that has a modern style. It’s not enough to add texture to the room, you can also use plant pots with geometric patterns that never fail. Concrete Painting Plant Pedestal from @nfmpics

Carving Column Plant Pedestal

Place a column plant pedestal in front of your house to frame the front door so that it can be an initial welcome for guests who come to your home. The overall design of this plant pedestal is perfected with a sculptural planter pot that looks more artistic and classic. The sturdy material is ready to be placed outside or inside the room according to your home decorating needs. Fill it with favorite plants that you have in the backyard garden area so you don’t have to buy them again and of course, save more expenses. No extra effort is needed because only one type of green plant is enough to attract attention. Column Plant Pedestal from @hyacinth.2021


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