10 Varied Winter Home Decorations You Can Make Yourself

In creating winter decorations for your home, you can don’t need to buy all the stuff since you can make some ornaments and arrange them by yourself. Do some DIY projects and you will get the cheaper ones for sure. Also, by doing the decoration by yourself, you can make sure that you apply the things that you really like and that you feel your presence for each ornament that you apply there. That will be really great, right? For DIY winter decoration projects, there are some ideas that you can make with varied applications also. For example, you can have wall decoration, table decoration, entryway decoration, fireplace decoration, and more. Here we have provided 10 different ideas that you can copy and apply to your home based on your home space and condition. Check them out!

Winter Look Village Table Decoration

There is something beautiful about decorating your console table to enhance the décor of this exquisite and dramatic winter home. Start by making some winter villages with thin wood materials so that they are easier to cut according to the design you want. Here you can also repaint with white for a newer and more elegant look. It’s not enough that the sprinkling of faux snow that fills this area emphasizes the winter cycle that you can easily try. Not only DIY wooden villages, but you can also make some white dominant Christmas trees that you can make from glitter material and you can stick them using strong adhesive glue so they are not easily damaged. Winter Village Table Decoration from @_jenkelley

DIY Hanging Paper Snowflake

There are many ways to showcase a DIY winter theme in one of your rooms. For example, you can decorate the kitchen by making some faux snowflakes made of paper which has a thick enough material so that it is not easily damaged or easily torn when used throughout the winter. Here you can try to apply it to the hanging chandeliers by tying it using some existing ropes. There’s always a place for fun and quirky ideas whatever the season, and these DIY paper snowflake winter decorations will prove it. The red ribbon makes this ornament look bolder during the day and at night. Hanging Paper Snowflake Chandelier from @home_on_breezy_corner

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Hanging Fox Socks Garland Design

This dining room decoration which is enhanced with garland socks is a part of wall decoration that you can try easily and cheaply. Before you assemble this sock yourself, you can buy the necessary materials such as rope and adhesive glue. Because this garland will be used as an accent to welcome winter, choosing it with a fox pattern and bold red is the best choice you can try. Hang it on the white paint wall so that its presence is seen more clearly and is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Also combine it with a greenery wreath that you designed yourself so that this wall decoration looks more attractive and remains fun throughout the winter. Hanging Fox Socks Garland Ideas from @heimwerklove

Dramatic Baking Paper Windowsill Decor

Do you have baking paper that has not been used in your kitchen decor? If you still have it in sufficient quantities, then you can reuse it as a DIY winter windowsill decoration that looks unique and different. Just cut this parchment paper into small pieces with pieces of a Christmas tree that you can apply to the window glass complete with a string light that has white lighting. This way, your winter windowsill area will look dramatic at night and ready to be used as additional room lighting when needed. Cut this parchment paper into pieces with various sizes of different Christmas trees. Try it easily and cheaply of course. Its existence can be seen from inside or outside the room. Baking Paper Winter Windowsill Decor from @ruhrpottwerkstatt

Farmhouse Style Pallet Snowman Design

Take advantage of the presence of pallets in your warehouse as one of the ornaments that can decorate this winter-themed house. For example, you can turn it into a DIY snowman with a shabby chic look that is dominated by white and black paint. Just place or place the existence of this DIY snowman pallet in the corner of your home so that it can look attractive and ready to be made as one of the focal points of the room. For the nose and eyes you can combine black and orange so that it looks clearer and different. A ribbon that is applied to the snowman’s body is a sweet finishing touch, you can tie it firmly so it doesn’t come off easily when used throughout the winter. Also apply red berries and small evergreens to the hat for a natural touch that you can easily get in your backyard garden. Farmhouse Style Pallet Snowman Design from @sydkrenz

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DIY Crepe Paper Wreath Design

The crepe paper you have at home can be even more useful when you turn it into a winter DIY project. You can sort and choose this crepe paper with only white color to better suit this winter theme. Then turn it into a wreath design to hang it on the mirror in the entryway area. The size is large enough to welcome your guests who come to the house with great joy. Here you can hang it using a white ribbon too so that it has color harmony and of course makes it easier for you to combine it with other ornaments around it. Just make this wreath design with your family to fill your spare time on the weekend so it’s not boring anymore. DIY White Crepe Paper Wreath from @photosbycori

Flannel Winter Wall Hanging Ideas

Make the frame of the reindeer and Christmas tree using wire with a fairly wide and thick surface. After this pattern is in accordance with the design you want, then you can coat the outer surface with flannel which has a combination of white and brown to make it more child-friendly. The application of this flannel may require adhesive glue so that it does not come off easily when used throughout the year. Just hang this DIY project on an empty wall using string and a dry twig that you can easily find in your backyard garden. You can buy this flannel fabric online or you can also get it at the nearest winter craft store. Flannel Deer and Spruce Wall Hanging from @healthy_white_home

Winter Ornament for Floating Shelves

To fill the empty floating shelves, you can make some winter ornaments that are ready to be neatly arranged on the top surface. For now, you can make several village ornaments with various sizes and different colors so that they look more varied and not boring. Here to make it, you can use stone material so that it is not easily damaged and is not easily porous when used throughout the winter. In addition to village ornaments, you can also make a DIY wooden star complete with iron poles so that it has a fairly high size. Just arrange everything neatly on top of your floating shelves to fill the empty walls of your house. Candlesticks can be turned on to add lighting to the room which can give the effect of a warmer room. DIY Winter Ornament for Floating Shelves from @minas_wohnwahn

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DIY Winter-Themed Console Table

The console table in this entryway decoration will look more festive when it is perfected with some DIY ornaments that you can make yourself according to your abilities. Here you can make a Christmas tree with thin wooden planks so that it is easier to cut according to the pattern you want. It’s not enough to just DIY a Christmas tree, but you can also make a DIY garland with selected evergreen materials so that you can display winter decorations full of joy. This part of the garland design that is perfected with a string light will look interesting when the atmosphere in the room starts to look dark. Arrange everything neatly on the console table as a festive welcome for your guests or family who visit your home. Its simple appearance is very suitable for use for the entryway farmhouse theme. DIY Winter Themed Console Table from @michaela.wichman

Hanging Door Basket Ideas

To welcome your guests or family with joy, a wicker rattan basket filled with evergreens and dry cotton is a smart DIY project idea that you can make yourself or help your family with during the holidays. Make this wicker basket with a size large enough so that it can accommodate a large number of contents. Previously you could paint the door and window frames using black paint so that the hanging basket door can be seen more clearly. This range of cotton and evergreens can be done easily and inexpensively. Next, so that the final look doesn’t look too plain, then adding or hanging yarn knitted scarf accents is the final touch that you can do. Hanging Cotton Door Basket from @cherrystreetblossoms


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