Simple Yet Proper Home Decoration Ideas

Simplicity becomes the choice for people these days. Including the decoration where the modern touches are also influencing the decoration to be simple and minimalist. However, something simple is doesn’t mean that you can’t get the complete facilities for your decoration needs. It is still really possible for you to have the proper simple decoration so that you can still fulfill all your needs of occupancy. What is meant by simple here is the design and style choice for your furniture and interior. Also, you can’t put something that is not functional because that will only be such a waste. What you should do here is just being effective and not being too much. Check out the following explanations and references.

If you love eclectic decor, make a note of this perfect modern living room. Use the sofa as a comfortable sitting area and of course it has a softer surface. Two sofas are enough to be a sitting area that can be used by your guests or family, it’s a good idea to use a sofa with two different colors starting from a combination of blue and yellow. These two sofas will present a more colorful feel to the room. Small round coffee tables make the right combination of furniture and will work well together. Sofa sitting area from realsimple.

It is very easy to decorate a room when it is very small and limited. What you can do is arrange and arrange the interior in it properly. To show a valuable living room decoration, you can try hanging several painting frames with a variety of different themes and colors. The use of simple furniture is also highly recommended to save your budget. This black and white color will look flushed when applied to a rug with a fairly large size. Living room decoration on budget from realsimple.

Adjust the style and theme of the furniture used with your current living room decorating ideas. When your living room has a modern style, you can also use furniture that is in rhythm. The white curved sofa is one of the right pieces of furniture. When this room requires more seating area then you can add two chairs and two ottomans that can be used according to your needs. It’s not enough to end here, to add an elegant impression to the room, the thing you can do is coat the wooden floor with plain faux fur rug. Modern style living room from realsimple.

Even though you have a simple living room decoration, you can also display it into a comfortable room to use when gathering with family or guests who come to the house. Just prepare a sitting area that is sufficient with the feel of a green room. A sofa with two chairs is enough to be a sitting area that can be used as well as possible. This sofa is also equipped with several throw pillows that have different patterns and colors so that they can be used to make your sitting more comfortable and soft. Next, decorate the empty wall with three different themed canvas paintings. Green shades of the living room from realsimple.

No need to use too much furniture in your living room decoration to keep the room minimalist. Use only the main furniture that is often needed, for example using sofas and chairs that end with a layer of faux fur rug on the bottom surface. These two sofas have two different colors that make the room look more colorful and fun, the combination of blue and pink gives a fantastic final result. The advantage of this living room decoration is that it is directly faced with a beautiful outdoor view, with this transparent glass wall will work and function properly. Minimalist furniture from realsimple.

The use of furniture that is not excessive will give you a wider and more open floor space of course. In decorating this living room you can use chairs, coffee tables, throw pillows, console tables and standing cabinets as closed storage. Finish all the furniture in this room with a colorful bohemian carpet that covers the entire floor area thoroughly. Indoor green plants that are placed in several different areas become fresh decorations that make your room feel more comfortable. The block color paint on the walls in this living room also adds to the beauty of the room instantly. Colorful bohemian living room from realsimple.

The decoration of the dining room which is dominated by wood and iron is one of the characteristics of the farmhouse decoration. You can start using wood from the dining table, floor and ceiling. Furthermore, for the iron material, you can apply it to the use of dining chairs that surround the table in a neat and orderly manner. The two materials used will work well together and of course have a smoother and stronger surface. Finish this room with a glass vase filled with fresh greenery. After the use of this furniture is correct, then you can expose this dining table to the glass window area to get a beautiful view. Farmhouse dining room from housebeautiful.

You can decorate a kitchen in easy to difficult ways. What you can now do in this kitchen is to use multifunctional furniture to simplify the use of excessive furniture. Multifunctional kitchen furniture that you can try is a modern kitchen island that can be used as a dining table as well as an area for preparing food to be served. To be used as a dining table, you can add a stool as a sitting area that has the appropriate height. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use a kitchen island that has colors and materials that match the kitchen cabinets. Multifunction kitchen island from housebeautiful.

Rethink how you organize your living room decor. You can design a formal living room that can double as a reading nook by adding comfortable lounge furniture. This lounge is ready to be used as a lying area as well as a sitting area to read the book you like. Choose and use the new look of the lounge, the tassels that surround the lower area of this sitting area make it look more vintage. This living room decoration is perfect for entertaining you on the weekend and can unwind after a long day of activities. Living room decoration double function from housebeautiful.

There is nothing wrong with using the dominance of white in your bohemian bedroom. This white color can be applied to wall paint, ceiling paint and neutral bedding. Furthermore, the selection of colorful rugs that are used to coat the wooden floor becomes a decorative idea that can make the room look more cheerful and fun. Other patterns and colors that you can apply are on the bedding and two pillowcases with two different colors. All the colors and patterns that are in this one bedroom will work well together to produce the final look that suits you. Bohemian style bedroom from housebeautiful.

Keep your bedroom decor minimalistic by using furniture in a matching style and with a modern touch. Just choose and use furniture that has only one color tone, white is always the best choice that you can apply in any room of the house. Start applying white on your walls and ceiling for a clean final look and of course it can give the effect of the room feeling wider and open. Another color that you can use is light gray which is in the color of the blanket and rug used. With this, the bedroom decoration is ready to be used with full comfort. White themed bedroom from housebeautiful.

If you have entryways decorations with limited space, then you can use only the furniture you need without overdoing it. For example, you use a vintage console table made of reclaimed wood. This table can be used as an area to put decorations such as a jug vase that has been perfected with fresh green plants. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use the wall to hang an abstract print painting that has a black and white color combination. Because the nuances of these entryways are dominated by white, the green plants will look bolder. Decoration small entryways from housebeautiful.

Make your bathroom decor more organized and elegant with the use of the right furniture. To distinguish wet floor bathroom decorations from dry floors, you can use a transparent glass divider with a fairly thick material. Then you can use the gold bathtub as a bathing area when needed. The cabinet sink in this room can also function as a closed storage area so you can store all your bathroom necessities and equipment in the cabinet which will minimize the mess in the bathroom. Simple bathroom decoration from housebeautiful.

Complete the decor of your small living room with indoor green plants that have a variety of different types and sizes. This green plant can be applied in the area around your furniture as a room background that can give a natural feel to the room instantly. The rubber tree that is applied to this basket pot will look beautiful and fresh when combined with a monstera plant. Then you can use a leather pouf instead of a coffee table which saves more on your floor area. This living room idea seems simple but still comfortable to use as a relaxing area and a solitary area after a day of activities. Living room with houseplants background from elledecor.

Another home decoration that you can improve the appearance of is the powder room. Usually this room is often used for guests who come to your house to just check their appearance. In this room you can simply add a single sink, hanging mirror and a basket as a storage area for towels that have been used. Don’t let the walls look plain and boring, now you can layer them using floral wallpaper which is dominated by a combination of black and white. Although the room is limited but very comfortable. Monochromatic powder room from elledecor.

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