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15 Proper Winter Cottage Decoration Ideas

Having your holiday moments in the cottage is such a fun way to spend. The warm atmosphere that the…

Having your holiday moments in the cottage is such a fun way to spend. The warm atmosphere that the cottage has makes it proper to be considered as the place to choose in creating the memory. However, during the winter holiday, you should adjust the decoration so that everything could be proper and give you coziness while having your time there. Here, you can add the decoration with some warming facilities such as the additional cushions, throw blanket, furry rug, and more. Also, you have to make sure that your fireplace cottage works well so that you can spend your time with your family and close friends in a comfortable feeling although the snow is falling. Add the facilities to warm up the atmosphere not only for the living room where you can also have it for your bedroom, kitchen, and more. We have compiled some good winter cottage decor references for you. Enjoy!

This winter living room decoration with a wooden beam ceiling and wooden window trim looks natural and very attractive. This sofa is furnished with a faux fur duvet and several patterned pillows, creating a warm and cozy room. Spotlight lighting on the ceiling gives a dramatic look to the entire room. Wooden Ceiling from ofdesign.

Using wooden beam ceilings and wooden furniture for winter cottage living room decoration ideas will give a natural look that looks elegant. Complete the look with a fireplace with a brick mantle for warm decor with a natural touch to the rest of the room. A large sofa equipped with pillows and faux fur blankets will create a warm and cozy room. Wooden Furniture from ofdesign.

The wooden beam ceiling and large windows on one wall create a warm feeling and let the sunlight into the room. A sofa equipped with pillows and blankets will provide perfect comfort in your living room. The fireplace in the corner of the room will bring extra warmth to this cottage living room. Large Rug Winter Cottage from ofdesign.

This winter cottage living room decoration has a white color scheme and wooden ceiling accents so that it will present a perfectly natural look. This large sofa complete with several pillows and a fleece blanket provides extra warmth to the entire room. Fireplace accents and a soft fleece rug under the coffee table add extra warmth to this cottage living room. Wooden Ceiling Accent from ofdesign.

This cottage living room uses a white color scheme and a large window on one wall of this room. Wood accents on the furniture and walls also give a natural impression to the entire room. Complete the décor with a velvet sofa, pillows, and fleece blankets for cozy and inviting room decor. A rustic chandelier also adds a dramatic glow to the entire room. White Color Scheme from ofdesign.

If you want to decorate your winter living room in a cottage style, you can choose to use wood accents to make it look warmer and inviting. Natural wood floors with wooden beam ceilings will make your living room decoration even more perfect. Some wooden furniture complete with soft faux fur blankets will make your decor more attractive and suitable for winter. Natural Wood Winter Cottage from ofdesign.

The wooden beam ceiling in this winter cottage bedroom creates a sturdy and durable look. Wooden walls also bring a warm touch and a natural accent to the room. Adding a fireplace in the corner of this bedroom also radiates extra warmth in this room. You can also try this soft and comfortable bed set and apply it to this cottage bedroom. Corner Fireplace Winter Cottage from ofdesign.

This loft cottage bedroom features a faux fur duvet bedding set and multiple pillows to give the entire room a cozy touch. This wooden beam ceiling also looks more sturdy and durable. This wooden pallet bed frame also gives a natural touch to the entire room. Don’t forget to add soft fleece rugs throughout the room to warm your feet. Winter Loft Cottage Bedroom from ofdesign.

This patterned faux fur blanket adds extra warmth to the entire room. Accent walls and wooden floors add a natural touch to the entire room. The dramatic lighting of this table lamp and floor lamp gives the room a unique design and captures the attention of many people. Wooden furniture and leather sofas provide a comfortable design for the room. Patterned Faux Fur Blanket from ofdesign.

This cottage-style bedroom is equipped with wood accents on the walls, floor and ceiling to present a warm room design for you to try. A soft rug is placed under the mattress to give your feet a warm feeling. A fireplace on one wall and a crystal chandelier give the room a warm look and dramatic lighting. This large window also gives the illusion of a spacious room and steals people’s attention. Cottage-Style Bedroom from ofdesign.

This comfortable armchair is complemented by multiple pillows and blankets for a winter vibe throughout this cottage-style living area. The rustic style is identical to the plaid accent so you can apply it to this blanket. This white color scheme and dark wood floors provide the perfect contrast and give the room a warm and spacious feel. Cottage-Style Living Room from foxhollowcottage.

The beige color scheme in this cottage living room gives the impression of a warm and spacious room. This decorating idea is the perfect color to paint the walls of your cottage living room. You can also combine it with a brick mantle fireplace to add extra warmth to the entire room. This sofa set complete with tartan pillows and blankets will make any room decor stylish. Beige Color Scheme Winter Cottage from realhomes.

In the living room, this cottage is equipped with shabby chic patterned wallpaper on the walls of your room to make the room decor more stylish. Complete the décor with a built-in fireplace to create a warm atmosphere throughout the room. This classic sofa and tartan sofa comes with multiple cushions to provide extra warmth throughout the room. The dark wood floors and wooden beam ceiling with white paint add a natural touch to the whole room. Shabby Chic Wallpaper Winter Cottage from realhomes.

Living in the middle of the countryside, you can celebrate winter by applying a tartan sofa for a warm room decor. Add these tartan and floral pillows to balance the look of your home. This wood coffee table and metal fireplace complement your home decor and add extra warmth to the entire room. Tartan Sofa Cottage Decor from realhomes.

This winter cottage design is complemented by some warm and cozy furnishings. This large sofa equipped with several pillows and blankets makes the room decor comfortable and inviting. Don’t forget to add a large stone fireplace and wooden beam ceiling to give the room a natural touch. This large rug throughout the room gives your feet a warm touch. Winter CottageDesign from deavita.

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