30 Proper Winter Cottage Decoration Ideas

Having your holiday moments in the cottage is such a fun way to spend. The warm atmosphere that the cottage has makes it proper to be considered as the place to choose in creating the memory. However, during the winter holiday, you should adjust the decoration so that everything could be proper and give you coziness while having your time there. Here, you can add the decoration with some warming facilities such as the additional cushions, throw blanket, furry rug, and more. Also, you have to make sure that your fireplace cottage works well so that you can spend your time with your family and close friends in a comfortable feeling although the snow is falling. Add the facilities to warm up the atmosphere not only for the living room where you can also have it for your bedroom, kitchen, and more. We have compiled some good winter cottage decor references for you. Enjoy!

You need to complete the bedroom cabin design to welcome this dining season with a soft and warm bedding set. Choosing a layered blanket and some pillows is the right solution for you to try. Cabin Bedroom from @ontariotravelideas

The fireplace accent in this cabin corner decoration will be an interesting idea for you to try on your home cabin. Having the impression that this warm room will be suitable for welcoming winter throughout the room. Fireplace Portable from @somerville_lodge

The corner of the cottage house which is equipped with soft fur blankets and several piles of pillows can make your home decoration warmer and more comfortable. Having this yellow lighting will make your home more dramatic. Cozy Nook Cabin from @leanneandthecottage

Choosing this brick fireplace will exude a warm and homely touch. The fireplace in this cottage house decoration has a clean white color which will give it a look that is in line with the color scheme of this open space. White Fireplace from @wheretwoaregathered

This cozy and warm cottage is ready for winter. Equipped with rattan furniture which is added with a thick pad and pillow, this will provide extra comfort when you are in this room. WInter Cottage Decor from @windowboxcottage

You can try decorating the cottage guest room with this winter theme by adding rattan furniture accents. This is a simple idea that you can try because it has a homey touch and is low maintenance. Rattan Chair from @jwadhwa

To provide comfort and warmth to your feet, you can complete the decoration with a rug under this living room sofa. Choosing a patterned rug and using hemp material will provide extra warmth when winter arrives. Pattern Rug from @thepeninsulacottage

Simple but still comfortable. This staircase area is equipped with a thick burlap carpet so it will look more perfect. Choosing this rug will give you warmth and comfort when you are on the stairs. Rug in Staircase from @thebasinhaus

Very comfortable in winter! Adding to this this seating set comes with a soft fleece blanket that will provide perfect warmth. Don’t forget to add thick pads and cushions to this sofa for the perfect winter season. Cozy Sitting Area from @casachicks

Adding wood accents to your winter décor is a great way to provide warmth. Here you can apply on your la to look perfect in winter season. Wood Hard Floor from @thelongawaitedhome

This off white color scheme will provide the perfect amount of warmth in a winter cottage guest room. Coupled with seating sets, layered carpets and throw knit blankets that will present an attractive and warm visual appearance. Off White Color Scheme from @mobilehomefarmhouse

Natural accent on the decoration of this cottage living room you can apply to the interior. Opting for a brick fireplace and wood beam ceiling gives an extra warm and rustic touch to your entire home.Natural Accent from @benjamins101

This cottage is furnished with wooden furniture and large rugs all over the room which will provide perfect warmth and is perfect for a winter theme. The carpet under the dining table set will provide warmth to the feet standing on it.Winter Cottage Dining Room from @loft_love.pl

The living room of this cottage is very comfortable. Having a tall fireplace of natural stones combined with loveseats would be the perfect piece of furniture in this cottage living room. Asken wood in the interior design will provide perfect warmth and comfort in your living room. High Stone Fireplace from @planinske_kolibe_sekulic

Menciptakan ruang tau cottage dengan tema winter yang nyaman ini perlu anda tambhakan bantal dan sleimut di atas sofa anda. Bantal dan sleiut ini di pilih untuk memebrikan tampilan yang unik dan bergaya untuk dekroasi ruang tamu cottage anda. Pillow and Blanket from @seaside_cottage_couture

This set wooden dining table will give the perfect warmth to your home cottage decoration. Here you can also add a blanket that is placed on the chair so that it will add comfort to the dining room. Wood Dining Table from @koeklilian

Garland Winter Fireplace from @serendipity_loves

White Wall Winter Cottage Bedroom from @heibergcummingsdesign

Winter Cottage Living Room from @apple_blossom_barn

Using beamed ceilings and wooden furniture for winter cottage living room decorating ideas will give a natural look that looks elegant. Complete the look with a brick fireplace for a warm décor with a natural touch to the rest of the room. Wood Beam Ceilling from @thecottagebythebridge

This armchair design has thick cushions that will create extra comfort and warmth for you to try. Choosing a tufted cover with this pattern will also make your home decor more attractive and comfortable. Thick Pad Chair from @windowboxcottage

This wooden dining table set is accented with a fleece blanket to protect you from the cold. This will be a simple idea that you can try as it will make your home look more attractive and stylish. Fluffy Blanket Dining Room from @flipping_vintage76

The bedding set in this debroom winter decoration uses iron material which will look sturdy and last longer. Complete this bedding set with some layered blankets and pillows to create a warm bedroom look. Iron Bedding Set from @theoldhouseonmain

The living room of this cottage uses a colorful runner rug. This idea will give you warmth and comfort, what’s more, you combine it with wooden floors that will make your home warmer and more comfortable. Add Runner Rug from @homesinsweden

The tartan blanket on top of this bedding set will create a warm and cozy feeling to the whole room. Complete with pillows and a headboard made of wood which is equipped with a garland, it will bring extra warmth to the living room of this cottage. Tartan Blanket from @thecollecteddesign

This natural stone fireplace adds warmth and a natural touch to your cottage home décor. Complete with some winter ornaments will reinforce the winter splendor into your cottage home decor. Stone Fireplace with Ornament from @thedoctorscottage

Large pillows of blue feathers on the sofa will keep warm and keep you warm and comfortable. Choosing a soft sofa equipped with blankets will be a very comfortable place to relax with family or guests. Big Blue Furry Pillow from @ mollyinmaine

The yellow lighting of the string lights and lanterns in this cottage bedroom will give a warm and dramatic impression to the whole house. Combined with a white color scheme, it will produce a clean and airy room design. String Light and Lantern from @bathtubs_and_buttercups

A soft and comfortable sofa that is placed in the corner of this reading corner will work well to provide warmth in your cottage home. This soft sofa equipped with pillows and blankets will make your reading corner decoration more perfect and still comfortable. Winter Reading Nook from @theoldhouseonmain

This living room uses soft chairs made of soft fur so it will be very comfortable. Furnished with pillows will complete your living room decor and feel very comfortable in winter. Furry Chair from @mollyinmaine

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