25 Cozy Winter Cottage Decor Ideas

Having a cottage, although it is only in a small one but it can be a place where you take some rest from the busy days. Why? Because the cottage has its own characteristic that can create a peaceful and warm atmosphere as an occupancy. During winter, applying some additional decoration will be so much worth it. With all of that, you can improve the cottage to be more comfortable even in a cold winter season. From all of the possible things to be added to your cottage, the most important thing will be the fireplace or fire pit. Then, don’t forget to change some stuff with different materials. Let’s say that you may change your thin rug material into the furry one. You may also add some layered blanket to your sofa or cozy corner. Anyway, don’t forget that adding some winter ornaments will also worth it. Please check the following ideas.

Shabby Chic Look Cottage Living Room

Welcome winter this year with a cottage theme that will never go out of style throughout the year. This cottage touch can be applied to the use of wood accents that are tried in several interior rooms such as floor decorations and a mini bench made of reclaimed wood. In the small living room this winter, you can provide a resting area or sitting area as the most comfortable place that can be used by you or guests visiting the house. Do the best decorations by coating the daybed with several layers of fabric made of several different materials, this way the final result obtained from the surface of the daybed will be warmer, softer and more comfortable. Small Cottage Living Room from @seaside_cottage_couture

Winter Cottage Living Room with Fireplace

Provide a fireplace design for any themed winter home decor, including a cottage theme that is dominated by a vintage touch. Here you can make a hole in the built-in wall to place a portable fireplace made of iron so that it is not easily porous when used for a long period of time. To emphasize the cottage theme in this room, you can use beams of wood on the ceiling and dominate the color scheme of the room with neutral colors such as a combination of white paint and light brown which can be applied to the wooden floor and chairs in the corner of the room. Evergreen garland and citrus hanging from the ceiling are a sweet finishing touch. Winter Cottage Living Room with Fireplace from @the_old_cottage

Winter Daybed Room with a View

The winter daybed, which is applied right next to the glass window, becomes a resting area with outdoor views that you can enjoy whenever you need it. In this way the area right next to the glass window will function better and optimally. Furthermore, to emphasize the cottage style in this room, you can use shiplap walls that have been repainted with white so that they appear more elegant and will never go out of style, you can try it at home right now. This wooden daybed which is perfected with throw pillows, throw blankets and mattresses has a softer and warmer surface. Winter Daybed Room with a View from @pureandgeneral

Simple Look Cottage Living Room

There’s no need to add too many color tones to your living room winter cottage decor this year. The colors that you can combine in this living room are beige, gray and white, these three colors will work well together and maximize. It’s not enough to stop here, the combination of these three colors also produces a room that is simpler and less overwhelming. The tufted ottoman coffee table in this room will work well in winter. Don’t forget to perfect the linen sofa with some throw pillows and a blanket made of thick woven threads. Simple Look Cottage Living Room from @pixiebeecottage

Winter Cottage Front Poch Ideas

There are times when you enjoy the winter weather outdoors, therefore prepare a front porch decoration as the best area that can be used together with your family or friends. The first decoration you can do here is to use some of the right outdoor furniture and accessories. For example, you can use benches and coffee tables made of wood that have a warm enough surface even though the weather outside is cold. A rattan wicker basket can be used to put a chungky blanket to make it more tidy. In this front porch area you can see the snow falling in a relaxed and relaxed manner. Winter Cottage Front Poch Ideas from @ripleycreek

Rustic Style Furniture Cottage Living Room

Some furniture or accessories made of reclaimed wood are applied to a cottage living room so that they are able to present a rustic touch that seems simple and will never fail. Because this living room decoration is used when winter arrives, you can try using a furry carpet so that you have a warmer and more comfortable foot surface when stepped on. To emphasize the winter theme, complete the look of the white sofa with some throw pillows that have a snowflake pattern, the coffee table can also be equipped with several mini Christmas trees that have a variety of different materials and sizes. No need to repaint this wooden furniture for a shabby chic look that you can get instantly. Rustic Style Furniture Cottage Living Room from @oldetymemarketplace

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White Themed Winter Cottage Decor

The white nuance that dominates the winter cottage living room will make it easier for you when choosing and using the interior in it. Here you can use a tufted chair in beige topped with a chungky throw blanket in gray. The surface of the wooden floor can be covered with a rug that has an abstract pattern with a splash of neutral color as well and of course has a simple look that is suitable for this cottage theme. Repaint the wooden standing cabinet in this room with white so that it has color harmony with the ceiling and curtain sheer paint used. White Themed Winter Cottage Decor from @frenchbluecharm

Reclaimed Wood Wall Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom wall made of reclaimed wood has a cottage look which is highly recommended to try. In addition to having more natural materials, the use of bedroom wall materials is also more environmentally friendly. Here you can combine it with a touch of white that can be applied to the use of bedding, lampshades and deer antler ornaments that are hung on an empty wall. These two colors will work well together in a cottage theme with a touch of winter. The faux fur blanket placed on the bedding makes your sleeping surface feel warmer and ready to use whenever you need warmth. Reclaimed Wood Wall Bedroom Ideas from @whitelivingetc

Winter Cottage Dining Room Ideas

Because the dining room is one of the rooms that is often used, you can decorate it optimally according to the decoration you want. What you can do here is to use a winter-based interior that is perfected with a cottage theme which is characterized by simple decorations that are dominated by wood. There is no need to repaint the chairs, dining table or floor for a natural and environmentally friendly look. Don’t forget to also apply a Christmas tree in the corner of the room as one of the decorations that will never fail to be applied to the winter theme this year. Winter Cottage Dining Room Ideas from @followtheyellowbrickhome

Country Cottage Bedroom Ideas

Look at the shutter window that is reused as a headboard design, doesn’t it look cheaper and DIY? Yes, you can do it easily in the cottage bedroom area. Not only on the headboard, but you can also combine it with a wooden bench and night spindle leg so that all the furniture used has materials that are easy to get. Bedding which is dominated by white color can be perfected with a bouquet of tulips that can be placed on a bench so that it displays an additional attractive color in this room. A knitted blanket made of thick material is one of the characteristics of a winter bedroom. Country Cottage Bedroom Ideas from @seaside_cottage_couture

Shabby Chic Winter Living Room

No need to include bold colors in your cottage living room decor. Splashes of color that you can apply in this room are white, brown, light gray and beige which are tried on throughout the interior evenly. This neutral color touch is perfected with a shabby chic sofa cover that looks cheap and doesn’t cost a lot of money. While the fireplace design in this room will also be of good use in winter because it can be an accent to warm the room temperature when the weather feels colder, some candle pillars placed on the coffee table are additional lighting for the room that can be turned on whenever you need it.. Shabby Chic Winter Living Room from @ellenjgoods

White and Brown Cottage Dining Room

The combination of a winter theme with a cottage that is applied to the same room will work well together to dress up an old room with a new, quite elegant look. In decorating the winter cottage dining room, it is recommended that you combine two different neutral colors, white with brown is a combination that you can try right now. The benches, dining table and dining chairs that are repainted in white color match the cotton fabric tablecloth and wall paint as well. For the brown color itself, you can apply it to the wood floor as a whole. The tulip flower centerpiece brings a bold color that makes the room less monotonous. White and Brown Cottage Dining Room from @seaside_cottage_couture

Small Cottage Room with Antique Gallery Wall

Cottage style is usually characterized by small and simple rooms. Therefore you can maximize the appearance of the cottage house with some of the wall decorations that you have at home. Just install and hang a gallery wall with an antique and vintage touch to the part of the wall that is still plain and empty. Here you can hang a large number of wall painting galleries and of course with different sizes so that they are more varied. The existence of this gallery wall can be used as a new focal point in decorating the cottage living room. The existence of a mini evergreen Christmas tree on the side table also emphasizes the touch of winter instantly. Small Cottage Room with Antique Gallery Wall from @whitecottagegoodes

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Go Neutral Color Decoration

A touch of neutral color that dominates the room in your home gives a simple feel that never fails when tested on the cottage theme this year. Cottage style with a winter theme can combine in this room better. The color combination that you can use is white, gray and brown in the design of the bench that is used as a coffee table. On the surface of this linen sofa you can add some throw blankets with various materials, ranging from faux fur blankets and knitted yarns with thicker materials. The additional throw pillows that are neatly arranged on the sofa also add to the comfort of your sitting area. White and Gray Color Combinatio Living Room from @seaside_cottage_couture

White Shiplap Wall and Ceiling Bedroom

One of the characteristics that you can mark from cottage home decor is to dominate the room with natural wood. Yes, what you can do here is to use the walls and ceiling with shiplap wood that has been repainted in plain white. The use of this color makes the room feel brighter, open and looks more elegant. Not only on the walls and ceiling you can use this touch of white, for the bedding you can also use the same color so that it looks more harmonious. To add a pattern so it’s not too boring, you can use bedding with a deer pattern with a little splash of black. White Shiplap Wall and Ceiling Bedroom from @whitelivingetc

Cozy Winter Daybed with Cottage Look

The corner of your house will function well when you decorate it optimally and according to the current season. For example, you can put a daybed complete with some thick cloth so that it can give a warm feel to your body. Because the wall in the corner of this room has a white color and is still plain, you can display several gallery walls that come with various sizes, different themes and shapes. Therefore, the wall decoration will look more statement and ready to be used as a new focal point. Relax on this daybed all weekend in winter to keep your body warm. Winter Daybed with Cottage Look from @thehopefulbird

DIY Wooden Dining Room Design

Wood material will never fail when used in any style room, including the winter cottage style which is applied directly to the decoration of your dining room. Start with a dining table made of natural wood without repainting so that it is more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, other interiors can be painted with white so that they have a simple style and theme that can blend in perfectly. There’s nothing wrong with using a pendant lamp with a low height to provide a warmer and brighter room temperature. DIY Wooden Dining Room Design from @kristin_spence__

Natural Stone Fireplace Ideas

When winter comes, the fireplace design in your home becomes an important accent that you must have. Its existence can warm the room temperature so that it makes you feel more comfortable. Because this living room has a cottage theme, it’s a good idea to make a fireplace design with flagstone material that comes with a splash of gold and gray. This fireplace design is very open so that it can provide maximum warmth. In addition, you can also add wooden beams of coats as an area to put some of your unique collections that you have, isn’t it enough to attract attention when applied to living room decorations? Just try it right now. Natural Stone Fireplace Ideas from @ownkoti_official

Antique Cottage Dining Room Ideas

The antique touch that is present in a cottage-themed room will blend perfectly when you try to apply it to the dining room this year. The first thing you can do here is use a dining table and chairs made of natural wood. And look at the design of the chair legs with this spindle style look, doesn’t it seem more antique and more unique? Not only that, several antique wall paintings with large sizes also dominate the walls in this room, hang them firmly so they don’t fall off easily. Finish this dining room decor with an evergreen garland that can be placed directly on your dining table. Antique Cottage Dining Room Ideas from @flipping_vintage76

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Earth Tone Winter Cottage Living Room

To support the winter cottage theme in decorating your living room, the important thing you can do is dominate the room with a touch of earth colors. What you can apply in this room is a combination of brown, white and beige. The three colors applied produce a warmer, more peaceful and not too much room decor. One of the beige colors you can apply through the use of tufted sofas and woven rattan carpets. As for the white color, you can try it on the ceiling beams and the wall wallpaper section with graphic patterns that will make the cottage living room decoration not too outdated. A chair with a flannel lining will make your sitting area warmer. Earth Tone Color Winter Cottage Living Room from @holly_cottage.northyorkshire

English Cottage Living Room

Look at the appearance of the decoration of this English cottage living room, doesn’t it look more modern, clean and tidy? Here you can use only the main furniture to save on the floor so that your space will be more free. This rocking chair made of wood or bamboo can be equipped with a furry blanket with a thicker and smoother surface. Another accessory that you can apply in this room is to coat the floor with a runner rug which has a striped pattern and is dominated by a combination of black and white. The part of the wall that is perfected with this brightly colored wallpaper makes the room look more stylish and is highly recommended to try. English Cottage Living Room from @littlethatchedgem

Wooden Accent Cottage Living Room Ideas

Change the look of your living room according to the season and budget you have to have a new look that is not boring. The ongoing winter can be combined directly with wood materials that can be applied to several living room interiors such as coffee tables, fireplace frames and mirror frames placed in the fireplace mantle area. All the accent wood materials in this room can be combined directly with a striped chair that looks classic and a rug with a simple look too. The flower arrangement placed on the coffee table and fireplace mantle will add color to the room naturally. Wooden Accent Cottage Living Room Ideas from @nels_eyreinteriors

Attire Cottage Seating Area

Who would have thought that the attire decoration in your home could be used as a relaxing area that is free from noise from outside the room. You can decorate it with a winter cottage theme that dominates the room with a splash of neutral color. But there’s nothing wrong with adding a floral pattern to this room through the use of throw pillows on a wooden chair, this pattern adds a feminine impression and makes the room look more lively and not too plain. The glass window, which is perfected with thick curtains, also allows the attire of this living room to feel warmer than other rooms in this house. Isn’t it easy enough to dress up this attire decoration? Just use the furniture or accessories you already have to save more on your budget. Attire Cottage Seating Area from @beatrix_interiors

Winter Cottage Entryway Decoration

The entryway is a room that is used to take off or use shoes when going out of the house. Here you can provide furniture that matches the theme and style that is currently being used. When you are going to apply winter cottage decorations, the use of wooden benches covered with faux fur blankets becomes smart furniture that is highly recommended to try. The hard stone floor also adds a natural touch that will work well with the cottage theme. Furthermore, the combination of the two materials that dominate the winter entryway will be more sturdy and not easily damaged when used for a long period of time because it has a harder surface and is not easily damp either. Winter Cottage Entryway Decoration from @house.blanche

DIY Winter Cottage Dining Room

The DIY furniture that dominates the dining room gives a touch of one of the characteristics of the cottage. Yes, you can try decorating this room when winter arrives. You can start from using a dining table, dining chair and a cabinet standing as an open or closed storage area. In this room, the use of wooden furniture is perfected with several collections of vintage plates that are neatly arranged in the open cabinet so that they can be used as a new focal point that will never fail. Next, you can make a large jar as a vase from a bold colored flower arrangement that can be used as a centerpiece decoration this season. DIY Winter Cottage Dining Room from @pretty.thrifty.home

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