Take These 40 Inspiring Modern Fireplace Ideas for Cold Winter

A fireplace is meant to be nice and warm. It is the place where you can linger so long in front of it. While you get cozy, enjoy the flickering fire in a modern fireplace for winter. It can increase the room’s value and look clean. 

Get inspired by the following ideas. Whether it’s restyling the mantel or updating the screen, you will get the most of it.

1. Black and White

Modern furniture and design are about clean lines and geometrical shapes. One classic color combination that never goes outdated is black and white. This is a perfect design for white walls. Use black slate with white accents. Then, you can place a log holder and metal screen to tidy up the look.

The dominance of black and white in this small living room is complemented by a fireplace that has a touch of green in the use of tiles on the outer surface. The three colors that are applied in this room will work well together and are ready to be used as a room statement. Statement Fireplace Design from @_thislittlehouse

The deep black color that is applied to this part of the wood fireplace can be combined directly with the use of a plain white dominant interior. You can try this white color on the rug and a chair that is used. You can also try a touch of brown in this living room. Black Matte Fireplace and White Interior from @nicoartlife

This tall fireplace made of wooden slate, dominated by solid black, is a piece of furniture that has a cool color. When your fireplace uses cool colors, you should be able to choose sofas, rugs or chairs in other colors so that your living room decor feels more colorful. High Wooden Slate Fireplace from @blacksuburbanfarmhouse

Minimalist black fireplace with a little splash of white in the hole is a must-have accent for a modern winter living room decor. You can place sofas and chairs right in front of the fireplace to make it more affordable with the warm feel this fireplace produces. Minimalist Black and White Fireplace from @designbossgina

Choose and use a fireplace for a living room decoration as a heating accent that can be applied in winter. When your living room is dominated by white, you can use a hanging iron fireplace that has a solid black color to bring a monochromatic style and feel that never goes out of style. Hanging Black Fireplace with White Wall Paint from @fireorbcompany

Black and white are two colors that can be combined perfectly in the same room. Currently you can apply black to the marble fireplace area and white paint to the wall paint design, entryway and window frames. Usually these two colors are applied in a modern style room. Marble Fireplace with Wall Paint from @sellingwithmaddie

The white nuances in this living room decoration would be more suitable if combined with a black fireplace equipped with a TV hanging above it. This fireplace will produce sparks that can warm up the room to the maximum, you can use it according to the needs of the room. Cool Look Black Matte Fireplace from @dwell44studio

The two different materials in this modern fireplace design have a combination of marble and wooden slate which has the best texture that you can apply to the living room. Arrange the layout of the furniture used in this room so that it is well-organized and comfortable when in use, you can try it right now. Textured Material Black Fireplace from @aidinfoughani

Take advantage of the wall to install a built-in fireplace which is dominated by black and white. The outer layer of this fireplace has a transparent glass material that allows you to see the flames being lit. Wall Mounted Fireplace from @satumainen_hirsitalo_goes_clt

The rectangle-shaped shape in this fireplace decoration is an important part that you can try to decorate your modern living room. When the fireplace is dominated by black, you can use plain white to paint the walls and chairs. Rectangle Shpaed Fireplace Design from @mark.kaufman_architect

Sleek black fireplace with white paint walls will work well together in a monochromatic modern style room. Now you can apply it to one of the rooms of your house as a heater when the weather in the room feels quite cold. Modern Black and White Fireplace from @planikafires

Marble is a material of choice that is suitable for modern living room decorations. You can choose this design fireplace in black so it doesn’t get dirty easily when used for a long time. Black Matte Marble Fireplace Ideas from @artisan.kraft

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2. Bright Colors

Bright colors are no strangers to a fireplace. Although a fireplace is meant to let out light that brightens the room, you can paint it in any bright colors you want. You know that bright colors make a clean and neat environment, right? 

Use some bright patterned to create a statement. You can also choose tone-on-tone white tiles to get a brighter look. Combine it with colorful items to make the modern fireplace for winter look fun.

Another bright color choice that you can try on the fireplace is light blue. This color looks cool and matches when combined with a plain white chair. Both of them are a combination of modern colors that are suitable to be applied to the beach-style part of the room. Light Blue Paint Fireplace from @hw.interiors

The textured wooden fireplace in your home has a touch of natural color which is suitable when combined with the greenery around it. This large enough fireplace warms the room as a whole. White Textured Fireplace Design from @thehouseonsaint

You need to try a modern look at this fireplace decoration with a splash of neutral gray. Choose the right material, for example, you can make it with marble with a fairly smooth surface. Here you can add a touch of wood that seems natural. Modern Gray Fireplace Design from @sandraviladesignhouse

White marble can be used as one of the main ingredients of a modern fireplace design that you can use in winter. So that the appearance of this fireplace is not too plain and boring, then you can decorate it with a round shaped painting and a shiny gold stand table lamps. White Marble Fireplace from @artisan.kraft

An arched shaped fireplace in your home can be repainted in plain white for an elegant look with a modern style that will never fail. This fireplace is usually used in living room or dining room decoration, you can add a fireplace mantle decoration when needed. Arch Shaped with White Paint Fireplace from @smirnovainteriors

Repaint the fireplace in a bright color so it can be used as the focal point of the room. You can try a light gray color that can be perfected by the presence of green plants that are arranged neatly in the fireplace mantle. Light Gray Scheme Color from @cliveandersonfurniture

Pink marble is the main material that you can use to design a modern fireplace in your home. This fireplace design has an eye-catching appearance, also apply several sitting areas around it so that it can become a warm area that you can use. Feminine Style Pink Fireplace Design from @elisesglamspace

The vintage style applied to this fireplace is dominated by a bright blue color and a fairly bold color painting. Here you can add some ornaments on the open floating shelves in a neat and orderly arrangement. Vintage Firepace Design with Blue Paint from @lisafrantzinteriors

The dusty pink color that is applied to the use of this fireplace provides a feminine theme that is suitable for instantly presenting a classic theme. You can take advantage of the fireplace mantle to put some of the ornaments you have to make it a different eye sight. Dusty Pink Fireplace Paint for Statement Room from @kindredvintage

The dark gray that is applied to the fireplace in the living room presents a cool feel that will never fail. You can combine the existence of this fireplace with some classic furniture that has splashes of warm colors like brown or beige. Cool Gray Fireplace for Classic Living Room from @thenordroom

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3. Ceiling Height Fireplace

An idea to disguise the smokestack is by designing a ceiling height fireplace. You can use the empty space above it to hang a wall décor or TV. However, leaving it empty is acceptable as well. 

While the fireplace stretches up to the ceiling, any colors would fit. Black, white, bold, or natural colors won’t upset its height that stands out. Be prepared to have a great point of view.

Get ready to get a different view of the room, now you can use a floor to ceiling fireplace design right in front of the living room sofa. This fireplace has a splash of neutral color, namely natural brown, don’t forget to use more natural materials such as wood pallets which are arranged vertically so that the room feels wider. DIY Wood Slate High Fireplace from @becley_building_group

Gray is one of the color choices that you can apply to the modern part of your fireplace this year. Here you can combine it with a wooden accent that can be applied to the walls and use vertical shelves in the corner of the room. Gray Paint Fireplace with Wooden Accent from @arazgroup.ca

Choose and use a fireplace design according to the style of your room, now you can use a classic-style fireplace that is dominated by white paint. It doesn’t quite end here, but you can also add vintage tile accents that have a splash of brown color and are arranged on the outside of the fireplace in a neat and orderly manner. Artistic Style High Fireplace from @moncxiii

You can try this marble material with a dark color in the high fireplace decoration section to be applied directly to your living room. Its existence can be combined directly with wall mounted shelves on both sides to place some of the ornaments that you have. High Marble Fireplace Design from @sol_interiors

High fireplace with a touch of deep black color is suitable when combined with gray walls that will blend perfectly. These two colors will work well together for a monochromatic theme. Black Matte Fireplace with Outdoor View from @imprint.architecture

Hang an abstract painting on the fireplace wall area so it can be used as the focal point of the room. Here you can use abstract themed paintings to have color harmony with the feel of the room around it. Abstract Painting for High Fireplace Decor from @corcoransunshine

The marble material in the use of this fireplace is dominated by plain white which will make it easier for you to combine it with other interiors around it. Just combine it with a fireplace mantle made of wood to make it look more natural and textured. Neutral Color High Fireplace Design from @thirdcoastinteriors

The red bricks that dominate this fireplace decoration look more industrial and ready to be used as the focal point of the room. To add color to this part of the fireplace, you can hang an evergreen garland so that it has a pretty bold color contrast. Red Brick Fireplace with Evergreen Garland from @allcutedetails

The floor to ceiling fireplace which was repainted with splashes of emerald green has a color harmony with the wall paint used in this living room decoration. This green fireplace color can be perfected with several other interiors with different color choices for a final look that is more festive and not easily boring. Bold Color High Fireplace Ideas from @houseofedencourt

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4. Dark Fireplace

A dark wall around the fireplace increases its cozy atmosphere. It helps you unwind and linger a little longer, especially during the cold winter. The dark color absorbs all heat and distributes it to the surroundings. If the mantel looks so empty, place a vase or pot to keep everything clean.

When winter comes the main thing you need to prepare is the fireplace, using black paint for fireplace decoration is the right idea, the black walls in the fireplace area will contrast with other room decorations so that it will make it a new focal point. So that it doesn’t look darker and more colorful, you can put some green plants in front of it. Black Paint Brick Fireplace and Wall from @angelanewtonroyphotography

The fireplace area which is located in the corner of the room will make it less visible, so you need to change the color of the fireplace to a darker color. Black is the right color for this fireplace area which will make the fireplace look more elegant and also easier to recognize, so you will be more comfortable in this fireplace area. Corner Black Fireplace Design from @thecountrycolonial

A black wall applied to the ceiling in the fireplace area will give a different look from your all-white room. But don’t leave a touch of white in the fireplace area, cover the fireplace mantle with white paint to make it look more harmonious. The black and white colors in the fireplace area are the right combination for this winter decoration. High Black and White Fireplace from @the_broadmoor_house

A simple modern decoration that will make your living room look more elegant is to change it to a monochromatic theme. The combination of black and white is a step to make it happen, you can apply it to furniture, walls and fireplaces. Cover the fireplace with black paint between the white walls. Monochromatic Fireplace Living Room from @fixedesignhouse

Floor to ceiling dark color fireplace is the right step to bring a new atmosphere to your home. This black fireplace area will add warmth to the living room when winter arrives. A new look that is masculine and warm will accompany you all winter. Floor to Ceiling Dark Color Fireplace from @blacksuburbanfarmhouse

Don’t let your fireplace area look empty and less attractive this winter. Use herrinbone tiles for decorating your fireplace, this herringbone pattern will give texture to the fireplace, so that it will make the fireplace more attractive. Apply this herringbone tile on the walls of the fireplace area, don’t forget to use dark tiles so that the resulting pattern is maximized. Herringbone Tile Fireplace Design from @blackbanddesign

Make your fireplace look beautiful with a touch of art. An easy step that you can take is to carve a fireplace and cover it with black paint to make it more dramatic. Besides that, coating the fireplace with black paint is an easy way to disguise the dirt produced from the fireplace smoke, so that the fireplace will still look clean. Carving Fireplace with Black Matte Color from @trumeaustones

If you want to get a modern fireplace look in an easy way, try using marble. Using marble with a black base color is an idea that can make your fireplace look more luxurious and elegant in a simple way. Modern and Minimalist Marble Fireplace from @erikabrechtel

To present an artistic impression on the fireplace in your home, you can use a large painting that is placed right above the fireplace. To make this large painting look more beautiful, try making the fireplace wall a background by covering the fireplace wall with black. Statement Fireplace Design with Big Painting from @arnalphotography

You know that logs of wood can be a threat to your clean, modern house. That’s what we call great ideas of a modern fireplace for winter.


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