16 Modern Winter Living Room Decor Ideas You May Dream of

Winter is coming, everyone! And we all know that winter is just the perfect time for family time. We can play some board games, watch some good movies, or simply settle on the sofa together and have a family conversation. But where does it take place? It’s nothing but our living room! It is where affection and love of family are nurtured. Therefore, we have to prepare the best setting for your living room during winter. It’s the 21st century, and you may find traditional decors are too old-fashioned and something not to go with. So, here are some ideas of a modern winter living room decor that might help you set your living room.

1. Dramatic Light Fixture

Lighting is a fundamental element in every room. There are a bunch of creative light sets in this modern era. A good and unique dramatic light fixture in the living room may increase your convenience. The warmth it generates may help to warm up not only your body but also your family connection and thus makes the interaction between your family members more intimate.

This living room features a dramatic lighting fixture that makes for a stunning décor. It looks luxurious and elegant in the white color scheme of the living room. Pendant Light from @capiz_lanternskph

Selection of dramatic lights will provide a luxurious and elegant room decoration. Placing this next to this sofa will also give a dramatic space to the rest of the room. Dramatic Lighting from @pefinterior.plants_design

Take advantage of modern lighting in this living room to welcome winter. Design and style look great in this creamy white living room. Floor Light from @interior.design.and.decor

You can apply this dramatic lighting to your winter living room design. Choosing this recessed lamp will create a unique look and catch the attention of many people. Recessed Lighting from @lm_designandbuild

The warm color scheme in this living room is complemented by luxury chandelier lighting fixtures. It also creates a warmer ambient light around the living area. Luxury WInter Lighting from @elledecorationfr

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2. Fur Texture

It is cold outside, and it is no different inside your living room because the cold air flowing from the outside absorbs the warmth from the room. Thus, you may feel cold as if you are outside even though you aren’t. In this situation, you might want to consider applying fur textured stuff such as fluffy pillows and soft-furred blanket in your living room.

Make the living room look comfortable to welcome guests by adding some fur to this rug. Applying on pillows It’s perfect for keeping everyone warm in the living room during cold winters. Furry Pillow from @thelongawaitedhome

This faux fur rug in the living room gives you the best decoration. Not only makes the living room feel comfortable but also gives a warm feeling around there. Furry Rug from @lifeonlittlecreek

These feather pillow accents and fluffy down blankets will make any room’s décor cosy and inviting. Putting it on the sofa will create a cozy and comfortable space. Furry Blabket and Pillow from @pomponetti

3. Fireplace

Who would not love getting warmth in winter? Nobody wouldn’t. A little fire from a fireplace might give you the warmth you need in winter. But now you might happen not to have a fixed fireplace at home. Worry not! You can still heat your living room air with a mobile one. 

The modern farmhouse fireplace placed in the living room manages to give the impression of a warm space. Don’t forget to accent the green wreath placed on the mantle for the perfect decoration. Modern Farmhouse Fireplace from @homeonnativetrail

A fireplace in the living room is a must-have item. Especially when winter arrives. This modern country style living room is equipped with a fireplace to make the room warmer and cozier. White Winter Fireplace from @malwina.melissa

This modern country living room does have a nice fireplace. You can go classic and add some winter decorations for the perfect winter decoration. Classic Winter Fireplace from @life.with.carolshaw

Opting for this gray fireplace gives it a trendy look. In addition, you will get the impression of a warm room when winter arrives. Gray Winter Fireplace from @thekeepingcottage

Give the living room a nice fireplace as these pictures show. This minimalist look with brick accents makes for the best decor. Modern Farmhouse Winter Fireplace from @thejoyfilledfarmhouse

Fireplace with cypress trees, and some other winter ornaments for a cool look for a room that is unique and eye-catching. Choosing a white color on the perianth will also make for a clean decoration. White Modern WInter FIreplace from @cozyfarmhousehome

This fireplace has a minimalistic look and will create a unique room décor that will catch the eye of many. This is the perfect room decoration idea and will work really well in winter. Black Fireplace from @angelperezrealtor

This stone fireplace with greenery garlands above the hearth would make an interesting room decor and create the perfect room focal point. Adding a fireplace in this living room will work wonders for creating a warm space for the winter months. Stone Fireplace from @acornhillhome

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So those are some modern winter living room decor for you to try. You may also improvise and combine your ideas with the given ideas above. I hope you find any inspiration from this article. If you’re looking for other tips regarding winter, you can check other sites from our websites. Have a great winter!


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