33 Proper Winter Fire Pit Designs for Your Backyard

This winter we need to renovate the house so that it can make us warm. Every place in our home should be able to make us relax. Therefore we must make the backyard as comfortable as possible. One of the things we can do is apply a fire pit on the back of the house. The fire pit can also add to the beauty of the house.

Fire pit area or campfire area can be a great place to gather with family. The idea of the campfire area comes from simple metal styles, brick or stone. These materials can easily be found at stores that sell home and garden equipment. Here are some fire pit ideas to enjoy the winter in your backyard.

Brick Fire pit

If you want to enjoy a cozy fire in the winter months, you can consider adding a brick fire pit to your backyard. While bricks are not the cheapest option, they are easy to find and can be an affordable way to add a nice focal point to your outdoor space.

The arrangement of red coals in this firepit design has a unique look that will accompany your warm winter night. Just use reclaimed brick material to save on spending budget. You can do this arrangement that is designed vertically by yourself. Unique Shaped Brick Firepit from @krom_iva

Not only red bricks, but you can also combine this material with stone to make it more sturdy and search around the house can also be found easily. Arrange and make these two materials the main ingredients of the backyard firepit which can be arranged and designed according to what is expected. Combination of Brick Stone Firepit from @area51_gareji

The firepit design, which was built with red bricks, has a sweet round shape and is perfect when combined with wooden chairs that have been repainted in white. This firepit pit is perfect for use in backyard decorations during winter, use a firepit according to your warmth needs. Round Red Brick Firepit from @whittakerworxinc

Adjust the size of this brick firepit with the materials you have. When you have a limited number of red bricks, you can only make a firepit with a low height. Surround it with several outdoor chairs in a circle shaped. Low Brick Firepit for Winter Backyard from @farmhouseonboxwood

You can build your own brick fire pit to save on expenses when decorating your winter backyard. This firepit is very suitable when combined with wooden chairs that are placed around it, you can try it right now. Greenery and towering trees make this backyard area even more shady. Brick Firepit with Wooden Chairs from @kalagan_outdoor_design

The red brick firepit design will certainly be more comfortable to use when equipped with an L shaped built-in bench made of natural wood. These two outdoor furniture are ready to perfect your backyard so that it can be used as a fun outdoor activity. Built-in Bench with Round Brick Firepit from @homewithlaurajayne

Bring a modern style and feel to your backyard decor by adding a firepit square brick combined with concrete as a table area. With this, your outdoor firepit will function more and is perfect for those of you who want to display a minimalist backyard decor. The greenery around him became a fresh sight. Brick Table Firepit from @coastal_concepts

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Stone Fire pit

You can add a stone fire pit to your outdoor space for a cozy, elegant touch. The beauty of this fireplace will not only warm you up, but it’s also beautiful. Select a natural stone fireplace. This is the most cost-effective option for creating a stunning outdoor fireplace. Natural stone fire pit kits are easily affixed to the existing stone patio. Using decorative outdoor lights around the stone fire pit will make your backyard a winter wonderland, and children and adults will love it.

Choose and use fire pit materials that are strong and sturdy with changing outdoor weather temperatures. Stone is the best choice of material that you can use, besides having cheaper materials, this stone fire pit is also a favorite among the public because it has a price that is not too expensive. Natural Stone Firepit from @ourcozycasa

Collect natural stones in sufficient quantities to make a rustic fire pit DIY that doesn’t cost a lot of money. This fire pit can also be used as a bonfire that will accompany your evening with your family in a relaxed manner during winter. You can try this fire pit idea easily and cheaply. Winter Firepit In Pool Area from @jdisrealty

Besides being able to be used as an outdoor heater, the accent light gray stone fire pit is also a source of light that can be used at night. You can arrange these stones neatly so that they can form into a cheap fire pit design that is very much needed in winter. Light Gray Stone Firepit from @butch_oglesby

Choose and use a stone fire pit design for a winter backyard decor. This fire pit design is surrounded by wooden chairs that have a bold color so that the area around it feels more colorful and fun. You can use a fire pit design with a round shape that doesn’t take up much space. DIY Stone Firepit On Budget from @theinspiredroom

If you have a backyard decoration with a wide size, then you can use a cobblestone fire pit design, the materials used are cheap and of course easy to find in building stores around your home. You can use this fire pit when it starts to get colder outside. Modern Stone Firepit from @justrenoproject

This rustic-style backyard decoration can be perfected by using stacked slabs stone fire pits that can be used as outdoor heating accents at night. This fire pit design is equipped with several reclaimed wooden chairs without re-polishing so that it presents a vintage feel that never goes out of fashion. Slabs Stone Firepit Design from @victoryranchut

The combination of firepit stone with a U shaped wooden bench is a combination of outdoor furniture that can work well together and optimally. Here you can use stone material with a gray color so that it has quite a bold color contrast. Stone Firepit with U Shaped Bench from @pritchardlandscapedesign

This stacket stone firepit with a round shape will look modern when combined with a long white built-in bench. The bench that is used can be placed face to face and will have a warm chat with your family or friends. Stacked Stone Firepit from @luxury_realtor_ericka_cannida

Environmentally friendly is what you can apply to your current winter backyard. The choice of stone material is the best idea that you can try. Surround this firepit with relaxing wooden chairs that you can apply in a circle. You can try it right now. Eco Friendly Firepit from @thestonecanyonclub

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Metal Fire pit

Metal fire pits are a great way to extend your outdoor season by adding warmth and social fun to your outdoor setting. They can be incorporated into any outdoor setting and can be simple to set up. It can create a modern look. There are many benefits to using metal for your fire pit, including its ease of use and ease of maintenance.

The round shaped metal firepit that is placed between the outdoor sofas or chairs makes your body feel warm during the day or night. Just use according to your needs. The existence of this firepit will welcome all your guests or friends with great joy. Vintage Look Metal Bowl Firepit from @tennnisgirl

This rusty metal fire pit has a perforated pattern which has a quite beautiful appearance. The materials used are also freer and last longer with different outdoor temperatures. In addition, this fire pit design also looks very sleek and artistic. Metal Firepit Engraving from @windwalkertheblacklab

To bring an old-fashioned feel to your backyard decor, you can add a metal fire pit that has a fairly large size. This fireplace design is cheaper because it has recycled main materials, don’t forget to add some sitting areas around this fireplace for a warm relaxing area. Metal Firepit with Handles from @bushwickmarket

Reclaimed metal with a rustic look can be applied outdoors to be used as a firepit design that will accompany your outdoor activities. Wood is a choice of fuel that you can use and of course it can be found easily around your home. The size is large enough to be the best choice. Rustic Vibes Metal Firepit Design from @onceadeeva

When you are going to hold an event outside on a cold winter night, using a firepit is the best option you can do. Just choose and use a simple firepit design with metal materials that you can buy or you can also use old furniture that is no longer in use. This firepit design can also be used to roast meat. Winter Night with Warm Firepit from @earthgardenindia

The metal firepit bowl that is placed on a table filled with wood at the bottom is one of the outdoor heaters when winter arrives. Because the size is quite small, you can move it to any part according to your needs, lift it and move it before the fire starts to keep your hands safe. Portable Metal Firepit Ideas from @templeandwebster

This open metal fire pit design can also be used as a bonfire that can warmly welcome your guests or family while in the backyard. This fire pit is surrounded by wooden chairs that have been repainted in blacl colors, making the backyard decoration more cool anda neutral themed. Backyard Fire Pit Surrounded by Chairs from @amberwerchonproperty

In addition to providing warmth, the metal fire pit design can also be used as a soothing light source at night with a more dramatic effect and atmosphere. You can place this metal fire pit on a wooden deck to make it more secure, now you can re-sand this fire pit to encourage natural rust. Metal Firepit with Iron Stand from @handymanmagazine

Repaint your metal fire pit with black to make it look more shiny when exposed to sunlight. You can design a single letter on the surface of this fire pit as an eye-catching custom aspect. This fire pit can also adjust the outdoor temperature according to your needs. Elegant Style Outdoor Firepit from @sfdesigncenter

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Concrete Fire pit

A concrete fire pit is the perfect addition to your winter backyard decor. These stylish and functional fire features can make your outdoor space cozy and inviting all year round. Whether you’re entertaining guests or need a place to warm up in the winter, this fire pit can provide both practical warmth and a wintry atmosphere. It is a durable fire pitthat suitable to be placed for outdoor.

The concrete firepit design in this zen garden decoration has an irrengular design that looks more unique and different. Even though it’s outdoors you can get maximum warmth. This decoration will work well in the backyard area. Irregular Concrete Firepit from @archdigest

Repaint the concrete firepit section with a fairly neutral color of choice, namely plain white. It will give you an instant modern feel. Combine it with a built-in bench that has been painted in the same color as the firepit used so that it blends perfectly. Modern Winter Firepit from @the_landscape_association

White outdoor chairs which is equipped with a fire pit concrete table is a combination of outdoor furniture that can be placed in your backyard patio decoration. This firepit has a round shape that is able to put more food or drinks provided. Multifunction Concrete Firepit with Table from @uptownfay

When you use the backyard as a relaxing area as well as an outdoor dining room in winter, the fireplace accent is a complement and a must-have warmer. In addition to having a smoother surface, this fireplace also has a material that is stronger and not easily broken so it is highly recommended to try it. Strong Concrete Firepit Design from @hardscapeottawa

Sleek and super sturdy, this modern fire pit also looks shiny as it has been repainted in jet white. Some of these fire pits can also be used as coffee tables that can be used to put drinks and snacks that will accompany your comfort while in the backyard. Round Shaped Concrete Firepit from @solusdecor

This rectangular fireplace design made of concrete material has a smoother and stronger surface so it is very suitable when placed in your backyard. You can add a wooden bench that is equipped with a few throw pillows as a softer and warmer sitting area of course. Rectangle Shaped Concrete Firepit from @glengatecompany

If you have a backyard decoration that is large enough then you can use some outdoor furniture such as a firepit, outdoor living room. This firepit has a neutral color, namely plain white so that it is easier to combine with other outdoor furniture around it. Combination of Concrete Firepit with Outdoor Furniture from @korinnephoto

Adjust the use of a firepit with the style of your backyard decor, when you have a modern-style backyard then you can use a concrete firepit combined with a glass container that will protect your fire to be safer. This firepit provides warm and dramatic lighting. Combination of Concrete with Firepit Glass from @gardenistauk

Enjoying the winter outdoor vibe around the fire pit can bring a warm nuance. The fire pit can liven up your backyard. The fire pit is a way for modern people to feel the classic atmosphere like ancient people did.

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