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Warm Your Home with These 25 Fabulous Winter Candle Holders

Add a fun and creative touch to your winter lights with these fabulous winter candle holder ideas. …

When winter is all around, candles always come to mind as decorative items for the home. Their warming and enchanting lights are just the best treatment for the cold outside. Unfortunately, with their many advantages offered, candles are tricky enough to display for home decor. Thus, you’ll need appropriate winter candle holders to add the festive look. Here are some fabulous ideas for you to copy.

1. Rustic Cinnamon Winter Candle Holder

Exude the countryside atmosphere to your home by having a candle holder that is from cinnamon sticks. They perfectly match to any fireplace mantel colors or designs. Besides, they will add beauty to every corner of your house. 

This Cinnamon stick on a candle complete with string and burlap will be a perfect room decor with a natural touch to the room. You can place it on your dining table or home table to create dramatic lighting. This candle display will add beauty to every corner of your home. Cinnamon stick candle holder from louiseroe.

This pillar candle wrapped in cinnamon sticks creates the perfect winter decor. You can make your own by adding cinnamon around the candle and tying it with a ribbon to make an attractive candle. This decorating idea brings a rustic feel to the whole room. Pillar cinnamon candle holder from decoist.

The rustic feel to this winter table decor adds a warm vibe to the entire room. Using it you can add a green ribbon to tie this cinamon to your candle. You can make your own so it will make winter decorations on a budget. Placing a dining table table to create a charming room design. Rustic candle holder from shelterness.

Bringing a rustic feel to this winter decoration looks attractive and grabs the attention of many people. You can make your own by arranging cinnamon sticks and tying them with string and ornaments for the perfect look. You can put this candle on a table or corner of your house. Cinnamon sticks ornament from onehundreddollarsamonth.

This rustic cinnamon candle holder makes for an eye-catching room decor that will grab the attention of any guest. You can put this candle on your dining table centerpieces complete with straps for maximum results. This will create a fragrant aroma throughout your room. Rustic cinnamon candle holder from lushome.

2. Wintery Etched Candle Holder

Opt for an etched candle holder to create a fairy mood in your bedroom. For a more artistic view, find a holder that is from glass, ceramic, or metal. You’ll be amazed to see these kinds of candle holders can offer a winter wonderland look in your room.

This engraved glass candle holder is gorgeous, and is perfect for your winter season when you add snowflakes. You can buy them at flea markets for cheap to decorate an attractive room and attract the attention of many people. Putting it on the dining table or home table is the right solution when decorating your living room. Engraved glass candle holder from diyncrafts.

Here are some frosted stone jars to capture the white Christmas spirit. They are perfect as a pretty candle holder in your winter home decor. Adding a green ribbon to the lips of this mason jar will create a charming room look. Adding a snowflake sticker to a glass wall will make the room decor perfect. Masson jar candle holder from christmas.365greetings.

Here are some frosted glass candle holders as centerpieces to spice up your coat. Adding snowflake carvings to the walls of this candle holder gives a Christmas vibe to the whole room. Freezing creates a white winter prefect atmosphere. The green plants attached to this glass give a unique and perfect look. Frosted glass candle holders from christmas.365greetings.

Here are three snowflake engraved candle holders on metal trays. Use this stand to create a fairy atmosphere in the room. You can buy these candle holders at flea markets on a budget for the perfect room decor idea. This chandelier offers a winter wonderland look in your room. Snowflake candle holders from christmas.365greetings.

This Christmas candle lantern silhouette decorated with pompom decoration makes the room decoration perfect and looks more charming. Using this glass cup complete with candles will result in dramatic lighting throughout the room. Placing it on this table brings a charming look. Christmas candle lantern from shelterness.

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3. Back-to-Nature Candle Holder

Some items from nature like seashells are best to embrace your house. So, find a candle holder with this material. They are just perfect to be your tabletop decor. Besides, the seashells’ unique structures bring you a unique display of home decoration.

You can add a sandless beach theme to your room with sparkling seashell candle decorations. This is a perfect room decoration idea and will steal the attention of many people. Making it yourself will result in room decor on a low budget. They are perfect to be your table decoration.

The beach-like vibe emanating from classy candles gives your walls a relaxed, seasonal look. The yellow light of this candle will create dramatic lighting throughout the room. Making your own will create your home decor with a low budget so that it will produce a stunning room appearance. DIY shell candle holder from guidepatterns. Sea Shell Candle from guidepatterns.

These shiny shells can be turned into candles that will make the room look attractive and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. You can add some wax shells to your home decor to create the perfect look this winter. Placing some of these home tables will make for a stunning room decor. Shiny shells candle holder from guidepatterns.

Pour a few drops of aromatic oil into the melted wax to fill the air in your room. Using this shell container will produce an attractive display and will steal the attention of many people. This candle is the best decorative decoration when cold weather comes to your home. Shell container from guidepatterns.

Having a winter decoration idea with this shell candle holder will look more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. This unique design will create a charming room decor. You can make it yourself so that it will produce an economical decoration in your home. Shell candle holder from guidepatterns.

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4. Cozy Sweater Glass Candle Holder

It seems the sweater isn’t just for people or your lovely pets. They are also for the glass candle holder. Be creative to cover your old glass candle holder with the sweater. At last, to add a charming look.

You can try this candle decoration on a low budget in your winter living room decor. You can make some original Christmas candle decorations here using sweater pieces and glass cups for this candle holder. They can make your room look warmer or sparkle and will make your Christmas dinner look more attractive and charming. Christmas candle from homedit.

Want to make something interesting for Christmas at home with a candle holder from a knitted sweater and glass cups, this is an interesting idea for you to try. Adding a candle to the inside of this glass cup will result in a dramatic lighting with amber glow. This is a stylish Christmas decoration. Knitted sweater candle holder from homedit.

Making your own candle holder from sweater pieces and glass cups will present a charming room decor and steal the attention of every guest who comes to your home. This is a low-budget DIY idea that creates stunning results. Adding a string to this glass lip will enhance the look of your candle. Sweater candle holder from justthewoods.

You can also wear a sweater-like knit on some plain looking pillar candles, such as pretty sweater sleeves. Putting candles on this glass cylinder will make for an attractive room decoration and will steal people’s attention. Placing the knitted wool on top of this glass will prevent fires. Candle holder from decoist.

Here, old sweaters can be transformed and refined by adding your glass candle holder. Adding these dried leaves makes for the perfect candle decoration and looks more stylish. You can put this candle in a glass container to warm the room in winter. Old sweaters candle holders from thespruce.

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5. Vintage Wood Logs Candle Holder

This one will be simple but romantic for your home decor. To get more vintage feel, have them arranged on a wooden tray or wood slice. Then, place them on a dining table or coffee table. With these candles on your tabletop, your dinner in winter night will be an unforgettable moment. 

This winter craft looks absolutely gorgeous with a natural touch that will create perfect centerpices and will steal the attention of many. Try this DIY using natural ingredients. Just drill a few holes into the logs, insert some taper wax, and glue pine cones and greenery to complete the look. This will result in a charming room decoration. DIY log candle holder from homebnc.

If you live near the beach, grab a pretty piece of driftwood. You can make a charming candle holder and bring the beauty of nature into your home. Simply drill holes in the wood and add large tealights for a pretty home table decor. Combined with some other ornaments, this will add style to your living room decor. Driftwood candle holder from homebnc.

A warm touch to this fall living room décor features a wooden block candle holder that will create a charming room look. This candle holder is basically just a block of wood with 5 small holes for 5 candles. It features an interesting room decor for you to try. Wood block candle holder from homedit.

This candle holder also has a compact design. It is a large piece of wood with three large holes in it. In each hole, you can add a few candles for dramatic lighting. With these candles eating your home on a winter night will be an unforgettable moment. Wooden candle holder from homedit.

Making use of what’s in nature for this winter decor makes for the perfect room decor and will grab the attention of every guest. Choosing a hollow tree cut to place some of these candles will create an interesting room decor. Clean it, sand it, then drill a few holes in it for the candle holder. This will result in a stylish room with dramatic lighting. Log candle holder from homedit.

Hopefully, those winter candle holder ideas above inspire you to start. Pick one and give it a try. Your room won’t only be enchanting to see but also warming to snuggle.

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