40 Interesting Winter Classroom Decoration to Apply

Bringing the winter atmosphere to the classroom will always be an interesting thing to do. Winter is such a magical season where there will be snow and Christmas celebrations during the season. You won’t have any reason not to apply for the winter touches to the classroom. Your students must love it and they can really enjoy going to school and being in the class. There are many things that you can apply to the classroom to create winter season decorations where the most common thing is the snow and the evergreen. Anyway, to make the students can be more appreciate their classroom with all of the decoration applied, you can ask the students to decorate the class together with you. That can be a fun activity for them.

In applying the winter decoration to the classroom, you can do it in some parts of the class. The first one might be for the door which is also important that can be used to welcome everyone. Also, a good door decoration can give a good impression to anyone who sees it. Then, you may also decorate the students’ storage, rack, board, wall, and ceiling. Making some crafts to be applied there will be great. You can make some group of students where each group has the responsibility to make some crafts for a certain part of the classroom. That kind of project will be effective and fun for the students. Here are some references that you can show to your students before they start to make the crafts.

Santa Door Classroom from boredteachers

Snowman from boredteachers

Snowflake Pattern Decor from boredteachers

Snowman Door Classroom from boredteachers

Night Winter Classroom from boredteachers

Igloo Classroom from boredteachers

Snopy Winter Classroom from boredteachers

Winter Door 3D  from boredteachers

Old Newspaper Christmas Tree from boredteachers

Geometric Shaped Christmas Tree from boredteachers

Winter Student Classroom from boredteachers

Snowman Door from boredteachers

Vincent Van Snow from weareteachers

Door Classroom from weareteachers

Snowman from weareteachers

Giant Reindeer from weareteachers

Winter Wonderland from weareteachers

Double Wonderland from weareteachers

Gingerman from weareteachers

Igloo and Bubbles from weareteachers

Christmas Tree from thearchitecturedesigns

DIY Lighting from thearchitecturedesigns

Hanging Swirls from thearchitecturedesigns

Classroom Winter from thearchitecturedesigns

Ceiling Ornament from thearchitecturedesigns

DIY Winter Classroom from thearchitecturedesigns

Snowflake and Tree from thearchitecturedesigns

Ginger House from thearchitecturedesigns

Cactus ad Snowman from thearchitecturedesigns

DIY Snowman Classroom from thearchitecturedesigns

Winter Classroom from teachersmag

Hanging Snowflake from teachersmag

Blue Wall Decor from teachersmag

Pink Color Winter Ornament from teachersmag

Tree Wall Decor from teachersmag

Hanging Star Winter Decor from teachersmag

Snowman Ornament from boredteachers

Winter Theme Classroom from boredteachers

Winter Decor from boredteachers

Snowflake Door from boredteachers

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