How to Do Window Dressing with Winter Touches

During winter, the window can be the focal point of a home decoration part. It is because watching the snow fall during winter can be a great experience to repeat every year. Related to that, doing the window dressing during winter is really recommended. Also, when you are able to add decoration to your window with the winter touches, you can bring the winter touches inside your home at once. It means that you don’t need to add more decoration around your home space since your window has represent the season. This idea will be really great, especially for you who only have a small home space as you won’t make your home looks crowded with the additional ornament here and there around your home space.

In doing the window dressing with winter touches, you can simply do it by adding some ornament or accessories that can characterize the season. If you want the simple one, you can have the snowflake or evergreen that comes in hanging ornament or stick those things on the window. Also, the mini Christmas tree will also such an effective one to give a winter season impression and Christmas at the same time. It is great if you can create the Christmas ornament at once so that you don’t need to do additional decorations when Christmas comes. There are still so many ideas to dress your window such as adding pots or planters with winter stuff, adding decorative candles or another lighting in winter designs, and more. Go down for the adorable ideas!

White Tree Sticker from Homebnc

Paper Snowflake Curtain from Homebnc

Paper Snowflake Garland from Homebnc

Illuminated Night from Homebnc

Tree and Deer Sticker from Homebnc

White Paper Tree from Midwestliving

Evergreen Wreaths from Topinspired

Pom Pom Snowball Garland from Topinspired

Pine Cone Garland from Topinspired

Potted Pine Cone Tree from Digsdigs

Hanging Wreath from Digsdigs

Snowy Tree from Digsdigs

Snowflake and Snowball Garland from Digsdigs

Evergreen Garland from Digsdigs

Evergreen Wreath from Digsdigs

Branch Arrangement from Digsdigs

White Snowflake Curtain from Digsdigs

Hanging Snowflake Ornament from Digsdigs

Hanging Christmas Ball from Digsdigs

Hanging Pine Cone and Leaves from Digsdigs

DIY Snowflake Curtain from Digsdigs

Hanging Snowflake and Greenery from Digsdigs

Colorful Christmas Ball from Christmas.snydle

Snowman Ornament from Christmas.snydle

Snowy Window Decor from Christmas.snydle

Snowy Wreath from Christmas.snydle

Hand Painted Christmas Ball from Christmas.snydle

Advent Calendar Window from Christmas.snydle

Rustic Pine Wreaths from Womansday

Mini Window Sill Trees from Womansday

Dried Orange Garland from Womansday

Gingerbread House Garland from Womansday

Window Wreath Stack from Womansday

Snowflake Window Decals from Womansday

Pine Cone Leaves Garland from Womansday

Faux Cookies Window Treatment from Womansday

Hanging Pinecones from Womansday

Hanging Gingerbread Men from Womansday

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees from Womansday

Lighted Christmas Ball from Homecrux

Pom Pom Chain from Homecrux

Window Sill Houses from Womansday

Snowflake Sticker from Woohome

Glue Snowflake from Woohome

Pine Cone Curtain from Woohome

Long Evergreen Garland from Countryliving

Snowy Evergreen Arrangement from Elledecor

Lighted Wreath from Housebeautiful

Hanging Pine Cone from Shelterness

Hanging Berries from Shelterness

White Jingle Bell Sticker from Shelterness

Hanging Sock from Deavita

Hanging fir leaves from Homecrux

Paper Snowflake Ornament from Homecrux

Decorative Candle from Homecrux

Candy Cane from Woohome

Glass Christmas Ball from Woohome

Christmas Ball Curtain from Woohome

Hanging Snowy Pine Cone from Woohome

Large Wreath from Elledecor

Twig Snowflake from Elledecor

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