How to Give Your Kitchen Some Christmas Touches

Especially when we are going to have a celebration, the kitchen will be the room that you visit most of the time. That thing related to the preparation for the floor and beverages to complete the celebration. Including Christmas celebration, to make sure that you feel the spirit of Christmas during all of your activities in the kitchen, you should add the Christmas touches to your kitchen. Well, since there will be many things in the kitchen, then you can’t apply too many things there. You should make sure that the Christmas decoration won’t give you difficulties in having access to all of your spices, appliances, and more. So, the question is, how you can give great Christmas decorations to your kitchen without being too much? Here are the answers!

Christmas Village Centerpiece Design

An easy way that you can do to give a Christmas touch to your kitchen decor is to decorate the kitchen island with a matching centerpiece. For now, you can try installing some DIY villages to be used as centerpiece decorations, you can combine them with a white mini Christmas tree made of bottle brush material so that it is not easily damaged when used throughout Christmas. These two ornaments will work well together and perfectly as a more different eye sight. Before applying this centerpiece ornament, you can coat the kitchen island countertop with a table runner that has a white color resembling faux snow which seems to attract attention. Christmas Village Centerpiece Design from @miennes.home

Statement Look Kitchen Island

No need to worry when you have Christmas kitchen decorations that are dominated by plain white shades. Try to apply a fairly large Christmas ornament such as a Santa Claus statue that can be placed together with other Christmas ornaments. Now you can put it on a DIY wooden tray that has a natural surface without repainting. In this way, these Christmas ornaments can be moved to any area according to the room decorations that are needed. This Santa Claus ornament is dominated by a combination of red and white colors so that it is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Another decoration that you can apply in this kitchen is a hanging wreath which is perfected with a plaids ribbon with a combination of red and black colors. Statement Look Kitchen Island from @mybashfullife

Christmas Kitchen Window Decoration

Don’t let your kitchen window decorations look plain and boring, now you can hang some evergreen wreath designs to emphasize the Christmas theme this year. To add a splash of red to this wreath design, you can combine it with several red berries in quite a lot. These two ingredients will work well together to welcome Christmas in this kitchen decor. Don’t just make one wreath, now you can make it in large enough quantities to hang on every glass window in this kitchen room. Next, just hang this wreath using a striped ribbon which is dominated by a combination of red and white colors that have a touch of Christmas color and will never fail. Hanging Spruce Wreath with Striped Ribbon from @christmass.girl

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Tiny Vintage Christmas Kitchen Ideas

Even though you have a small kitchen decoration, you can redecorate it with a Christmas theme to make it look more colorful and alive. A splash of red in this room is really needed to emphasize the Christmas theme. The first thing you can do is coat the floor with a runner rug with a plaid pattern that has a splash of red. In addition to the runner rug, you can also try this Christmas color on some napkins and window curtains with patterns that look attractive. This simple look gives an instant vintage impression, the presence of a glass window in this room allows the kitchen decor to feel brighter throughout the day, besides that the entry of sunlight into the room also minimizes the humid room. Tiny Vintage Christmas Kitchen Ideas from @vintageandprep

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen Window

To give a different look to your Christmas kitchen decor, try framing the glass window with an evergreen garland that is quite long. Before applying this garland, it would be better if you repaint the wooden window frame with plain white so that the design of the garland and wreath is installed in the surrounding area. This evergreen material can be obtained easily in your backyard garden without having to buy it. This small wreath hung with a red and white striped ribbon is a sweet final touch and you can combine it directly with several DIY villages that you can make yourself with wood that has been repainted in plain white. Evergreen Frame Window with Little Wreath from @bentleyblonde

Merry Christmas Sign on the Backsplash

Take advantage of the empty kitchen backsplash as an area to hang a DIY Christmas sign made of natural wood. You can easily make it yourself with your family on the weekend. You don’t need to make this sign too big, just a rectangular size and a standard font size so that it can be read clearly from a considerable distance. Combine the existence of this Christmas sign with two wreath designs made of evergreen material that do not wilt easily when used for a long period of time. This mini Christmas tree on a tray is perfected with a series of greenery and red berries that add to the color of the room to be more alive. Merry Christmas Sign on the Backsplash from @decorwdrea18

Bold Color Christmas Sign Ideas

Look at the design of the cooker hood, which is dominated by neutral colors, can’t it be used as an area to hang ornaments or Christmas signs? The right choice that you can try right now is to hang a Christmas sign with a choice of contrasting colors such as red so that it looks quite bold and attracts attention. You can buy this Christmas sign online so that it is more practical and suitable for those of you who have quite a solid activity. Here you simply place it in the cooker hood area along with the green plant vase ornament that is applied symmetrically on both sides of the same. You can try another Christmas touch through a tablecloth which is dominated by red as well as a plaid pattern that gives a vintage feel. Red Christmas Sign Ideas from @lacasadibianca12

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Scandinavian Christmas Countertop

Who would have thought that the corner of the countertop in your kitchen will look more attractive when re-decorated with a Christmas theme. Yes, you can try it right now according to the design you want. For example, you can put DIY Christmas tree beams that can be stacked vertically. Red napkins with patterns of Christmas trees and deer also add color to the room, making this kitchen countertop area more lively. Finish with the use of string lights and some dramatic white villages as a final decoration that is adorable and recommended to try in your Christmas kitchen decor right now. Scandinavian Christmas Countertop from @justyna_home_decor

Standing Christmas Tree Decoration

Don’t just use small ornaments to decorate your Christmas kitchen this year. Instead of using a Christmas tree stand with a size that is quite large and tall. Here you can make a Christmas tree design with evergreen material that can be perfected with some hanging Christmas ornaments such as pinecones, wooden bells and some star accents made of plain white cloth. All of these ornaments can be hung on the Christmas tree evenly. Once you have the design you want, you can place it right next to the kitchen island as an impressive new focal point. Standing Christmas Tree Decoration from @featheringournest

Colorful Vintage Christmas Kitchen

When you decorate your kitchen with a Christmas theme, you can apply some ornaments with vibrant and varied colors. Christmas celebrations are usually dominated by a combination of red and white colors that look contrast when applied in the same room. Because the kitchen is one of the rooms that is often used, you can decorate it to the maximum. Garland, wreath, Christmas bunting, santa claus statue and snowman ornaments are a combination of decorations that bring their respective bright colors so that they can bring a more inviting atmosphere to the room. Small Christmas ornaments can be applied right above the kitchen cabinet in a neat and orderly arrangement. Colorful Vintage Christmas Kitchen from @spruceridgevintage

Dough Bowl Christmas Centerpiece

Do you have a dough bowl that you don’t use anymore? If you have it, you can reuse it as a centerpiece Christmas decoration that can be applied directly to the kitchen island countertop. You can fill the dough bowl here with some Christmas ornaments such as a mini Christmas tree, village DIY and pinecones that you can get in the backyard garden. All of these will work well together. Cover the surface of the dough bowl with a sprinkling of snow to emphasize the Christmas theme in winter. You can try adding a few green leaves to the decoration of this centerpiece to add color to the room while adding to the texture of the centerpiece that you can easily get in the backyard garden. Dough Bowl Christmas Centerpiece from @poppysfarmstead

Modern Christmas Kitchen Ideas

You can make DIY Christmas trees yourself with materials you already have at home, so you don’t need to spend any more. Here you can DIY a mini Christmas tree from wood and cake paper which has a textured outer surface, aka small pleats, which gives a more attractive final result. Make more than one so that it can be applied in several different areas of the kitchen, this ornament emphasizes the Christmas theme instantly. It’s not enough to stop here, the natural wreath design and evergreen series are also the best choices that you can place in this area as an additional color that is quite contrasting. Modern Christmas Kitchen Ideas from @lhk.interiors

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Merry Christmas Wall Decoration

When you have a white brick wall in your kitchen decoration, just use it to hang a large and bold red Christmas sign. Red and white become a color combination that will never fail to try when Christmas arrives. In addition to the Christmas sign, you can also add color to the room with a hanging garland made of colorful pom-poms. These two kitchen decorations are enough to bring bright colors so that they make the room more lively and not monotonous. You can try Christmas balls and triangular frames for creative mini DIY Christmas tree designs, these ornaments will be the final touch of a Christmas theme that can be placed on the kitchen island. Merry Christmas Wall Decoration from @thegoatabode

Festive Look Christmas Kitchen Decor

The more Christmas ornaments that are placed in your kitchen decor, the more attractive and festive it looks. Just fill the top surface of the floating cabinet with some Christmas ornaments such as Santa Claus statues, Christmas signs, candy canes and several other small ornaments that are dominated by bold red colors. Arrange and arrange everything neatly so that it can be made as the focal point of a room that will never fail. To add color to the room, you can also hang some evergreen wreath to be applied right in the kitchen cabinet door area that is used. The use of string light adds a dramatic impression and of course can be used as additional room lighting that you can use anytime when you need it. Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor from @spruceridgevintage

Santa Claus Napkin Decoration

Whatever it is, if you have a Christmas touch pattern, you can apply it to the kitchen area for an early Christmas welcome that is quite interesting. Currently you can use a napkin with a Santa Claus pattern with a combination of red and white, then just hang it on the cabinet or in the area right in front of the stove. In addition to these napkins, to emphasize the Christmas theme in the kitchen decoration, also decorate the countertop with some beautiful ornaments such as a snowy Christmas tree that you can make yourself easily and cheaply. You can get Santa claus cloche at a Christmas craft store to put together on this kitchen countertop. Just get this ornament at a low price to save your spending budget. Santa Claus Napkin Decoration from @thecharminghare


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