25 Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas That Easy to Copy

Let’s welcome Christmas by creating wonderful room decoration. Pay attention to take the meaning of Christmas itself. Do not be overwhelming, but avoid becoming too monotonous as well. Choose simple decoration but chic and gorgeous. Make sure you have Christmas tree, stars, and other elements to design the room as your desire.

With Package

When Christmas comes, you need to think about gifts for friends or family who visit your home. Create a unique packaging that looks natural and earthy by adding fresh, unwilted pine needles. Just opt for a simple wrap with mini brown cardboard that can be finished off with a string in a mix of red and brown. Apply this rope according to your preferred wrapping pattern. Furthermore, greeting cards with deer-patterned surfaces are a smart choice that you can also use to add interesting words that you can write according to what you think. Winter Christmas Package from @piccolascintilla

When you already have Christmas gifts at home, it’s a good idea to repack them using wrapping paper with the choice and pattern you want. This wrapper is chosen in a neutral color with a love pattern and a gold mini Christmas tree so it looks very eye-catching. You can do this gift wrapping yourself to save on spending budget. Besides that, the rope strengthens the wrapping to make it tighter, the snowy evergreen ornament on top of this package is the best decoration idea that is highly recommended to try. Wrap with Patterned Paper from @thedeluxepup

Look at this mini Christmas package that looks elegant and luxurious with this maroon satin ribbon, doesn’t it make everyone want to have it? Yes, of course, this attractive appearance can be created by yourself with high enough creativity. The ornament you need here is a little snowflake made of wood as a complement that you can hang using a plain white hemp rope. The presence of pinecones in the area around this Christmas package emphasizes the touch of winter too, which you can arrange neatly and orderly. Christmas Package with Little Snowflake Ornament from @arooma.ind

Holly And Branches

Get ready to welcome Christmas anywhere by using the branches that can be found around the house for free. It reminds us of the beauty of natural trees along with the arrival of Santa Claus. For now you can put it on top of a dresser in the dining room decoration as a different view that you can put in a green bowl jar. Its existence makes the area of the room around it seem more natural and adds aesthetic value instantly, you can try to enhance its appearance with Christmas balls with colorful choices. Branches with Christmas Ball Ornament from @mynewnorfolkhome

Tree branches in your garden will be more useful when Christmas arrives because they can be used as important ornaments that can be turned into a mini Christmas tree with the addition of hanging ornaments that you already have at home. When this branch has been brought into the house, you can redecorate it with hanging ornaments that match the Christmas theme, such as stars with a touch of plain white. Then you can end the look of this tree branch with a string light so it can still look bold when the atmosphere inside the house feels darker. Natural Vibes Christmas Decoration from rusadelight

Do you want to redecorate the Christmas dining table this year? If so, then you can do it with a branch that is tall and large enough so that it can be used as a statement room. Here you can repaint the branches with plain white for an elegant look that you can get instantly. After the applied paint has dried, the next thing you can do is hang some small hanging ornaments with a dominant red color for a more attractive final look, the hanging ornaments have the shape of a Christmas tree and a fairy that you can make yourself with flannel fabric. Repaint Branches Tree Centerpiece from @merrymary_mari

So that the series of branches that are put in a vase can look more attractive, you can add some mini hanging ornaments such as Christmas balls with a choice of different colors. Just get hanging ornaments like these metallic Christmas balls online at a fairly cheap price, or you can buy them directly at the nearest craft store at a very affordable price. For now you can put it on top of a dresser or in a cabinet area that is often used so that it can be used as a new view that can be seen by anyone. Finish with a fairly large mirror right behind it. Branches Ideas with Colorful Ornament from @the_table_edit

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A Dowel Christmas Tree

Look at the Christmas tree dowels which are perfected with sparkle lights in the surrounding area, doesn’t it look more magical? You can try to make this mini Christmas tree yourself according to the design you want. Besides that, additional hanging ornaments such as thread-knitted snowball ornaments and gold-colored star ornaments make the final look that you get more festive and fun. Try to place this mini Christmas tree dowel in a room that is often visited by your friends or family so that it can be used as a new focal point that is easy to get around your home. Magic Sparkle Light Christmas Tree from @welcometothewoodshop

The coffee table in this living room decoration can be perfected with a Christmas tree dowel for a new look that can be applied when Christmas arrives. You can assemble and make this Christmas tree yourself to save on spending budget. This Christmas ball ornament, which comes in a variety of different colors, can be hung evenly on the dowels of the Christmas tree as a decoration that will never fail to add color to the room and is ready to serve as a new focal point in this living room decoration. No need to repaint the Christmas tree for a more environmentally friendly look. Dowel Christmas Tree Coffee Table Decoration from @welcometothewoodshop

One of the important ornaments that must be had when Christmas comes is a Christmas tree that can be placed in any room according to the needs of home decoration. The first decoration you can dress up is the living room. Yes, you can put a Christmas tree dowel design on the side table in this living room decoration as a suitable and appropriate decoration. Additional hanging ornaments with a variety of different patterns and colors also add to the fun atmosphere that can be obtained instantly. Its size is quite large and high also makes this Christmas tree ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Statement Dowel Christmas Tree from @lifeonsummerhill

Whimsical Birch Tree

Dried birch trees can be moved indoors as a Christmas decoration that you can use right now. Here you can repaint the entire outer surface of the birch using white to have a color harmony with the rest of the interior around it. Because it has a size that is quite large and tall, you can put it right in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your movement while in the living room area. To emphasize the Christmas theme, you can also place a pallet sign and a hanging wreath that can be applied to the wall right next to the birch tree design used. White Birch Tree at the Corner from @mavellahome

Birch materials in your garden can be used as DIY Christmas tree decorations that can be used as wall decorations when winter arrives. What you can do here is to string together several birches according to their size and length so that they look like a Christmas tree design which can be perfected with orange lighting accents. The use of this string light adds an instant magical impression, you can wrap it evenly so that the walls look more attractive. The presence of mini stars and little Christmas trees is a sweet final touch and can be arranged neatly. Birch Christmas Tree Wall Hanging from @flowersbyliza

Wintery Mood

You can place this winter Christmas painting with a reclaimed wood frame on one of the tabletops used in your home. This painting can be combined with other ornaments to make it look more attractive. For example, you can combine it with snowy pinecones, red berries and miniature evergreen Christmas trees that are enhanced with white powder on the outer surface. Just arrange all these ornaments on the table in a neat and orderly layout so that they can be used as a photo background with family or guests visiting your home. Doesn’t it look simple but catches attention ? Rustic Look Winter Christmas Paintingfrom @cottagemillfarm

A touch of winter and Christmas can be applied simultaneously in the same room. For example, you can try to apply it to a living room decoration that is often visited by guests who visit your home. The decoration that you can use is to place a towering Christmas tree with a predominance of white so that the color matches the interior of the living room you are using. Plus, the hanging evergreen wreath and faux fur stockings on the fireplace mantel add an instant touch of winter to this room. Some mini Christmas trees can also be added in this living room. Winter Christmas Living Room Decor from @jilleysue

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Green Wreath

This room decoration which is dominated by white color can be perfected with a hanging door wreath with a fairly bold and natural color choice. Here you can use greenery material as the main material that you can assemble into a wreath design with a fairly large and wide size. Not only greenery, but you can also enhance its appearance with a brown ribbon for additional decoration that can be easily obtained in your home. Just hang it on the hook that is already on this white wooden door. Greenery Wreath with Brown Ribbon from @oursoutheastlondonhome

When you have free time on the weekend, prepare your home decorations to welcome Christmas decorations in a festive and fun way. Consider making a minimalist wreath design with a round shape dominated by greenery materials that can be found in the backyard garden. Here you can use a wooden ring to apply the greenery that you have, you can also add a hanging ornament with a star shape to this wreath design using some pretty sturdy rope. Greenery here uses two different types that work well together. Christmas Door Hanging Ideas from @hej.bei.uns

You can decorate the empty wall with an evergreen wreath that you can make yourself according to the design you want. Here you can use fresh pine leaves for the main ingredient which can be obtained easily. These evergreen leaves also add color to the room naturally and of course will bring a natural feel into the room instantly. Make this wreath design of medium size and hang it using drilled nails on the wall in your living room decoration. Combine this wreath presence with a big, tall Christmas tree for a mix that can never fail. Natural Evergreen Wreath from @sonja_ols

DIY Paper Stars

Dry paper and twigs are a combination that will give a festive look to one of your Christmas wall decorations. Just change the appearance of this paper to form several stars with different sizes, colors and textures. The more DIY paper stars you make, the more festive the wall display you can get. Here you can use paper with a combination of yellow, red and white. All of these colors will work well together to revive parts of the wall with light pink paint as a background that seems quite neutral. Different Sized Christmas Paper Stars from @ranias_creative_world

These five star ornaments made of white paper are ready to be used as centerpiece decorations on one of the tables that are used when Christmas arrives. Make this star ornament yourself according to the design and size you want. Not only paper star ornaments, but you can also buy a star with a fairly large size with a soft surface or faux fur material and gives a warm impression. These two star ornaments with different materials are perfected with a Christmas tree branch which is perfected with string lights so that it seems more dramatic, you can try it right now. Glamours Stars Centerpiece Ideas from @girlfrombarnes

The large pieces of paper you have at home will be even more useful when you turn them into beautiful pieces of Christmas ornaments. For example, you can use three pieces of paper with different colors. Then cut and fold it to resemble a star with quite high creativity. Try to make it three sizes the same so that it looks more consistent when applied to the white wall. This 3D star wall decoration is ready to welcome Christmas with joy, you can make it with materials you already have at home without having to buy them again. Paper Stars Wall Hanging Decoration from @ziltenl

Pay attention to the window treatment decorations you use when Christmas arrives. What can be done here is to add a touch of Christmas ornaments in this area. An easy way that you can do yourself at home is to take a piece of paper to be used as a star ornament that can be hung right in front of the window curtain that is used. Because the size of this ornament is quite large, you can only use one. The tools needed here are plain paper, scissors, adhesive glue and proper paper cutting skills. The steps to make it you can imitate in the manual or guide book to make all the creativity when Christmas comes. Christmas Window Treatment from @zdenka.si

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Hygge Way

Christmas trees and wreaths have always been important ornaments that are quite favorite to use when Christmas comes, therefore you can have them to decorate a small living room that is perfected with a neutral colored room feel. For a Christmas tree, you can put it right next to the chair in use. Furthermore, for the design of the wreath, you can make it with more than one number so that it has different sizes to be applied and hung on the empty wall. The faux fur lining on the chair makes your seat feel warmer and softer. Winter Christmas Living Room Ideas from westwing.it

Not only about wreath, for now you can make other natural ornaments such as garland designs that will frame the door to your dining room decoration. This will be one of the best welcome you can use. The material used is also very easy to find, just assemble it with a size large enough and long so that it can be used as a new focal point because the walls in this room are also painted in plain white. Red stockings, plaids patterned tablecloths dominated by red also emphasize the Christmas touch in this room. Evergreen Garland for Framed Door from westwing.it

Red is one of the colors of choice that can be found in the theme of a Christmas-style room. This color can be applied directly to the use of room ornaments that are used. When you are going to try to apply it to the entryway decoration section, then you can try it on the mini Christmas tree, wreath and centerpiece decorations that are on a wooden console table that has been painted in solid black. These two colors will work well together to provide a contrasting color that will never fail. In addition to making the room look more alive, the dominance of red is also ready to be made a bold color for the room. Statement Red Entryway from @christmas_._page

When Christmas winter arrives, of course the fireplace decoration is one of the must-have interiors. This fireplace is usually used when the temperature in the room starts to feel colder. Not only focusing on its function, but you also need to pay attention to the decorations that are applied so that it looks more festive and fun. What you can do now is add some fresh evergreens around this fireplace. Just choose and use greenery that is still fresh so it doesn’t wilt easily when used for quite a long time, just get this greenery accent in the garden for free. Greenery Mantel Fireplace Design from @settingforfour


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