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8 Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas That Easy to Copy

Let’s welcome Christmas by creating wonderful room decoration. Pay attention to take the meaning of…

Let’s welcome Christmas by creating wonderful room decoration. Pay attention to take the meaning of Christmas itself. Do not be overwhelming, but avoid becoming too monotonous as well. Choose simple decoration but chic and gorgeous. Make sure you have Christmas tree, stars, and other elements to design the room as your desire.

With Package

With Package


After creating Christmas tree, you need to think over about the gifts. Make a unique package which looks natural and earthy by adding eucalyptus. Just choose simple wrapping with brown paper or any wrapping pattern you like.

Holly And Branches

Get ready to spread out Christmas anywhere by using wood branches. It reminds us to the beauty of natural trees along with Santa’s coming. Put at the top of bookshelf or on the table to seem more natural and add aesthetic value.

A Dowel Christmas Tree

A simple dowel Christmas tree on the table looks gorgeous for an apartment that doesn’t have large space. Furthermore, having this tree doesn’t need more treatment. Just keep it from direct sunlight and let it give more attractive side.

Whimsical Birch Tree

Mini birch tree keep your room looks cute and fresh. Though with simple touch, this room appears more sophisticated. Put it at the dining table or anywhere as your desire. Make a wish and be the happiest person in the word at this Christmas.

Wintery Mood

You can copy this idea to have more awesome room decoration. Just add a vase of wood branches without flower. Then, add winter ornament just like crystal snow at each branch. Feel free to combine with a jar of tea.

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Green Wreath

Pick any kind of greenery to create this DIY wreath for Christmas. Eucalyptus or pine make it looks more festive, but you can use others. Hang on the walls or front door to welcome Santa is brilliant idea. This design is simple but chic for any room style.

DIY Paper Stars

It is time to enjoy the time waiting for Santa by doing functional activities like creating paper stars. Do this project with your children to upgrade their creativity. You can use it for door ornament or hang them at the window.

Hygge Way

Rather than creating rounded wreath that already made by other people, consider to create this hygge way. With a wooden log that cover by greenery and some branches with fruit, this Christmas decor look awesome. It brings us to feel like in a jungle, right?

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