8 Rooms with Scandinavian Style to Inspire You

The style of Scandinavian interior design and hygiene decor has swept all over the world with a distinct look hailed in many magazines and blogs. This style was focus on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Although choice accessories and a lack of color characterize Scandinavian interior design, the European style can take careful planning to nail. Let’s master this style by take a peek at these 8 rooms with Scandinavian style below.

1. Monochromatic Mood


The key of Scandinavian style is color palette and typically it includes just one or two pale accent colors paired with a white foundation. Hints of black are often added for dimension, but otherwise keep your own Scandinavian-inspired space sparsely colored.

2. Scandinavian Work Space


When decorating your work space with Scandinavian style, keep things as pared back as possible and display mostly utilitarian objects; pen holders, pendant lights, a few tech accessories, etc. Choose work-surface accessories with simple shapes so as not to disrupt the sight line of the room.

3. Calm Coastal Retreat Bathroom


Saturated colors aren’t often found in pure Scandinavian design, but there are ways to find balance. For example, this white bathroom feels distinctly contemporary because of the tall white walls, glossy white bathroom fixtures and chrome details.

4. Sparse Yet Stylish Space


Sparse accessorize-ation is the all-important key to nailing this style aesthetic, so try to remove all of the decorative items from the surfaces in one room, and then put back just three of your favorite pieces. Keep things clean and simple if you want your space to read as Scandinavian.

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5. Cool Concrete Finishes Kitchen


The material of this Scandinavian kitchen is eco-friendly and affordable, and when painted or sealed in a sleek color, like the matte charcoal counters featured, the look feels fresh yet approachable.

6. Graphic Artistic Appeal


Scandinavian-style artwork tends to be based on the principles of simplified typographic design. Large-scale patterns are popular, as is blown-out text. They can be easily replicated in your own space by ordering blueprint-style printouts of letters and numbers from your local printer.

7. Scandinavian-Style Display


Hanging a shelving that features a sleek, geometric shape. These hexagonal shelves boast a modern silhouette and are minimally filled to accentuate the beauty of the storage itself. The raw wood texture of the shelves further exemplifies European design.

8. Elements of Nature


Element of nature and textures are important to Scandinavian style. Furniture with visible wood grain and angular wooden headboard is so sleek and simplified when set against a clean white wall and styled with black and white bedding.

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