8 Creative and Unique Ways to Update Interior Doors

Having a plain door can look your space a bit boring. Worry not, there are plenty ways that you can do to upgrade your door. And the good news about it is that there are so many easy ways to update the look of your door without spending too much money and time. Check out these 7 creative and unique ways to update interior doors below to inspire you.

1. Paper Windows on Glass Doors


Windowed French doors are gorgeous, and colorful insets add interest and provide privacy. You can use vintage maps, paper with decorative cutouts, frosted-look contact paper or even a favorite pages from your old book to be a great insets. Prepare a bit of double-stick tape for insets that don’t have their own adhesive to hold paper in place.

2. Paint The Paneled Door


If you decided to paint the door, first of all, all you need is remove the door from the frame and take off the hardware. Lightly sand the door, but if it’s being painted for the first time, paint it with primer first. And last but not least, paint the sections in the following order; panels, vertical stiles, horizontal stiles and the outer frame.

3. Add Molding to a Flat Door


4. Change the Hardware


Ditch your rattly old doorknobs and replace them with hardware. Buy hardware with the same number and placement of screws as your original.

6. Build a Pet Door


Replacing an interior door with a pet door keeps your four-legged friends corralled where they’ll be safe but still lets them feel like part of the action.

7. Stencil It


Just grab a paintbrush and create your own eye candy with a stencil.

8. Paint Your Hinges


New knobs don’t have to equal the expense of new hinges, so you can repaint hinges to match.

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