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8 Simple Tips To Install Chandelier For You Room To Look More Adorable

Chandelier can be one of the room accessories that take major role for a room decoration. It may ch…

Chandelier can be one of the room accessories that take major role for a room decoration. It may change the room appearance dramatically only because of its location. However, don’t think too hard. Here are some tips to install chandelier to create more adorable room style.

Make Chandelier As The Focal Point

Make Chandelier As The Focal Point


This living room is design simply with tiny furniture. Further, it has plenty natural light. With herringbone patterned floor, the room appears rustic but stylish. Look at the chandelier hung on the ceiling that stands out as the focal interest.

Simple Choice Of Placement

Consider where you will put chandelier carefully. Decide whether you want to make the room appear traditional or contemporary look. For example, to look traditional you may hang the chandelier over dining table, but for modern one, you can hang it off-center.

Hang the Chandelier Correctly

Think over how large you room. Then, decide to hang chandelier correctly. Pay attention to not hang it too high or too law, because it will affect your room decoration. Easily, you may hang it up to 36 inches above your dining table in other words, the taller the ceiling, the taller the chandelier.

Feel Free to Apply Vintage Chandelier

Sometimes, hang vintage chandelier can give different room decoration. It looks timeless and will fit to any room color. You can also apply metal funnels, bohemian baskets, and rusted paint cans to add classic chandelier.

Chandelier In An Unexpected Location

A chandelier shouldn’t have to be hung at living room and or dining room. You may try to hang it at entry way, bedroom, or even kitchen. It will not only give more lights but also improve your decor.

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It Doesn’t Have To Be Crystal

If you love something unique for your room lighting, you may apply bubble chandelier like the picture. There are many chandelier style that may become options for your room like stained glass, shining metals or glass, or Sputnik chandelier.

Echo The Look Of Chandelier

Here, we talk about how to combine chandelier with other furniture on your room. When you apply distressed chandelier, you can use wood furniture. Then, if you have crystal or bubble chandelier, you may choose modern sofa or cushion.

Complement The Color Palette And Materials

There are many things to consider before you decide to apply chandelier. Like the material used and the color palette of your room. When you apply silver fringe chandelier, it will be great to be matched with white round table and some side chairs.

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