How to Give Christmas Touches to Your Winter Decor

During winter, although Christmas has gone, you can still give the Christmas touches for your winter decoration for sure. It will be magical to feel the Christmas spirit during winter. In this case, you can let your Christmas decoration stay there. Well, you might do not want to apply all of your Christmas decorations there, then you can simply be left the things that you still want to be there. Let’s say that the Christmas tree is something magical for home decoration, then you can let the tree stay in your living room. Or, if the tree is too much for you, then you can have small Christmas trees that are used as the ornament where you can put the trees here and there. Another idea is by having a snowy effect on your home decoration. You can check the following images for decoration inspirations.

Look at this winter living room decoration, doesn’t it look more attractive when it’s perfected with a Christmas tree in the corner of the room? Try this idea as much as possible to bring a touch of Christmas theme. The leather sofa which is perfected with a faux fur throw blanket makes your sitting surface warmer and softer. Here you can talk with your family or friends in a supportive atmosphere. The fireplace re-decorated with white stockings and an evergreen garland are a never-failing focal point. Rustic Winter Living Room with Christmas Tree from @shutterfly

The wood material that is converted into Christmas tree and snowflake ornaments can be placed simultaneously on top of the dresser in the living room or in the entryway area. This will be a suitable decoration when used to welcome winter this year. Present this DIY wooden Christmas tree with a variety of different sizes and you can make it yourself according to the design you want. No need to repaint for a natural, eco-friendly look. Candle lanterns can also be placed on top of this dresser as additional lighting that seems warm. DIY Wood Christmas Tree and Snowflake Decor from @diy_my_faux_farmhouse

This winter porch, perfected with a touch of red, brings an instant Christmas touch. Here you can use red in the use of ribbons, Christmas balls and mats with striped patterns. The winter ornament that you can put here is a DIY wooden snowman that has been repainted in white and black. Snowy mini Christmas trees can be placed on either side of the front door in a symmetrical layout. Don’t forget to add a winter sign with wooden pallets that have been repainted in gray and white. Winter Porch with Red Color Touch from @mitten.mama.21

You can place these Christmas ball wreaths as front door decorations in winter. This is a great way to add a little Christmas touch to your front door this winter. Complete with this shiny snowflake ornament, this wreath look looks more attractive and will look more shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Metallic Christmas balls come in a variety of different sizes and colors so they look more varied. You can buy them online at relatively cheap and affordable prices. Hang it using nails or hooks that have been attached to this part of the door. Christmas Ball Wreath with Snowflake Accent from @verkacsbolt

Evergreens in your backyard garden can be used as the main ingredient in a winter garland design that can be applied to several rooms in your home. Here you can use this garland design to frame a mirror piece to draw attention. Complete the look with several silver Christmas balls of different sizes, hang them using a rope that is sturdy enough so that they don’t fall easily when used for a long period of time. This evergreen material brings a natural feel to the room instantly. Snowy Garland with Christmas Ball Design from @nolanumdesign

This Christmas tree design with a snowy exterior is perfect when applied to your home when winter arrives, this Christmas tree can easily give you an instant Christmas touch. Here you can put it in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your space. You can also make your own with a size that is large enough and tall so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Use faux evergreens that have been sprinkled with white powder so they don’t wilt easily when used for a long time, get these faux evergreens online at a very affordable price. Snowy Christmas Tree Design from @interiorsbymimi

Don’t let your wooden banister decor look plain and boring when winter comes. For now you can decorate it with a hanging ornament made of several different materials. Materials that need to be prepared include red Christmas balls, large pinecones and evergreen accents that can be found in the garden around your house. Don’t forget that red berries are also a natural material that you can apply to this hanging ornament for a more festive and fun final look. This white powder that is applied evenly gives a snowier look. Winter Christmas Vibes Banister from @sue_eastwood

Do you have a large enough wooden tray? If so, then you can use it as an area to display some winter ornaments such as a Christmas tree and some plain white villages. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use two candlesticks in white as well so that they appear more elegant and can also be used as additional room lighting in your living room decoration. Just put it right on the coffee table as a beautiful view. This Christmas tree replica also comes in a variety of sizes and different materials so that it looks more varied. DIY Winter Ornament Display from @the_barrington_house

Combine a snowflake patterned tablecloth with a glitter Christmas tree which is used as a centerpiece decoration when winter arrives. Here you can combine the two together in the same dining table so that they work well together. This Christmas tree glitter display gives it a more luxurious look. Just use a Christmas tree with a variety of different sizes to make it look more varied. Just choose and use a tablecloth with a predominance of white to emphasize the winter touch in this dining room. Snowflake Tablecloth with Christmas Tree Centerpiece from @lovinghomedecor2

The touch of Christmas and winter that is applied simultaneously to this fireplace area displays the best decorations that are highly recommended to try. Here you can decorate the fireplace with an evergreen garland and more than one gold Christmas ball hanging. It’s not enough to get here, you can also put a large Christmas tree right next to the fireplace to emphasize the Christmas theme as well. Candlesticks and mirrors are additional decorations that you can place neatly in the fireplace mantle area. Christmas Style Fireplace Design from @angelabarkerinteriors

Candles are a winter favorite. Find pillar candles to use as additional lighting in your winter bedroom decoration, not just candles but you can combine them with string lights and chandeliers that have star shapes. All the lighting in this room gives a dramatic impression that makes the room feel warmer. Furthermore, to present a Christmas theme, you can use bedding with deep red domination, you can also place a Christmas tree in this room. Furry rug lining adds a warm underfoot surface. Dramatic Winter Bedroom with Christmas Touch from @wildrevivalco

Cover your wooden dining table with a table runner made of furry which has a warmer and softer surface. Its existence can be combined with several other Christmas ornaments such as Christmas trees and snowy pinecones that have been sprinkled with white powder. Just arrange all the ornaments that are placed on this dining table in a neat arrangement so that it doesn’t interfere with the main function of this dining table. Pillar candles are the final touch that you can use as centerpiece decorations, you can choose them in two different colors. White and red pillar candles make a mix that can never fail. Furry Tablerunner with Christmas Tree Centerpiece from @trulychristmas

The neutral nuance that dominates the living room decoration this winter can be perfected with some Christmas ornaments such as Christmas trees and garlands made of evergreen materials that will bring a natural feel to the room. All of these ornaments can be placed in a neat arrangement, besides being a room decoration they can also add color to the room naturally. You can also try a touch of red on the faux fireplace mantel to instantly emphasize a winter Christmas touch. In this living room you can enjoy winter with family and guests who visit the house. Christmas Cheer Living Room Ideas from @oliveandhome

This simple look with a blend of greenery and natural ornaments can be applied directly to your dining table. Before you use this centerpiece decoration, it’s a good idea to cover the dining table with a tablecloth and table runner with the words Merry Christmas. Various types of evergreens can be found directly in the backyard garden. Arrange everything neatly and elegantly. Just end this dining table decoration with some emerald green Christmas balls that can be placed on the dinner plate used. Simple Look Winter Dining Table Setting from @decorismypassion

The windows are usually redecorated according to the season. Here you can decorate it with a winter theme and you can try it by combining evergreen garland ornaments, a bottlebrush Christmas tree and a snowflake ornament with a size that is quite large. You can perfect the garland part with string lights with orange lighting so that it can appear more dramatic when the lighting in the room starts to feel darker. Galand with a fairly long size will perfectly frame the glass window. Winter Christmas Windowsill Ideas from @lesley_sullivan_white

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