Complete Your Winter Home with These 20 Chandelier Designs

Lighting becomes something important for home decoration. It is not only about its function to glow up the room but also to beautify the decoration. So, what about adding the winter theme chandelier for your winter home decoration touches? The chandelier is a pretty lamp that people love to have to beautify their home decoration. Then, is there any winter-theme chandelier that existed? Sure! You can buy the new chandelier but you can also redecorate the chandelier that you already have to be added with the winter touches. For example, you can decorate your chandelier with evergreens or hang some winter ornaments on the chandelier such as snowflakes, Christmas balls, pinecones, and more. We have 20 pretty winter chandeliers that you can copy or use as inspirations. Get them down below and hope you’ll like them.

Hanging Melted Ice Chandelier

Melted ice is a winter staple. Create an atmosphere like it’s snowing in your home by adding this melted ice ornament to your chandelier design for an even more adorable look. In addition to being the main lighting idea in one of the rooms of your house, this chandelier is also a room decoration that is suitable as a focal point for the room. Just hang it in a room that is often visited by your friends or family so that it displays a different view that is more unique and in accordance with the current season. Candles are a choice of lighting that can give a warm feel to the room. Hanging Melted Ice Chandelier Ideas from @joannalwica

Rustic Old Chandelier Design

The rustic look that dominates this winter chandelier design is one of the focal points of the room that you can try right now. In addition to being room lighting, these rustic winter chandeliers are also very easy decorations to try right now. The reclaimed wood material is used as an area to hang some bulb lighting into a natural and environmentally friendly look. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate the chandelier with a large number of greenery and pinecones accents. Both will work well together when winter comes, here you can use only fake green plants so they don’t wilt easily when used for a long period of time. Rustic Winter Chandelier Design from @mooboohome

Evergreen Garland around the Chandelier

For this project, you’ll need an evergreen garland for a fresh look on your winter chandelier. When choosing an evergreen garland, be sure to choose a lifestyle that fits your space. Usually this chandelier design is used in a farmhouse-style living room decoration which is dominated by white shades so it can look more statement and bold. Just install and apply this evergreen garland in a circle according to the size and design of the chandelier you are currently using. Hang it just above the ottoman coffee table as the main lighting. Evergreen Garland around the Chandelier from @the_seasoned_home

DIY Wooden Snowflake Decoration

If your chandelier looks simple, then you don’t need to worry because you can change its appearance according to the design and season you want. This idea is very easy to implement. What you can do here is hang some snowflake ornaments made of reclaimed wood for a shabby chic look that can be made easily and at a low cost, this snowflake accent can instantly emphasize the winter theme. One of the advantages that you can get from this technique is that it will increase the level of visual interest in your home room. DIY Wooden Snowflake Decoration from @my_love_of_christmas

Simple Look Hanging Chandelier

The display of this hanging winter chandelier has a simple concept that you can easily copy into any room in your home. The design of this chandelier can be perfected with snowy evergreens and some white snowflake ornaments made of reclaimed wood so that it has a more attractive appearance. Hang it on the ceiling at a height that is not too high so that it can illuminate the entire room evenly. The chain becomes an accent to hang this chandelier with strong strength and minimizes this chandelier from falling to the floor area. Simple Look Hanging Chandelier from @daines28

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Waterfall Chandelier Dining Room

Look at the design of the waterfall crystal chandelier hanging in your dining room area, doesn’t it have a more attractive and different appearance from the others? Have it and hang it in your favorite room to emphasize the winter theme this year. This waterfall glass chandelier has the appearance of melting winter ice, so it has the appropriate theme and shape. Its size is large enough to add a glamorous view to your dining room. Then just end this winter dining room decoration with a greenery wreath that can be hung right above the dining table you are using and has been perfected with a centerpiece candle pillar that will add a warm atmosphere to this room. Waterfall Chandelier Dining Room from @house_of_quiana

Go Green

Sometimes the simplest decor can be downright elegant. There’s not much of this festive greenery, but it will add color to a room instantly with a touch of nature that’s easy to get around your home. Just hang it onto the chandelier immediately for an early winter welcome. Install and hang a large number of green plants so that it can be used as a statement in one of the rooms in your house. The chandelier that is applied to the ceiling becomes the main lighting that can be used as needed. Natural Winter Chandeliers Decoration from @newenglandfineliving

Crystal Chandelier with Evergreen Accent

If you usually use the chandelier design on weekdays with a plain appearance, then when winter comes, you can try to decorate the lighting of this room with a harmonious ornament or design. When winter comes, you can decorate the outside of the chandelier with some fresh evergreen strands or you can choose a fake one so it won’t wilt easily when used throughout winter. The design of this winter chandelier is perfected with several white Christmas trees that are neatly placed on the dining table, you can make it a centerpiece decoration that will never fail. Crystal Chandelier with Evergreen Accent from @kdhamptons

Combination of Snowflake and Evergreen Ideas

Look at the snowflake ornament combined with natural materials such as evergreen, doesn’t it look attractive and easy to copy in your home? Just apply and install both of them on a hanging chandelier in one of the rooms of your house. This vintage look chandelier which is perfected with evergreen accents will look quite contrasting because this chandelier is dominated by a plain beige color. This small snowflake ornament can be purchased online at a very affordable price. With the evergreen and pinecones centerpiece under this chandelier, this room decor emphasizes the winter theme. Combination of Snowflake and Evergreen Ideas from @jenniferkochanski

Corner Display Winter Chandelier

The corner of your home will look more attractive when you hang a winter chandelier with a different design and appearance. The chandelier here will double because, in addition to being able to be used as a room lighting idea, its existence can also be used as a new focal point in the corner of your house. Simply decorate the chandelier with some fresh evergreens that you can get directly from the garden around the house without having to buy them. Heart shape accents with brown color are additional ornaments that you can hang in sufficient quantities so that they appear more festive and fun. Corner Display Winter Chandelier from @brixy_art

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Christmas Ball Chandelier

Take advantage of the ball ornaments that you have at home to design a winter chandelier that can be applied in one of the rooms of the house that your friends or guests often visit. Just hang this blue ball ornament evenly so that the appearance of the chandelier will look bolder and ready to be made as a new focal point in your home room. Look at the surface of these balls, they will look shinier when exposed to reflections from the chandelier lighting so they look more luxurious and glamorous. Try this winter chandelier design idea easily, just do it yourself when you have free time on the weekend. Blue Ball Ornament for Winter Chandelier from @seconduselightingseattle

Dressing up Winter Chandeliers

Change the look of your old chandelier according to the current season. When winter comes, the existence of evergreens becomes a favorite idea that will never fail to try right now. Yes, just apply it to the chandelier along with some ribbon accents made of satin so that it has a material that looks more glamorous. Pinecones are also an additional natural decoration that you can install in a neat arrangement, here you can use them in sufficient quantities so that they add a natural touch and the materials used can also be obtained easily around your home. Dressing up Winter Chandeliers from @homesweethometome

Modern Crystal Chandelier Ideas

To maximize winter decorations in your bedroom, the thing you should not miss is changing the lighting style used. Use crystal chandeliers as additional winter lighting in your bedroom. Why is this crystal chandelier perfect for winter decoration? Yes, its crystal shape resembling ice drops in winter is the right choice that you can apply in this room. In addition, this crystal chandelier will also make your room look more luxurious and elegant, so its presence is suitable to be combined with a room theme that is dominated by a classic modern style with a color tone that is dominated by plain white. Modern Crystal Chandelier Ideas from @tinagafur

Winter Lighting for Dining Room Ideas

Of course you need lighting in the dining room during winter or every season that passes, when winter comes, try to use a chandelier with orange lighting. If you want a new focal point, you can use chandeliers with a unique look. You can add some green plants or fresh spruce leaves. This is done to maximize the winter decoration in your home. Do not also use small lamps to be installed on the chandelier, because small lamps will produce less than optimal lighting, so it is recommended to use large lamps. Winter Lighting for Dining Room Ideas from @dillonmclamb

White and Green Winter Chandelier

Decorate your dining room with a very charming winter accessory, for example, you can use a crystal chandelier. This crystal chandelier is perfect for a modern all-white dining room. To give color to this all-white dining room, you can combine this crystal chandelier with green plants on the top evenly. In addition to giving color to the dining room, the use of green accents will also create freshness in the dining room during winter. Install this chandelier right above the dining table and with a distance that is not too high, so that everyone will not be missed by the lighting design you have in this dining room. Crystal Winter Chandelier with Greenery Decor from @sculptureyourhome

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Glamour Ice Crystal Freezing Chandelier

Do you want to display a more glamorous winter dining room decoration? This can be achieved easily through the use of proper lighting. Yes, here you can try frozen crystal ice chandeliers which are dominated by transparent glass and are very eye-catching. In addition to being the main lighting, this chandelier is also a different sight that will accompany your dinner, it feels more dramatic and warm, of course. Hang it at a height that can be adjusted to your dining room lighting. The size is quite large, it looks very luxurious without being too much. Glamor Ice Crystal Freezing Chandelier from @apieceofmyglamhome

Winter White Bulb Chandelier

This white bulb chandelier with a touch of modern style is dominated by a splash of white that has color harmony with the color tone of your home decor. In this way, the color tone of the room will work well together for a winter look or theme that seems more neutral and elegant. You can make this chandelier more interesting by adding some greenery and a few red berries to add a more vibrant color. The combination of green and red in this chandelier decoration will look bolder so that it is ready when made as a statement in the room. Just turn on this chandelier when it’s getting dark in the room. Winter White Bulb Chandelier from @chelseattlemma

Traditional Winter Chandelier

So that the design of your traditional chandelier can appear more attractive and unique, one of the ways you can do it now is to re-dress it with the use of appropriate decorations. Because the theme used is a winter theme, you cannot escape the use of green plants that are able to bring the feel of nature into your room. Spice leaves and other green plants can be applied to this chandelier design evenly so that it will add green color instantly. You can hang it in any room of the house according to the lighting you need. Application in the living room or dining room is the best choice for you can choose. Traditional Winter Chandelier from @jeffreybilhuber

Winter Figure Ornament Ideas

Don’t just use evergreens or red berries to re-dress the chandeliers you currently have. When winter comes, you can dress the chandelier with several winter figures with different choices. One that is often used and quite my favorite is the snowman ornament. This ornament comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and different shapes so that the appearance you get will also be more attractive and varied. Just hang this winter ornament or figure with a different height, just adjust it to the chandelier design that you are currently using in one of the rooms of your house. All these ornament figures can be found at the nearest craft shop, you can also find them easily. Winter Figure Ornament Ideas from @mist_gbg

Red Berries Accent Chandelier

Red berries are the best natural embellishment you can apply along with any snowy greenery you can get in a backyard garden, just make sure you’re generous with the amount of greenery you place in the chandelier to make it lush and full. Just apply it to the chandelier evenly and of course with a neat and orderly arrangement. Hanging crystals are long enough to be an additional decoration that you can use right now and will be a sweet finishing touch. Don’t forget to also use a red ribbon to give a bold color that makes the winter chandelier look more alive. Red Berries Accent Chandelier from @mermaidlocket


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