38 Brilliant Ideas of Winter Living Room Decoration

Living room is the best place for sharing a warm welcome and special moments with family and guests. Following the winter hype, decorate your living room with a winter-inspired theme. To make a great winter living room decoration, you can combine the ideas of warm joy in cold winter days with nature elements. 

Here is our recommendation to make an amazing winter living room decoration.

1. Hot Cocoa Bar

What’s better than edible decoration with delicious aroma? A hot cocoa bar for your winter living room decoration is the answer. You don’t have to get a brand-new table to make it. Simply repurpose your regular one into a winter-inspired cocoa bar. Display the ingredients and dishware to ease everyone enjoying a cup of hot cocoa in a cold winter night.

When winter comes, there’s nothing wrong with applying a tray filled with hot cocoa bars that can be placed on the table in a neat arrangement. In addition, the coffee table that is used is placed right in front of the living room fireplace which will make your body feel warmer to the fullest. DIY Wooden Cocoa Bar with Tray Display from @innofchagrin

Take a look at this chocolate bar with iron in white, it looks attractive and simple, right? This Cocoa bar is also equipped with a shutter cabinet that makes it easier for you to store the stock you have. This bar is also equipped with a garland design made of evergreen material making it suitable for winter living room decorations. White Themed Cocoa Bar from @sweetcottagecharm

To give a more festive look to this mini hot cocoa bar decoration, you can add red accents to some of the cups and ornaments used. You can make a mini bar from wood which is equipped with four wheels so that it can be pushed when it is on the coffee table in your living room. Mini Hot Cocoa Bar with Red Touch Color from @moon.home.boutique

If you have a limited size living room decoration, then you can simply use a wooden tray containing hot cocoa which is decorated with a fairly small sign board. This hot cocoa display is usually used in farmhouse-style living room decorations because it has a more natural and vintage look. Hot cocoa design wooden tray from @capecod_writer_

Decorating a hot cocoa bar with marshmallow topping will give a different look and add to the enjoyment of the drink to be brewed. Arrange all of these toppings in several different glasses so that your guests or friends who visit your house can choose the toppings according to what you want. Cocoa Bar with Marshmallow Topping from @itsbrianachristine

Slice wood tray is one of the right areas to be used as a cocoa bar display that you can try DIY with a neat and orderly arrangement. There is no need to repaint the slice wood used so that it looks more natural and can be combined easily when you are going to use some additional ornaments. Slice Wood Tray Display from @farmndunn

The white nuance that dominates the hot cocoa bar gives a shabby chic look that you can never fail to try. In this area you can add several pillar candles as additional lighting that you can use according to the needs of the room. Shabby Chic Style Hot Cocoa Bar from @t.susanna

There is no need to add too many winter ornaments in the area of the hot cocoa you are using. A flower arrangement in a glass vase is enough for you to use and place it neatly too. You can arrange everything neatly on a wooden table in your living room. Simple Look Hot Cocoa Bar from @thekings_home

Nothing is complete when your living room’s winter decor isn’t complemented by a hot cocoa bar. Take advantage of the windowsill of the living room as a bar that will pamper your guests to make their own hot drinks according to what they want. Windowsill Area Hot Cocoa Bar from @jbowerengraving

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2. Winter Wood Sign

Wooden décor showcases creativity and brings the rustic ambiance of your living room. If regular wood sign offered in stores is boring, make it yourself. All you need is wood boards, a wood cutter, and adhesive glue. You can design your wood lettering in the winter theme, like ‘Baby, it’s cold outside.’ Polish it if necessary, and put it on display to exhibit the awesomeness.

This winter wooden sign with a size that is quite large and wide is ready to be hung on the living room wall. You can choose a sign with a theme that matches the current season so that it blends in more perfectly when combined with other winter ornaments around it. Statament Winter Wood Sign from @simplybeautifulbyangela

A small winter sign with a snowflake pattern is a smart idea that you can apply to the floating shelves on your wall. Here you can combine a snowflake sign with an evegreen garland that you can make yourself according to the design you want. Snowflake Sign on the Shelves from @decorsteals

This farmhouse sign that is hung on a neutral colored wall can be combined with a home sign which can be placed together with other winter ornaments on a tray. So that the existence of this display tray can be seen clearly and can be seen by everyone who visits, you can try it in the living room. Farmhouse Sign for Tray Display from @thefrugalhomemaker

If you have an empty wall, you can use a winter sign made of natural wood. You can design it with a square shape which is dominated by a combination of black and white, these two colors will work well. DIY Wooden Sign on the Wall from @buildwhatmatters

A reclaimed wood frame used to frame this JOY sign is one of the best inspirations you can use to decorate an empty wall. When the walls are equipped with floating shelves, you can put them here. JOY Sign On a Budget from @balancingthebarnes

Old blackboards that are not in use can be reused when winter arrives to be used as a sign as a greeting for guests who visit your home. Just put it in a strategic area, for example, on a wooden dresser that is right next to the sofa you are using. Winter Board Sign at the Corner from @prettyandprintedshop

Do not throw away the reclaimed wood that you already have. Reuse it as a winter sign design that you can do yourself with a minimal budget. Here you can write the words let it snow complete with a snowflake pattern in white paint. Reclaimed Wood Snow Sign from @prettylittlemaison

A small wooden board that is equipped with the inscription of the winter sign is perfected with the domination of black and white which blends perfectly. You simply put it on a wooden tray that is on the coffee table so that all guests can see it. Mini DIY Snow Sign on the Tray from @earlyjuneshopetsy

Welcome your winter this time by using a marshmallow-themed sign. A sign with a white background and black writing coupled with a wooden frame will make your winter atmosphere warmer and more vibrant. Marsmallow Winter Sign Ideas from @boardsandburlapdecor

One easy way to add warmth to your home is to use wood accents, applying them to a sign is a smart idea. Use wood accents as a frame sign and give it a final touch of transparent paint so that the texture of the wood grain can look more natural. Wooden Frame Winter Sign from @reenzblingz

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3. Wall Wood Panels

Wooden elements add natural beauty and warm elegance into your living room. Install wood panels onto your walls. These panels don’t have to cover all surface of the walls. You can creatively set accents of wood panels on some focal points only. Sand and prime once you finish installing them.

Don’t let your living room look empty, the easy thing you can do is use a wall panel. Herringbone wall panels are an interesting idea to try, paint using a color that matches the living room is enough to make your herringbone wall panels look harmonious. Herringbone Wall Panel Design from @tayyysomers

An all-white living room will look boring, you can overcome this by using wood panel walls. Install wall wood panels in the fireplace area, don’t forget to give a final touch of black paint so it’s not boring. Using wood accents on the floor is not a bad idea, of course this will give a warm impression when winter arrives. Black Paint Panel Fireplace and Floor from @gwall__contracting

When winter comes, the place you often visit is the fireplace, so you have to decorate your fireplace to make it attractive. You can use a minimalist fireplace panel decoration and add a garland on the fireplace mantle, this will make your winter warmer and more attractive. Minimalist Panel Fireplace Design from @gwall__contracting

To get texture in the living room, try installing wood panels. A wood panel texture that is installed on one side of the living room wall which is coated with black paint will give your living room a different look this winter. Textured Wood Panel Living Room from @builditwithsam

A warm combination that you can use for winter decoration in the living room is to install a wood panel wall and a stone fireplace. This combination will give a warm and natural impression in your living room, apart from that you can adjust the color of this wood wall panel to your living room to match it. Wall Panels with Stone Fireplace from @allisonelefantephoto

Change the old look of your living room to make it more attractive when winter arrives, by repainting your wooden wall panels in the fireplace area. Create a monochromatic atmosphere with a combination of black and white. To make it more visible, try using black paint on the fireplace area and white on both sides. Repaint Wood Panel Wall from @theothersideofneutral

The use of wood paneling that was tried on the walls and fireplace is suitable to be applied to the living room as a more modern look and will never go out of style. Here you can use shades of white and of course it can be perfected with a greenery garland that is quite large and long. Natural Wood Wall and Fireplace Design from @stefanasilber

Match the wall and floor designs with matching materials, wood panels are the best choice that you can apply easily and are able to give a warm effect to the living room when winter arrives. Don’t forget to repaint the walls in plain white for an elegant look. Elegant Wooden Wall Fireplace Ideas from @sheamausserdesigns

The farmhouse fireplace design which is dominated by wood panels is one part that can be applied in winter living room decorations. Now you can decorate it with hanging wreaths, candle lanterns, Christmas socks and a frosted mini Christmas tree. Add a mantel of wood beams for an artistic mix. Wood Panels Wall Fireplace from @homeonspringwood

If you want to present a modern and minimalist style when using wood panel walls, then you can repaint it with a plain white color which gives the room a wider and open appearance. This wall has a smoother surface and is certainly more sturdy when used for a long period of time. White Paint Wood Panels Wall Design from @making_highview_home

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4. Cozy Couch ft. Thick Blanket

A set of comfy couches is great for winter living room decoration. Combine your cozy couch with a thick blanket that’ll ease you to embrace the warmth. A set of chic, winter-inspired stools is a great addition, too. Set them on a monochrome winter rug to bring more winter ambiance into your space. 

Winter living room decoration feels incomplete without a throw blanket that can be used as a warmer for your body. Here you can use a blanket with a color tone that matches the sofa you are using so it doesn’t create too bold color contrasts. The plaids pattern is a simple choice that is right. Rustic Look Throw Blanket with Linen Sofa from @rustandtrust

This throw blanket with a Christmas tree pattern can be applied directly to the part of the sofa you are using. The combination of black and white is a complement that you can choose, this color has a blend of contrasts with the nuances of the winter living room so that it looks bolder. Winter Pattern Throw Blanket from @simplybeautifulbyangela

A throw pillow complete with tassel accents will add warmth to your living room decor. Besides that, the tassel accent also adds texture that attracts attention, when you use a throw blanket with a neutral color, for the sofa you can use a bold red color. Throw Blanket with Tassels Accent from @marwa_shop4art

The striped pattern on a throw pillow can be used as a room heater while adding an instant pattern. Just apply it to the sofa with neat folds. Faux fur geometric rugs covering the floor make your feet feel warmer. Striped Pattern Throw Blanket from @jillylizzyinteriors

Apart from faux fur, you can also use throw blankets made of velvet, which both have a smooth and soft surface. Throw pillows that are arranged neatly on the surface of the sofa are additional room heaters that can be used by anyone who visits your home. Velvet Blanket on the Sofa from @adorned_home

This thick blanket with knitted material will provide maximum warmth when winter arrives. In this room you will feel more comfortable, just apply this throw blanket on the velvet sofa that is used in a neat arrangement. Thick Knitted Blanket Display from @prettyandprintedshop

This plain white linen sofa is combined with a throw blanket that has a neutral colored striped pattern as well. Apart from presenting a farmhouse theme, the existence of this throw blanket also makes your body feel warmer and cozier. Woven rattan rug is a layer of feet that is suitable for use. Farmhouse Look Blanket Design from @honey_dew_gifts

In addition to covering the sofa with a faux fur blanket, you can also use a rug made from the same color as well. The use of rugs can use white which can cover the entire floor surface evenly, warm and easy to care for. Faux Fur Blankets and Rugs Living Room from @sssbeena

To welcome winter in this year’s living room decor, you can cover the surface of the sofa with some faux fur blankets and thick knitted blankets that will make your seating surface softer and warmer. In addition to blankets, you can also apply some faux fur pillows as an additional lifting accent that is easy to find. Combination of Faux Fur Blanket and Throw Pillow from @veronika_shelton

Those are some ideas on winter living room decoration. Pick one and have a great living room makeover!


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