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25 Brilliant Ideas of Winter Living Room Decoration

Give your living room a touch of wintery vibe this upcoming season. Here we recommend several picks…

Living room is the best place for sharing a warm welcome and special moments with family and guests. Following the winter hype, decorate your living room with a winter-inspired theme. To make a great winter living room decoration, you can combine the ideas of warm joy in cold winter days with nature elements. 

Here is our recommendation to make an amazing winter living room decoration.

1. Hot Cocoa Bar

What’s better than edible decoration with delicious aroma? A hot cocoa bar for your winter living room decoration is the answer. You don’t have to get a brand-new table to make it. Simply repurpose your regular one into a winter-inspired cocoa bar. Display the ingredients and dishware to ease everyone enjoying a cup of hot cocoa in a cold winter night.

The best furniture that can be added to the living room decor in winter is a cocoa hot bar that is placed right next to your sofa and wooden table. Use wood for this coca bar design, repaint it with white for a cleaner appearance and easier to combine with other interiors around it. Hot bar cocoa beside the sofa from findingsilverpennies.

Look at this cocoa bar with gold-colored iron, doesn’t it look attractive and luxurious? This cocoa bar is also equipped with wheel legs that make it easier for you to move it to any area of the house according to your needs. This bar is also equipped with red cloth and miniature pine trees that can be used as a statement for winter living room decorations. Gold cocoa bar with wheels from curatedinterior.

The design of the hot cocoa station can be made from a bar cart that is equipped with wheels that make it easy to adjust the layout of this bar. It’s a good idea to put this hot cocoa bar in the living room decor to make it easier for your guests to find it and of course more affordable. Greenery garland is the right decoration to welcome this winter. Hot cocoa station with greenery garland decoration from curatedinterior.

The stainless steel material used as the main ingredient of this cocoa hot bar has a smoother surface and is certainly not easy to rust or porous when used for a long period of time. This winter cocoa bar features two tiers that allow you to safely place multiple plates. Decorate the top bar with blooming white roses for a more perfect look. Stainless steel bar hot cocoa from curatedinterior.

If you have a limited size living room decoration, then you can simply use a wooden tray containing hot cocoa which is decorated with a fairly small sign board. This hot cocoa display is usually used in farmhouse-style living room decorations because it has a more natural and vintage look. Hot cocoa design wooden tray from curatedinterior.

2. Winter Wood Sign

Wooden décor showcases creativity and brings the rustic ambiance of your living room. If regular wood sign offered in stores is boring, make it yourself. All you need is wood boards, a wood cutter, and adhesive glue. You can design your wood lettering in the winter theme, like ‘Baby, it’s cold outside.’ Polish it if necessary, and put it on display to exhibit the awesomeness.

Choose and use a winter wood sign that is large enough to hang on the wall area just above your fireplace as a decoration that doesn’t take up any floor area at all. This wood sign has a size large enough so that it can be used as a focal point that can motivate guests or families who come to try it. Winter wood sign above the fireplace from digsdigs.

An easy way to decorate your winter living room decor this year is to install a winter wood sign in the reusable stair coat area. Place this sign in layers with a fairly large mirror behind it, not only a mirror but you can also combine it with candlesticks and fresh green garland leaves. Winter sign applied in layers with mirror from digsdigs.

Take advantage of the wall in the corner of your living room to hang a winter wood sign that can be used as decoration as well as motivational words that make this room more vibrant. This wood sign has a size large enough so that it can be used as a more useful focal point. Wreath next to it becomes an additional wall decoration that is easy to get. Corner winter wood sign from digsdigs.

The board wood sign that is placed on the floating shelf and applied on both sides of the sofa is one of the decorations that you can easily plan. To emphasize winter this year, you can use a miniature pine tree that is placed on the coffee table as a centerpiece decoration. Board wood sign on both sides of the sofa from foxhollowcottage.

The placement of the winter wood sign must be considered so that the layout can be clearly seen by guests or their families who come. This big wood sign placed above the fireplace can be used as words of motivation for the room as well as a mantel decoration that can be perfected with a few candles that give a warm feel. Winter wood sign as mantel decoration from thespruce.

if you have a wood sign with a light brown background then for this sign you can use white to make it look clearer when viewed from a distance. Complete the existence of this sign with several small ornaments around it, the garland strand is one of the ornaments suitable for winter. Bold winter wood sign from thespruce.

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3. Wall Wood Panels

Wooden elements add natural beauty and warm elegance into your living room. Install wood panels onto your walls. These panels don’t have to cover all surface of the walls. You can creatively set accents of wood panels on some focal points only. Sand and prime once you finish installing them.

It’s a good idea to use wood panels on some walls in your home decor, you can use this material in white to match the feel of your current room. This part of the wall panels can be decorated with string lights and hanging wreaths that come in various sizes. Wood wall panels with hanging wreath from digsdigs.

The farmhouse fireplace design which is dominated by wood panels is one part that can be applied in winter living room decorations. Now you can decorate it with hanging wreaths, candle lanterns, Christmas socks and a frosted mini Christmas tree. Add a mantel of wood beams for an artistic mix. Wood beams fireplace panels with mantel wood beams from digsdigs.

If you want to present a modern and minimalist style when using wood panel walls, then you can repaint it with a plain white color which gives the room a wider and open appearance. This wall has a smoother surface and is certainly more sturdy when used for a long period of time. Repaint the walls of wood panels from digsdigs.

Or when you apply these wall wood panels into a rustic living room decor, the thing to do is avoid repainting and let them appear in a more natural color. Combine this wall with a red sofa to give the room a more interesting effect. Natural colors wall wood panels from digsdigs.

Match the wall and floor designs with matching materials, wood panels are the best choice that you can apply easily and are able to give a warm effect to the living room when winter hits. Don’t forget to cover some areas with faux fur fabrics, for example, cover the chairs with blankets and the floors with faux fur carpets. Wall and floor wood panels material from digsdigs.

Let your walls and ceiling wood panels appear naturally without polishing and repainting. This material is more resistant to all changes in temperature in the room so it is not easily porous, to emphasize the rustic feel and style in this living room decoration, you can combine it with a stone fireplace and classic chandeliers. Natural wood panels wall from digsdigs.

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4. Cozy Couch ft. Thick Blanket

A set of comfy couches is great for winter living room decoration. Combine your cozy couch with a thick blanket that’ll ease you to embrace the warmth. A set of chic, winter-inspired stools is a great addition, too. Set them on a monochrome winter rug to bring more winter ambiance into your space. 

To welcome winter in this year’s living room decoration, you can cover the leather sofa with some faux fur blankets and thick knitted blankets that will make your sitting surface softer and warmer. In addition to blankets, you can also apply some faux fur pillows as additional lifting accents that are easy to get. Combination of faux fur blanket and throw pillow from society19.

Winter decorations usually use neutral colors like white, now you can try it in a living room decoration. The use of thick blankets and a few throw pillows with a larger number on the sofa is highly recommended. Glass windows that are large enough will make the room feel warmer when sunlight enters the room. Neutral color blankets and pillows on the sofa from society19.

This gray sofa warmed with some faux fur blankets and knitted blankets makes for a very comfortable sitting area in winter. In this living room you can also use candle lighting that is placed on the coffee table randomly but neatly and of course very safe for those of you who have small children. Faux fur blanket with candle lighting from society19.

If you are already using a sofa with a dark color, then for knitted blankets and faux fur pillows you can use brighter colors such as white and pink. The selection of this furniture is very suitable when applied in a winter living room decoration, while candle sticks placed on the coffee table and on the floor are a very warm lighting idea. Combination of knitted blanket with faux fur throw pillow from society19.

A white sofa made of faux fur is one of the right furniture to use in decorating the living room during winter. It doesn’t quite end here, but you can also layer the surface of this sofa using a thick knitted blanket that has the same color as the sofa as an additional heating accent that is already in your home without having to buy it again. Faux fur sofa with knitted quilt lining from digsdigs.

The combination of contrasting colors is sometimes very necessary in decorating your living room as the focal point of a beautiful room. Now you can use a red knitted blanket on a white sofa which is equipped with several patterned throw pillows that have different colors. Arrange everything on the sofa neatly. Bold color knitted blanket on the sofa from digsdigs.

Winter living room decorations are usually dominated by white. Now you can apply color to the sofa, blankets and throw pillows that are neatly placed on the sofa surface. Greenery wreath is an additional ornament that can emphasize the winter style this year. White nuances area sofa from digsdigs.

In addition to covering the sofa with a faux fur blanket, you can also use a matching rug in a different color. For blankets you can use brown, while for the use of rugs you can use white which can coat all floor surfaces evenly, warmly and easy to maintain. Combination of faux fur blankets and rugs from digsdigs.

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Those are some ideas on winter living room decoration. Pick one and have a great living room makeover!

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