25 Creative Winter Backyard Decor Ideas

Having a backyard at home should be maximized. When you have people over, a nice backyard will make an ideal place for an outdoor dining party or just a hangout place. Therefore, it is important to have a creative winter backyard decor.

So, what do you have to do with your winter backyard decor this year? Here are some creative ideas you can try.

The winter window box idea

If you have a farmhouse, the winter window box idea can be applied to beautify your backyard. Dress up your straw bales with cozy throws. Then put them between two classic, wooden rocking chairs. Fill the window box with fresh greens from your own backyard. The soft string lights make a nice, night-time ambience.

This window box is decorated with Evergreen so that it will present a fresh and suitable look for winter themes. Not only Evergreen, here you can also add Pinecone and Redberries to make it look more beautiful. Evergreen and Pinecone Window Box from @blooms_branchesdesignco.

Decoration using Evergreen, this window box will present a beautiful and refreshing appearance. Here you can combine it with Redberries so that it will make it look more beautiful and compatible with the Winter theme. Red Berries and Evergreen Window Box from @thea.chudova.

You can decorate a window box with leaves to present a beautiful and fresh look. Then you can also add the Christmas Ball accent to make it look more lively and not look boring. Christmas Ball and Leaves Window Box from @the_bumble_abode.

The window box made using metal has succeeded in presenting an attractive industrial appearance. Decorated with Evergeeen and Fruit makes it look more beautiful in a very easy way and remains perfect in winter. Fruit and Evergreen Window Box from @tracyhine99.

Creative and inspiring. Window box behind this house is decorated with Evergreens and berries so that it will make your backyard look more beautiful. Then you can add Gold Christmas Ball to complete it to make it look more prominent and winter decorations look more alive. Winter Themed Window Box from @plant_parenting.

Festive and very inspiring. This small window box is decorated with the theme Red and Green so it looks very lively in winter. Easy enough here you only need to use Evergreen, Red Berries and Christmas Ball to decorate this window box. Red and Green Themed Window Box from @trantooch.

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The snow sculptures

If more snow has fallen on your backyard, make the most of it. Ask your family members to help you to create the cutest snow sculptures. Let’s not limit your imagination to the famous Mr. Snowman. A variation of snow sculptures (from penguins to turtles) will make your winter backyard decor look more creative this year.

Making a sculpture from snow is an interesting idea to make your backyard look more alive in winter. This large duck statue looks very prominent and managed to steal the breed. Duck Sculptures from @kstptv.

Winter Backyard looks more attractive to be equipped with a DIY statue. This statue has a bird and snow -coated theme that makes it look very attractive and make winter decorations in your backyard more perfect. Bird Sculptures from @kashmircoverage.

Interesting and very inspiring. Completing the Winter Backyard decoration with DIY statue will present a very attractive and inspiring look. Having a gnome theme will make it look perfect this winter. Gnome Sculptures from @brownishproblems.

Unique and managed to steal the attention. The kangaroo statue made with the DIY project using snow managed to steal the attention of everyone who came. Has a large enough size, making it can be exposed perfectly. Kangaroo Sculptures from @imaskinat.

Objecting Winter Backyard decorations with statues is an interesting idea. Here you can make the Snowman statue using snow so it looks very perfect. Having a large size will make it can be perfectly Terexpot. Snowman Sculptures from @cinnamons_adventures.

This backyard winter decoration is equipped with a statue of DIY so that it will make your backyard look more attractive. The Pokémon statue made using snow managed to steal the attention of children and succeeded in inspiring. Pokémon Sculptures from @danielmquilter.

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The winter planter ideas

Is your backyard big enough? Fill them with large, winter planter ideas. They may consist of birch branches, pinecones, and curly willow branches for examples. Have some fake snowberries as well for more colors. Other alternatives include evergreen branches.

When winter arrives and the land is covered with snow, here you can use the Green Ceramic Planter for backyarad decoration ideas. Here you can adjust Evergreen, Leaves Twig and Dried Flower on this Green Ceramic Planter so that it will look more beautiful and attractive. Green Planter from @sacredspacegardeners.

This Black Winter Planter is made using material concrete so that it is stronger and resistant to all weather. Filled with Evergee, Branch, and Christmas Ball will make it look beautiful and lively in this winter. Black Winter Planter from @tierraverdeplanters.

You can use a plater to complete your backyard winter decoration to make it look more perfect. White Planter filled with Evergreen, Red Berries and Branch looks very attractive in winter. Decorated with a bow will make this winter planter look more beautiful and stunning. White Winter Planter from @readysetgrowtexas.

Present Winter Planter on your winter backyard decoration to make it look beautiful and refreshing. The planter made using Wooden has succeeded in presenting a perfect natural appearance. Then you can fill it with Evergreen and dried Leaves so that it will look more beautiful and compatible with the Winter theme. Wooden Planter from @exteriorsoutdoorstyling.

This bowl plater looks perfect in winter. Made using concrete material makes it very strong for all weather. Then you can fill it with Evergreen, Berries and others so that it will make it look perfect this winter. Bowl Planter from @seasonalsplendour.

The open fireplace

This winter backyard decor also has another function, which is to warm it. You can also set up a patio with the open fireplace as the center. There, you have a nice, cozy hangout spot in the backyard during winter.

Backyard is equipped with a Fireplace table so that it will provide perfect warmth and can make your winter more comfortable. Christmas Tree, which is in the patio area, will give a refreshing appearance. Table Fireplace from @sarahvanessaliving.

This circle -shaped fireplace managed to provide perfect warmth to all corners of this backyard. Made using Wooden material will make it successful in presenting a natural appearance and is suitable for outdoor decoration. Slab Stone Fireplace from @victoryranchut.

You will never fail to complete the Winter Backyard decoration with Fireplace so that it will provide perfect warmth. This Fireplace is made using a paver so that it is resistant to all weather and is suitable for outdoor decoration ideas. Paver Fireplace from @kminteriorsms.

Winter Backyard is equipped with a chair to enjoy the beauty of Oudoor. Round Fireplace in the middle of this chair will provide perfect warmth in this Backyard. Round Fireplace from @cfunk44.

Fireplace made using Wooden material is very suitable for outdoor decoration ideas because it is very strong and resistant to all weather. Having a circle shape makes it look simple but still works well providing firmness. Natural Stone Fireplace from @littlehouseonchestnut.

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The wooden Fence

The wooden Fence can be used to mark between the front yard and the backyard. You can also use it to hang some plants, like ivy or some other hanging planters.

This backyard is equipped with Wooden Fence so that it will benefit you. In addition to providing perfect privacy, it will also be a barrier between backyard and other areas. Oak Wooden Fence from @modernkind_inc.

You can complete this Winter Backyard with fence so that it will create perfect privacy. This fence is made using Cherry Wooden so that it will present a perfect natural appearance. Cherry Wooden Fence from @vaughnhillhome.

Pine Wooden Fence will work as a separator between the Backyard area and other areas. Having a fairly high size, this backyard also succeeded in providing very perfect privacy and succeeded in inspiring everyone who saw it. Pine Wooden Fence from @nikkyngo.

There are always ways to get creative with your winter backyard decor. Besides these five, what else do you have in mind?


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