55 Ideas for Wood Recycle Projects

If you love to do the recycling projects, having it using the wooden ones is really recommended. Why? Because the wood can be really flexible to be made into varied stuff from the furniture, and home accessories, to the ornament. Also, I believe that the wood will be so much easier to find around your house. Anyway, since doing the recycling means that you will use the old stuff, then you may need to refurnish or repaint it not to make it looks shabby and dirty. However, if you love the rustic impression, then you can simply make sure that the product that you use is clean.

For the example of the project, there will be really varied. Let’s say that you can do the recycle project by using your old chair to be the hanger or a simple rack. That will be great, right? Or, you can use the fruit crate to be the cabinet. Another great idea is by making a planter or vase that could be really aesthetic and cheap. For the ornament, you can make the seasonal sig or any painting that you paint on the pallet wood. Are you questioning the home accessories that you can make with the wood? Well, you can create mirror frames or photo frames. You will find the adorable ideas for this project in the following images.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Organizer from Homebnc

Chevron Wooden Wall Art from Homebnc

Wooden Cube Tiered Shelving from Homebnc

Wooden Mirror Frame from Homebnc

Fence Board Planter Pot Holder from Homebnc

Hanging Plant Shelves from Homebnc

Reclaimed Wooden Headboard from Homebnc

Toilet Paper Holder from Homebnc

Re-used Fence Board Herb Garden Grower from Homebnc

Floating Wood Shelves from Homebnc

Space Saver Wooden Desk from Homebnc

Wooden Chair from Homesthetics

DIY Recycle Side Table from Homesthetics

Old Wooden Mirror Frame from Homesthetics

DIY Dining Table from Homesthetics

Pallet Wooden Clock from Homesthetics

Wooden Pallet Headboard from Avso

Old Pallet Desk from Avso

Pallet Crib from Avso

Painted Pallet Coat Hook from Avso

Dish Rack from Avso

Old Pallet Stair from Avso

Recycle Pallet Headboard from Avso

Wooden Crate Rack from Deavita

DIY Coffee Table from Deavita

DIY Chair from Homedit

White Painted Pallet Crib from Homedit

Wooden Crate Hanging Planter from Homedit

Wooden Pallet Room Divider from Homedit

DIY Old Pallet Rack from Homedit

Console Table from Homedit

DIY Pallet Photo Display from Homedit

Wine Rack from Homedit

Wooden Crate Desk from Topdreamer

Wooden Pallet Kitchen Island from Topdreamer

Wooden Crate Toys Storage from Topdreamer

Jewelry Holder from Homedit

Shutter Side Table from Homedit

Bathroom Shelves from Homedit

Entryway Wall Piece from Homedit

Shutter Cart from Homedit

A Photo Display Piece from Homedit

Freestanding Headboard from Homedit

Bathroom Shelves from Decorhomeideas

Old Chair Mantel from Decorhomeideas

Mail Box from Decorhomeideas

DIY Dog Bowl from Decorhomeideas

Wall Rack from Decorhomeideas

Pet Bed from Architectureartdesigns

Garden Tool Rack from Woohome

Old Door Dining Table from Woohome

DIY Coffee Table from Woohome

Old Door Rack from Woohome

Wooden Ladder Photo Display from Decorhomeideas

Step Stool Plant Rack from Decorhomeideas

Game Display from Decorhomeideas

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