How to Combine the Farmhouse Style with Spring Decors

As we all know that farmhouses will always be a calming decoration style that is loved and become a favorite for those who love a welcoming home in simplicity. Anyway, farmhouse brings natural element for their decoration material. It means that the farmhouse decoration style will be perfect when you combine it with spring decoration touches. That is why, when you have a farmhouse decoration style for your home, then make sure that you do the seasonal decoration when the spring comes. Trust me that between the farmhouse and spring decoration, there will be a perfect decoration created.

Wood material is the most common material that can have for your farmhouse decoration. Or, it can even be said as the ‘must have’ material. For your spring decoration, you can provide a wooden vase, planter, candle holder. Or, you can provide a wreath that is applied to your wooden things. Anyway, besides wooden material, for your farmhouse style, you can also have rattan, sisal, jute, and more. To insert them into the spring decorations, you can simply add to the spring touches that you want to apply. The following images will show you the welcoming and pretty spring farmhouse decorations that give you the possibility to have such a perfect home decoration this spring.

Natural Greenery Wreath from homebnc

DIY Wooden Spring Sign from homebnc

Greenery and Roses Wreath from homebnc

Tulips Boxes Centerpiece from homebnc

Mason Jar Vases Centerpiece from homebnc

Spring Farmhouse Tiered Tray from homebnc

Yellow Tulips Centerpiece from homebnc

Galvanized Sign and Vase Tulips from homebnc

Glass Flower Vases from homebnc

Potted Flower Vases from homebnc

Spring Faux Mantel Decor from homebnc

Spring Dough Bowl Centerpiece from homebnc

White Cotton Vase Centerpiece from homebnc

Pallet Background with Flower Wreath from homebnc

Big Spring Sign with Vase Tulips from homebnc

Blooming Flower Table Decoration from homebnc

Spring Theme Pillowcase from homebnc

Flower Waterfall Wall Decoration from homebnc

Decorative Flower Ceramic Vase from homebnc

Galvanized Flower Vase from homebnc

Shutter Window with Greenery Wreath from homebnc

Greenery and Flower Decoration from homebnc

Decorative Rattan Woven Tray from homebnc

DIY Spring Garland from homebnc

Floating Wooden Spring Rack from homebnc

Door Basket Flower Vase from homebnc

Farmhouse Spring Porch from homebnc

Blue Hydrangea Centerpiece from homebnc

Window Pane with Flowers from homebnc

Moss with Greenery Wreath from homebnc

Pink Flower Arrangement from homebnc

Framed Farmhouse Spring Sign from homebnc

Flowers Farmhouse Wreath from homebnc

Carrot Canvas Wall Art from homebnc

Mosses and Nests Spring Decor from homebnc

Yellow Flower Bouquet Centerpiece from thecraftingnook

Wooden Box Flower Centerpiece from thecraftingnook

Galvanized Planter from thecraftingnook

Easter Egg with Wire Basket from thecraftingnook

Pepsi Crate with Greenery Vase from thecraftingnook

Wooden Box Tulips from thecraftingnook

Chalkboard Spring Sign from thecraftingnook

Green Plant Windowsill Decor from thecraftingnook

Reclaimed Wood Flower Shelves from thecraftingnook

Mason Jar Tulips Vases from thecraftingnook

Wooden Ladder with Plants from thecraftingnook

Mason Jar Daisies Vases from mydesiredhome

Roses Entryways Decoration from mydesiredhome

Spring Wooden Tiered Tray from mydesiredhome

Greenery Frame Shutter Window from mydesiredhome

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