Buying A Beach Home Abroad- 7 Decor Ideas To Deck It Up

The concept of buying a beach home in a scenic and peaceful location abroad has gained popularity in recent years. Affluent Americans do it to have a luxurious retreat for the summer holidays. The mid-income group wants to invest in a place where they can spend their retirement years peacefully. Whichever category you belong to, it is a great idea to have a beach house abroad. 

Portugal is a popular destination as it offers incredible real estate options in locations like Comporta, Melides, and Alentejo. The buying process is pretty simple, so you will not need to go through multiple steps and handle loads of paperwork to close a deal of choice. Once you seal the deal, you will want to make the place look like your dream house. Fortunately, you can do it easily and without spending a fortune. Here are some decor ideas you can follow.

Opt for layered neutrals

A beachy interior design must feel refreshing and relaxing. Everything boils down to picking the right color palette for your living space, and neutrals are the hues of choice for coastal homes. Working with crisp whites is a good idea, while you may opt for pastel shades of watery blue, breezy peach, sandy grey, or refreshing green. If you want to go bold at places, consider creating an accent wall in each room with a brighter shade to create a layered neutral effect. Light walls are a win-win decor choice because they make the interior feel roomier. 

Add color with fabric

You will love the white and light walls of your beach home, but a pop of color always brightens up your mood. You can bring in color with fabric, from bright curtains on the windows to a colorful sofa and vibrant cushions sitting pretty on it. Try picking stuff from the local market, and you can bring the element of Portugal into your new living space. The best thing about buying a home in Comporta is that there are many home decor shops around, and you can pick the prettiest pieces for your home from them.

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Bring in drama with rugs

When you live in a beach house, the soft feel of sand beneath your feet becomes a part of life. You will probably want the same feel indoors, and plush rugs can just do the trick. They add warmth and comfort to your living space. You can also use them to spruce up the old wooden flooring and bring in drama with colors and patterns. Pick a distinct color for each room, matching it with the decor and personality of the place. For example, a luxurious blue can create magic in the living room, while you can pick a bright green for your bedroom and a geometric pattern for the kids’ space.

Deck up the outdoor space

Outdoor spaces are perhaps the most distinctive element of beach property, so they deserve as much attention as you give. Even as you search for a perfect comporta property for sale, choose one that offers plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This part of the world is known for its incredible greenery, with umbrella pine and cork oak all around. Ensure that your home has plenty of green space, and go the extra mile to maintain it. Invest in landscaping, have plenty of color with bright flowers in the garden, and create an outdoor space to spend evenings with family and visitors. 

Bring in some greens

Apart from embellishing the exterior, greens also deserve to be a part of the interior decor of your beach home. They bring good vibes, positivity, and fresh air to your living space. Get your facts on indoor plants that thrive well in the interiors and do not need much in the name of maintenance. Bring in some potted plants and dedicate a corner in each room for them. You can have interesting smaller pieces for the living room coffee table and racks. Get creative and build a small vertical garden on one of the walls of the living room. You only need floating shelves and herbs in small containers for the project. You will definitely love the green feel these elements bring to your space.

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Get the advantage of the elements

Beach homes typically have large windows. It means you get access to plenty of light and crisp sea air. But you must pick some creative decor ideas to make the elements work in your favor. Minimal window treatments make the best option as they ensure a free flow of natural light and air in your living space. You will love the feel of the sun and the sea that becomes a part of your home. Invest in curtains in light colors and thin fabrics to make the space appear illuminated and airy at all times. You can pick warm artificial lighting elements to deck up the place after dark. Whatever you choose, minimalistic is the way to go.

Finish off with coastal details

When it comes to beach home decor, you cannot forget to bring in some coastal elements for your living space. A couple of nautical details can create interest in the decor. For example, you can use delicate netting or chunky rope as curtain tiebacks. Using the steering of an old boat as living room wall decor is a good idea to bring a coastal feel to the place. Stick to choices in natural fiber for the rugs and curtains to get an extra-beachy vibe for the interior. Even as you pick the elements from the seaside, keep them minimal, or the place may end up looking tacky.

Making your beach home overseas look like a dream is easy, provided that you get a bit creative with decor. You can seek inspiration from decor blogs or even hire a professional to recommend some ideas for getting the perfect look and feel. It may take some investment, but you will have a stunning space when everything is in place. Go ahead and try these ideas to deck up your new home by the seaside.   


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