Spring Home Tour You Can Check

Well, presenting the spring atmosphere to home decoration is really worth it. As we all know that spring gives us hope with the blooming, foliage, and the plants that are growing after the cold wintertime. That is why, when you are able to bring the spring spirit to your home, then that will be really great! Giving the spring touches to your home won’t be that difficult. You can even have it for any room in your house. Anyway, the spring home decoration won’t be far from the natural touches so that it can be imagined how fresh your home atmosphere will be. The following will tell you and show you the spring home tour with complete rooms so that you can use it as your proper reference.

Make a Garden-Inspired Porch

To bring a spring feel to your porch decoration, try applying floral decorations to the existing outdoor furniture. Blooming roses are a choice of flowers that are very suitable to use, because apart from being able to be used as porch decorations, they are also able to provide a fragrant aroma that can make you feel more relaxed. Pick the roses along with the stems for a fresh look. Wrap this flower on a hanging rope, a wooden swing with a splash of pastel paint adds to the elegance of your porch. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use bunny pillows with a variety of colors to emphasize spring in this area.

Rose flower decoration from onekindesign

Embrace Modern Entrance Style

This charming entrance features a tall glass vase filled with large white flowers. Take and use a few flower stalks to fill the contents of this glass vase. The existence of this flower can be used as an initial welcome for guests who come to your house, to keep this flower fresh, you can fill the vase with clean water. Next, adjust the furniture that is used with the theme and style that is currently in use, the combination of black and white brings a monochromatic style instantly. For example, when you use a modern style, you can use a marble table with a choice of colors that you like, black is the right choice to present a cool masculine theme. Patterned rugs and lights become complementary modern interiors that you can apply together.

Spring monochromatic entrance from housebeautiful

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Spring Fern Mantel

Green plants are one of the spring decorations that can be easily applied to your mantel decoration. Usually this mantel decoration is in the living room area so it must have a maximum appearance so that it can be used as a focal point as well as a different view of the room. For now you can add several sizes and types of green plants that can be planted in a pot, these plants can be obtained in the backyard garden without having to buy them. For the mantel wall you can hang two fern paintings that have a mix of black and beige colors, choose and use fern paintings that have the same size. Rabbit statues and candlesticks are additional decorations that can be arranged together with an orderly layout.

Indoor fern plant mantel decor from stonegableblog

Nature Bathroom Decor

Spring brings vibrant color to any room, and adding greenery is the easiest and most fun way to spice things up. Even a modern, spring-themed bathroom décor can feel more inviting with greenery all around. Currently you can use green vines that hang down to the floor area. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine it with a tropical wallpaper that is dominated by green and perfected with a light purple background. This greenery and tropical wallpaper makes the bathroom feel more alive, fresh and calming. Decorating the bathroom with the use of modern furniture also gives its own comfortable impression for its users.

Greenery and tropical wallpaper from homemydesign

Decorate With Wallpaper Bedroom

Start by using botanical wallpaper to refresh your spring modern bedroom decor. The bright colors in this room provide many fun ways to bring freshness and make your mood always happy. Combine this wallpaper with some other colored interiors such as peach windows, navy nightstands and a small green plant placed right above the nightstand. Rattan wicker baskets and white bedding are neutral colors that can be applied to balance the room’s color scheme. Striped rugs bring their own patterns that are able to present a more varied room texture.

Botanical wallpaper bedroom from goodhousekeeping

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Spring Flower-Inspired Dining Room

To liven up the decoration of the spring dining room with white nuances, then you should use one of the patterns that make this room more lively and colorful. One decoration that you can try is the application of a floral patterned tablecloth with colorful splashes. Use a tablecloth with a size large enough so that it can cover the table surface evenly. The use of this floral patterned tablecloth is also perfected with several rose vases that can be used as centerpiece decorations. This rose will thrive because it gets enough sunlight from the glass window in front of it.

Colorful floral tablecloth from goodhousekeeping

Set Up a Bright Color Home Office

Yellow is a color that is usually used to highlight spring home office décor. Even if you prefer to keep things simple, let the waste basket add a pop of color to this room. Not only the waste basket, but you can also use the same color for the use of cloth curtains. It’s a good idea to combine this yellow with shades of white as a color combination that will blend in more perfectly. The use of marble walls in this room brings a modern style and theme that never goes out of style. The wooden tables and chairs in this room bring a natural feel to the room.

Yellow and white home office from goodhousekeeping

Go for Spring Living Room Vibes

The bright colors that are applied to the modern farmhouse living room decoration are ready to welcome spring this year. You can use bright colors like white, blue, pink and light brown on a rattan woven rug. It’s not enough to stop here, to emphasize spring then you can put a ceramic vase on the coffee table that can be filled with blooming pink flowers. This flower gives the effect of a fresher room. Furthermore, you can also use some throw pillows with geometric and floral patterns to add texture to the room so it doesn’t look too plain.

Bright nuances living room from homestoriesatoz

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Consider Tulips for Kitchen Island

There is nothing wrong with using shades of white in your spring kitchen decor. White is one of the colors of choice that is widely used because it has the impression of a brighter and neutral room. You can liven up this room by placing a transparent glass flower vase that has been filled with a few stalks of tulips. Place it right above the kitchen island as an additional decoration that emphasizes this season. Choose and use tulips with colors that are bolder than white such as pink. The green plants that are placed on the countertop are additional decorations that will never fail.

Kitchen island decoration from shadesofblueinteriors

Colorful Patio Furniture

The combination of pastel blue, green and white colors is ready to be used simultaneously for outdoor furniture in the spring patio decoration. Start by using a wooden stool that is painted in green. Furthermore, a splash of blue on the striped throw pillows and rugs that are used as a layer of the wooden floor becomes a complement that gives a different color. Because this patio decoration is equipped with adequate furniture, it is ready to be used for parties during the day or night, use it as needed. Several types of green plants are placed randomly into a final look that can make your patio feel fresher.

Pastel paint furniture patio from hgtv


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