5 Low-Budget Décor Ideas for Every Homeowner

Most homeowners get worked up when they think about redecorating, especially when figuring out the budget to make the whole process possible. However, there are always inexpensive and better options to bring out the look you want for your home using things you already have. 

1. Get Creative 

I’m sure that there are many items that you no longer consider useful. You probably have stashed them away somewhere. Well, here is your chance to get crafty and use those old unnecessary items around your home decoratively after making a few enhancements to them. With the growing advocacy in upcycling for a cleaner environment, this is undoubtedly a better way of reusing items. 

Examples of things you can upcycle are; using empty cans as a cutlery carrier, using wine bottles as plant holders, using wooden crates as kitchen organizers, etc. Sure, this needs extra time and effort, but at the end of the day, you will end up creating a unique and practical art piece for your home.

2. Declutter and Rearrange Your Space

Mobility space is essential in any home. Besides that, a less cluttered home enhances its look. Adding décor by buying new things for your home may add to the clutter. Therefore, first, look at your home and figure out what needs to be put away. Getting rid of those things will help you decide how to use the available space left. 

Put the clutter in separate boxes and stash them out in the garage outside as you plan to donate them. Alternatively, you can sell off old items and top up the money to buy newer items for your home. After decluttering, switch things up by rearranging the furniture and changing table linens and beddings. You can also swap the lighting fixtures from your dining room to the bedroom or living room. 

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3. Add Accent Colors

Accent colors give a quick fix to any room without trying much. The only tricky thing to them is incorporating them into each room without looking exaggerative. Here are several options to enhance your current home outlook:

  • Add Greenery- Nature has the natural and glorious outlook we all desire for our living spaces. Choose plants that will thrive indoors without much effort. If you don’t want to do most maintenance work, get the artificial plants to do the magic.
  • Mix-up Colorful Pillows- Have fun experimenting with new patterns and color blends for the throw pillows to give you a look you desire for your home. 
  • Add Bold Rugs- Replacing the rugs is another simple way to refresh your home’s look. Rugs add visual interest into the room and certainly make a statement if chosen and placed in the right area.
  • Hang Bold Art- You don’t have to buy a new piece of art to add to your home. Refresh the existing artwork by adding bright frames to them. 
  • Light Up- To add that extra color pop in the rooms, especially at night, try adding lighting fixtures by updating lamp shades. Also, consider replacing curtains by fixing the windows between the glass blinds. Besides lighting, they add that stylish look to your windows and home. 
  • Paint- After adding all these elements, a fresh coat of paint is the last thing that will add a wholesome refreshed look to your home. Pick a bold but contrasting color from your living room. 

4. Mend Existing Items

Sometimes, some minor repairs could go a long way in putting everything back in place. Instead of using more money to buy new things, identify existing items like beddings, pillows, drawers, or cabinet hinges that need fixing. For the seemingly technical equipment to fix, call a specialist to do those minor repairs for you. 

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When it comes to your home décor, don’t be afraid of getting creative and displaying your personality. Your home is the one place in your surroundings where you’re allowed to express yourself and show who you are. Decorating is not always about who has the most expensive items in their homes, but having things that add value and joy and inspire everyone who gets into it. 

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Jenn Walker is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.5 Low-Budget Décor Ideas for Every Homeowner

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