15 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Snowflakes and Baubles

Christmas is getting closer, everybody! Let’s prepare for Christmas ornaments to beautify our house! Well, the joy of Christmas does not only feel by holding some parties, but we can also give touches of winter and snowy Christmas to some ornaments like snowflakes and baubles for our rooms at home. 

These seasonal ornaments can be applied for any rooms, like the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, porch, and patio to celebrate the pleasure of Christmas. The snowflakes represent the cold of snow, while the baubles are used to decorate the Christmas tree. To get some inspiration on how to decorate your home with snowflakes and baubles, have a look at the pictures below.

Christmas Tree

Christmas without a Christmas tree is like something missing. On the other hand, Christmas with a Christmas tree can express the euphoria of the big day. Recently, there are many Christmas tree decorations, include the baubles which come in a wide range of materials and designs. Snowflakes that bring their sprinkling to decorate your Christmas tree beautifully as well. You can hang them on the tree with white or bronze colors to make a perfect tree that will make anyone gets amazed.

This green Christmas tree design looks more simple and elegant, to complete the appearance, you can add some Christmas hanging ornaments such as white snowflakes and faux candles that can be used as lighting ideas that can make it appear more clearly at night. Finish off this Christmas tree look with some neatly stacked Christmas gifts right underneath. Make this Christmas tree with a size high enough so that it can be used as a statement room, this evergreen material that is used can be found in the backyard garden. Evergreen Christmas Tree from @hannesmauritzson

In addition to garlands, Christmas trees are also one of the room decorations that are suitable for perfecting home decorations to welcome Christmas this year. This Christmas tree is perfected with a few baubles that have a beautiful pattern or one without a pattern, both of which will work well together to display a festive look. String light that is evenly wrapped around this part of the Christmas tree can be used as additional room lighting that seems dramatic. Because it can be placed in any area, for now you can choose it to be applied directly to the living room. Just put it right next to the sofa that you use as a sitting area. Festive Look Christmas Tree Design from @torontoparadiseplants

Don’t let your Christmas tree decorations look plain and boring, now you can hang some small ornaments such as snowflakes and trinkets that have the same color, gold and silver are always the best choices and color combinations that you can use today. Place this Christmas tree in an entrance area to the living room decoration so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. The color of the silver baubles that is hung in quite a large number gives a shiny appearance when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. Meanwhile, the splash of gold on this Christmas tree decoration gives it a more luxurious look without being overdone. Gold and Silver Themed Christmas Tree from @torontoparadiseplants

This standing evergreen Christmas tree that is quite tall can be decorated with snowflakes, red berries and baubles to make it look more beautiful and bold in color. Accents of berries and baubles with a splash of red make it look more festive. It’s not enough to finish here, also perfect the appearance with some white snowflake ornaments that can be hung evenly so that it emphasizes the Christmas theme this year. Just get all these hanging ornaments online at a price that is not too expensive. You can put it in any room, in the bedroom area it is also a new inspiration that you can try. Statement Color Christmas Tree from @torontoparadiseplants

One way that you can use to welcome Christmas this year is to make a Christmas tree that can be placed in any area according to the needs of room decoration. For now you can put a Christmas tree right in front of the fireplace in this room. Dress up the Christmas tree to the fullest with some hanging ornaments such as baubles that have a variety of different sizes. To make it look more festive, you can also wrap a light blue ribbon accent and a patterned ribbon dominated with a touch of bold red. Candycane is an additional ornament that you can use right now. Christmas Tree with Hanging Ornament from @mychristmas

Not only using plain baubles, now you can choose it with a glitter surface and metallic material so that it looks more shiny when applied to the part of the Christmas tree you currently have. This beautiful patterned ribbon wrapped around the Christmas tree is also an additional look that can be applied easily without the need for a professional. Furthermore, evergreen is the main ingredient that you can use in this Christmas tree design as a natural look that you can get in the backyard garden area without having to buy it. This fireplace mantle decoration next to the Christmas tree is an additional sight that works well together. Glitter and Mettalic Baubles Hanging Ornament from @mychristmas

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Christmas Centerpieces

You are possible to spread out these two kinds of ornaments, not only put them on the Christmas tree, but you can also put them on some spot at home. For example, put some baubles in a large bowl or box and decorate them with a plaid ribbon and you can have them as centerpieces.

The shiny red baubles placed on the tray are complemented by a glass jar filled with a bunch of fresh snowy evergreens, this easy and inexpensive Christmas centerpiece decoration you can do yourself on weekends. Before you apply this centerpiece decoration, try lining the dining table with a table runner made of thick enough woven yarn. Snowy pinecones are additional decorations that you can also apply neatly in this centerpiece area. Everything that is placed in this Christmas centerpiece area becomes a new focal point in your dining room. Red Mettalic Baubles Tray Display from @eldecogr

Gold baubles are a combination of ornaments that can beautify your dining table decorations, now you can combine them in a centerpiece design which is dominated by a combination of green and gold colors. This gold splash can be applied directly to the use of candle pillars in sufficient quantities so that it can be used as a focal point for a room that matches the Christmas theme this year. Pinecones that are put in a cloche become the final decoration that you can apply together. Evergreen accents make it look more traditional and simple. Traditional Christmas Themed Centerpiece from @kamalion_eventos

Don’t let your dining table decorations look plain and boring when the Christmas season arrives. Now you can dress up the dining table with a centerpiece that can be arranged and assembled by yourself properly and perfectly. Evergreens, snowflakes, baubles and a few candle pillars that serve as centerpiece decorations will work well together. Light a candle when you need additional lighting in this room. Just arrange everything neatly so that it is ready to be used as a new focal point in your dining room decoration. Also cover the dining table with a plain white table runner for a more elegant look. Evergreen, Snowflake and Baubles Ornament from @secretgardennj17

The snowflake ornament that dominates the centerpiece decoration can be combined directly with several evergreens that have different types. What you can do here is to use faux evergreens so they don’t wilt easily when used for a long period of time. Gnome is one of the favorite Christmas figures that you can put on this dining table at the same time. Just finish with a few baubles of silver glitter with a sufficient amount to add a more beautiful and elegant look. You can make this snowflake with wood and can be repainted with plain white. Glamours Christmas Centerpiece from @singingmermaidstudio

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Christmas Wreaths

Moreover, both snowflakes and baubles can be the additional ornaments to beautify your green wreath. Take some snowflakes and baubles then hang your decorated wreath on your main door. Your Christmas decorations never complete without a wreath.

No need to worry when you have a vintage and simple wreath design. Here you can design the wreath as much as possible with baubles which has a variety of different color combinations. The colors of the baubles that can be combined are blue, yellow, pink and silver. All the colors in this Christmas wreath design can work well together and you can complete it with a glitter reindeer ornament that is quite large. The baubles used also have a variety of different sizes so that they look more varied and festive. Hang it on the wall or door area as an initial welcome for guests who visit your home. Colorful Vintage Baubles Wreath from @_glittermoon_c

Reuse your old knit sweater as the main layer of a Christmas wreath design that will beautify your home. Make your own according to the design you want. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also decorate the outer surface with some baubles, evergreens and beautiful neutral colored ribbons. Just apply all these decorations at the bottom of the wreath so that it looks bolder and attracts attention. Making this wreath design is very easy and doesn’t require a lot of expenses, so it’s suitable for those of you who want to decorate your home more on budget. Reuse Your Old Sweater Wreath from @robotka.reczna

The gold nuance that dominates the design of this wreath looks quite luxurious and different from the others. Here you can decorate the white wall with a DIY wreath design that you have designed yourself to the fullest. Snowflake ornaments combined with baubles that have a variety of different sizes will work well together. Evergreen faux is the main material that you can design with a round shape that looks sweet. This evergreen faux can be obtained online and certainly doesn’t wilt easily when used for a long period of time. Gold Vibes Color Christmas Wreath from @wyldewreath

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Dress Up the Window

This transparent glass window enhanced with a few hanging baubles is a new sight that you can easily do yourself. The first thing you can do here is string gold baubles using white rope or thread. You can make it with a variety of different heights so that it has a unique and beautiful appearance. The surface of these baubles will look shiny when exposed to the reflection of sunlight coming from this glass window. The candlestick placed in the corner of the window becomes an additional lighting that can make the room temperature warmer. Gold Hanging Baubles Window Ornament from @weit_und_wiesenblick

Do you have paper with a size large enough? If you have it then you can cut it with a snowflake design and can be attached to the glass window using a fairly sturdy adhesive glue. This snowy Christmas tree with different levels can be perfected with village lighting so that the window display becomes more attractive and not plain anymore. Not only can it be seen from inside the room, but this window Christmas decoration can also be seen from outside the room beautifully. DIY Paper Snowflake Window Decoration from @mycalmhome

Get inspired on how snowflakes and baubles decorate your house wonderfully by looking at the gallery. Have a great and fun Christmas!


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