22 Beautiful Christmas Ornaments to Try This Year

To bring the joy of Christmas into your home, you certainly need ornaments that can draw the holiday spirit. However, instead of investing in store-bought Christmas ornaments, making your own creations could bring more fun. So, for those seeking some Christmas ornament ideas, read on the list below.

Christmas Snow Globe Ornament

It will be one of the great Christmas ornaments that can produce a whimsy scene at your home decoration. Snow globe ornaments also add vintage mood to your space. That’s because you can easily showcase your memorable items right under the glass.

You can fill the void of the glass container with some Christmas ornaments that can be used as room decorations. For example, you can turn it into an Olaf snow globe ornament that is perfected with faux snow so that it doesn’t melt easily when used for a long time. In addition, this globe ornament is a fun activity for children who like Disney movies. Olaf snow globe from christmas.365greetings.

Do you have a small glass jar that is not in use? If so, then you can turn it into an amazing glittery snow globe ornament. This shimmering frosted mini Christmas tree gives a glamorous effect that doesn’t go overboard. Next, stick a label on the lid of the jar to make it more ready to be given. Glitter snow globe from christmas.365greetings.

Choose and use two transparent glass mason jars to fill with snowflake ornaments and snowman ornaments so that they can be used as Christmas decorations in your home. This snowman and snowflake snow globe will save you more money when you try to make your own snowman with materials you have at home. DIY snowman and snowflake snow globes from christmas.365greetings.

This combination of deer animal ornaments with a mini Christmas tree can be put in a glass jar to be used as an amazing DIY snow globe ornament. After everything has been put in a jar, you can add a sprinkling of fake snow as an easy complement that can be done. DIY snow globe ornaments Christmas from christmas.365greetings.

Before filling the jar with Christmas ornaments, you can wash it first to make it look cleaner and shiny. Currently you can use more than one jar so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Finish off this Christmas snow globe with ribbon string to hang it. Christmas snow globe with ribbon from christmas.365greetings.

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Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament

Even though it looks so old-timey, cross stitch ornament would be a great personalized craft for your Christmas decorations. Well, yes, it’s quite challenging to make. Plus, you will need more patience to finish this kind of handcraft. Even so, its gorgeous finish will surely not waste your efforts away.

What’s more charming than handmade ornaments? The cross stitch Christmas sign, which is dominated by red, is the best choice you can try. Even beginners can do this cross stitch as an ornament as well as jewelry inspired by vintage style. Cross stitch Christmas sign from diycandy.

You can decorate your Christmas tree with DIY cross-stitched sleighs that look great even if they’re handmade. Of course, this ornament doesn’t cost much because of its simple appearance, this stacked sled fulfills a Christmas design that can also be used as a gift. DIY cross-stitched sleigh ornament from countryliving.

The cross stitch ornament is not only hung on the Christmas tree, but can also be applied to the dining table as a decoration that emphasizes the style of Christmas this year. This Christmas cross stitch sign is surrounded by dried oranges and red berries, making the appearance more beautiful and elegant. Ornament cross stitch surrounded by dried oranges from countryliving.

Another option for a cross stitch pattern is a fireplace pattern complemented by a Christmas sock mantel. You can make it easily from colorful beads, after everything is installed neatly and according to your wishes then you can hang it in any area of the house according to your wishes. Christmas fireplace cross stitch pattern from countryliving.

Clay Christmas Ornament

If you attempt to try some DIY Christmas adornments this year, then clay ornaments could be a good option. It adds a rustic touch to your Christmas tree look and is so fun to make with children. However, for those who do not want to meet any trouble of making homemade clay, simply purchase the ready-use one. Next, shape the clay according to your preferred design.

It is enough to use clay as a Christmas ornament this year. You can use several different forms of ornament, one of which is a star shape that can be hung using a ribbon that has different colors. Repaint with white to make it look cleaner and of course very adorable. Hang clay ornaments using ribbon from diyncrafts.

Get clay materials at craft stores around your house to make Christmas ornaments that can be shaped into snowflakes and miniature Christmas trees. After this clay ornament has formed and is dry, you can sprinkle glitter with different colors on the top thoroughly and neatly. Clay Christmas ornament with glitter from diyncrafts.

If you have a large enough amount of clay, then you can turn it into a star ornament craft that can be hung on your Christmas tree decorations. This ornament can be repainted with a splash of white as a great DIY idea that is easy to make yourself. In addition to star ornaments, you can also hang some matching colored Christmas balls. White paint star clay from diyncrafts.

Take clay ornaments to be used as Christmas decorations. Finish off this clay Christmas ornament with paint that has a marble look. Hang it on the branch of your small tree that has been provided, and place it in any area of the house that is often visited by your guests or family. Marble clay ornament from diyncrafts.

Get clay materials at craft shops around your house to make some Christmas ornaments that can beautify your Christmas greenery tree decorations. Now you can shape clay into a round shape and then print it using a tool that has a snowflake pattern and matches your current Christmas decorations. Besides being cheap, this Christmas ornament can also be made with the family to fill the void during the weekend. Clay snowflake mold from dreamgreendiy.

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Christmas Gold Splatter Painted Ornaments

Are you looking for ornaments that can blend in with your Christmas decoration? If so, then make some gold splatter painted ornaments to enhance your home decoration. It’s definitely so fun to create, and you can insert a dreamy-like scene into your home ambiance.

To enliven your Christmas tree this year, you can try a paper cone design that is repainted in gold so that it looks more luxurious and colorful. This gold paper cone ornament can be filled with peppermint wrapped to enliven and delight the children who come to celebrate Christmas this year. Gold foil cone filled with peppermint from goodhousekeeping.

To add sophistication to your Christmas tree, try hanging some gold marble ornaments complete with neutral colored ropes. You can make more than one Christmas ball so that it can be used as a fun Christmas ornament statement. Gold marble Christmas ball ornament from goodhousekeeping.

This Styrofoam ball painted and repainted using gold looks so fun. You can hang it using a red rope so it looks more contrast and of course it is very suitable to hang it on a greenery Christmas tree decoration that is applied to a transparent glass vase container. Gold Styrofoam Ball from goodhousekeeping.

Christmas Star Ornaments

This ornament is unique, crafts, and of course, so adorable to hang on your Christmas tree. Most of all, you can make star ornament from various used stuff, such as wooden matches, tree branches, and so on.

This simple Christmas ornament with a star shape can be made more creative and sophisticated using folded scrapbook paper with a very surprising folding technique. This star ornament looks 3D when hung on your Christmas tree decorations so that it looks more surprising and becomes one of the beautiful crafts. Scrapbook paper star ornament from goodhousekeeping.

Do you need ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree? If so, then you can use a star ornament made of Christmas song paper which can be perfected with a red ribbon as a tool to hang it. This Christmas ornament is quite easy to make without spending a lot of money. Christmas song star ornament from goodhousekeeping.

The hemp rope that is used as the main ingredient of this Christmas star ornament is one of the Christmas tree decorations that anyone can make creatively. This small star ornament with clay material becomes a decorative layer that can be tried. You can combine this hemp rope with white thread for an elegant color combination that doesn’t look too contrasting. Star ornament hemp rope from shelterness.

This series of matches made into a DIY star ornament can be stacked with adhesive glue that is sturdy and not easily damaged. After everything is neatly arranged, then you can hang it on the greenery Christmas tree area as a decoration that is cheap and easy to get. DIY matches star ornament from goodhousekeeping.

One of the easy and inexpensive Christmas ornaments is a star ornament made of origami paper that has a variety of different patterns. You can make this 3D star ornament so that it can be seen from any side beautifully. Besides that, you also make other ornaments with different shapes for a sweet final look. 3D Christmas star ornament from goodhousekeeping.

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Get some new ideas for your next Christmas ornaments? If so, then try getting your whole family to join your next DIY projects. 


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