23 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations You Can Copy

Christmas is soon to come, and Christmas decorations cannot be more fun to do. Outdoor Christmas decorations DIY ideas are never boring. It is amazing how many fun things you can do for celebrating the big day. Simple things, like LED lights and Christmas tree, might surprisingly be the best DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

Check our lists below on DIY Christmas decorations for your outdoor space and get inspired. 

1. Whimsical Reindeer

Trying to find a cool idea for your outdoor decorations? LED lights can surprisingly be your best friends! You can draw the pattern of your DIY Christmas decorations. Reindeer outlines would make a good choice to make your yard more fascinating. Set the LED lights onto the patterned wire, and, voilà, a whimsical reindeer is ready to welcome your guests!

Add a deer statue element complete with LED lights to create the perfect room decor. You can make your own to increase your creativity. In addition to the deer statues, you can add dog and penguin statues equipped with LEDs for a stylish focal point of the garden. LED light deer statue from loveproperty.

Enjoy your Christmas festival by adding a reindeer figurine equipped with LED lights for a stunning result. These two reindeer statues will greet your guests with Christmas cheer. Place this usa statue on your patio for a stunning result. DIY two reindeer statues from loveproperty.

This stunning outdoor Christmas decoration complete with a DIY reindeer figurine makes for a beautiful patio decor. You can make your own to increase creativity and decorate on a budget. Adding these santa claus and snowman statues will make for a stylish look. DIY reindeer from loveproperty.

These charming animal figurines form a dazzling display in the front yard. Choosing this deer statue will be a perfect room decoration. Adding these LED lights will give it a unique and stylish look. This deer statue will provide the perfect focal point for your entire patio. DIY LED reindeer from loveproperty.

A whimsical deer equipped with string lights can be used as lighting outside your room. This wreath, adorned with green lights and garlands, is a sweet finishing touch. Applying this deer will make the perfect focal point of the room. DIY whimsical deer from loveproperty.

Make your Christmas interesting with a touch of creative ideas, for example by making strange deer-shaped garden lights. That way it will certainly make your Christmas eve feel warm. In addition to the deer, you can add a complete cone statue with this lamp to steal the attention of many people. Deer statue with LED from idealhome.

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2. Santa Boots

A pair of Santa boots can definitely work for your outdoor Christmas decorations DIY idea. You can manage it by sewing unused red fabric or making your DIY Santa boots from wax. Fill the boots with Christmas ornaments or simply colorful tiny stones and set a candle in the middle of each.

Decorate these oversized black Santa boots next to your Christmas decorations and fill them with gifts and chocolates this adds a unique look and grabs the attention of many. Placing it next to this door will give the room a colorful decoration. Black Santa boots from christmas.365greetings.

It looks stunning when the red boots are beautifully decorated with candy canes. This design will look beautiful if you place it at the entrance of your house. This decor looks stunning in its traditional style. You can try this DIY to beautify the appearance of this house. Red boots santa with candy canes from christmas.365greetings.

Red Santa boots right in the middle of the garden are a great decorating idea. Add some green leaves and tie a burlap ribbon knot for a traditional look. You can make this design yourself for an amazing garden decoration result. Putting it on this bench is the perfect look. Red Santa boots from christmas.365greeting.

Use santa boots for decoration in front of the entrance. Decorate with other Christmas trinkets that will make your Christmas atmosphere even more lively. You can add three boots of different colors to greet your guests with a festive Christmas spirit. Santa boots with christmast ornament from christmas.365greetings.

What should not be missed in preparing for Christmas this year is the red ornament. You can add Santa shoes complete with gifts and various interesting decorations. Putting it on this metal stand will give it a unique look and will welcome your guests with great joy. Christmas ornament from christmas.365greetings.

To make Christmas more festive and different, you can try making a miniature santa primitiv in these little boots. Hanging on the fence of the terrace of the house will make the decoration of the room unique and attract the attention of many people. Complete it with black and white checkered ribbon and burlap for a stunning finish. Santa primitiv boots from christmas.365greetings.

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3. Shooting Star Lights

Do you have a tree on your backyard and still have no idea what to do for your outdoor Christmas decorations? Don’t worry. The tree can be your best chance! Grab your long LED lights and set them like shooting stars. Some lights will be around the trunk and the lower parts of them can be on the ground. Put the lower light edges on different points to make them look like shooting stars on your outdoor space.

DIY the terrace using a shooting star-shaped LED light in front of your house that will depict a warm Christmas atmosphere with those closest to you. Placing it among the trees in your garden will result in a unique room design and steal the attention of many people. Shooting star-shaped LED from marthastewart.

Magically your backyard shines on Christmas Eve with these long LED lights that you can wrap around your house. Besides being easy to get, LED lights don’t drain the pocket. You can make your own to increase your creativity. This house design will be an interesting focal point. Star LED light from thegardenglove.

Make your Christmas Eve more festive with outdoor decorations, use long LED lights and place them from tree to tree in your backyard. This will make your patio decoration more attractive and steal the attention of many people. This shooting star accent would be the perfect garden focal point. Star LED lights from hunker.

These DIY star-shaped LED lights will make your Christmas decorations more festive. This design will be the perfect focal point of the garden. Hanging on this tree also produces a unique terrace. Making your own will increase creativity and low budget. Star-shaped LED lights from hunker.

With this beautiful black glow outdoor Christmas tree, you can create a Christmas tree silhouette. Adding star-shaped LED lights and placing them in the yard will bring the Christmas spirit outside. Hanging from this tree will be the perfect focal point and grab the attention of every guest. Christmast LED lights from residencestyle.

4. LED Christmast Tree

Christmas comes and lights are everywhere. It never goes wrong to have too many lights for your DIY Christmas decorations. Try making your LED Christmas tree. First, make sure you make a Christmas tree frame and it can stand still on the ground. Take your lights and set them around the Christmas tree to make it alive. Happy trying! 

Bring the magic of Christmas to your outdoor space with this set of three lighted cone trees. You can make it yourself to create the perfect room decoration and steal the attention of every guest who comes. Take your lamp and arrange it around the twig to give it shape. This design is low budget and will boost your creativity.  Outdoor cone christmas trees from countryliving.

Hanging the lamp on this tiered tree that lights up outdoors creates a unique patio decoration and grabs the attention of many. This prominent tree ornament features elegantly shaped branches with rows of bright lights. Making your own will increase your creativity. Tiered christmast tree light from countryliving.

To make this unique and stylish outdoor Christmas tree, you can add this tree garden peg lights. Made of iron frame and decorated with string lights will be a luminous look at night. This Christmas tree decoration will warmly welcome your guests. Christmas tree garden stake light from housebeautiful.

This outdoor Christmas tree equipped with warm white LED lights will do the trick. It is very beautiful for you to install on your terrace. Making your own won’t hurt your pocket. Combine with other antal ornaments such as a Christmas tree for a charming terrace.  Outdoor Christmas Tree from housebeautiful.

If you are a creative person, there’s nothing wrong with trying DIY tree decorated with lights. Use warm green, red, yellow lights to look like a shining Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Placing it on the terrace of this house will welcome your guests with brilliance and splendor. DIY outdoor christmast tree from digsdigs.

Making a DIY Christmas tree and placing it in front of the house will certainly make it an interesting outdoor decoration. Simply wrapping the lights on the Christmas tree frame, will make your Christmas memorable all the time. Add star accents on top of this tree for the perfect look. DIY Christmas tree from residencestyle.

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See, it is absolutely amazing to have outdoor Christmas decorations DIY ideas. Have a fun way to décor your space!


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