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20 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas to Enhance Your Door Decoration

You can treat a wreath either as an indoor or outdoor decoration. Well, there is no reason to not a…

When talking about Christmas decorations, a wreath is an old tradition that can still win the hearts of many people. What’s more, you can treat a wreath either as an indoor or outdoor decoration. Well, there is no reason to not add this kind of craft into your holiday decoration plan, so here are some amazing DIY Christmas wreath ideas for you to try.

DIY Pom-Pom Wreath 

This DIY Christmas wreath will be extremely cute and draw a strong festive spirit for your home. For making it, you just need some colorful yarns, a metal ring, and a pom-pom maker. Additionally, pom-pom makers are now available in several sizes. Thus, you can easily make these cute yarn balls in the size of your choice.

Do you have enough pom-poms? If so, then you can turn it into a colorful flower arrangement. Hang this pom-pom wreath on the front door that has a splash of blue paint so it can be used as a bright background and of course has a contrasting color combination. You can try this DIY pom-pom wreath with your family on the weekend. Colorful pom-pom wreath from designertrapped.

Pom-pom wreaths are one of the Christmas decorations that you can hang on your doorstep as a decoration as well as a warm welcome for guests who come to your home. Hang this pom-pom wreath using a glossy white ribbon for a sweeter look. The door paint with pink color gives a beautiful feminine impression and is very suitable to try on this year’s Christmas. Pom-pom wreath hanging with ribbon from countryliving.

Don’t let your pom-pom bouquet design appear plain. To welcome Christmas this year, you can combine it with an antique sisal tree and a miniature house that is placed in the middle to create a beautiful rural atmosphere. Choose and use white pom-poms to give a soft and neutral impression when hung on the front door in any color. White pom-pom wreath with vintage sisal tree from countryliving.

DIY Gilded Magnolia Wreath

Use a gilded Magnolia wreath to outshine your Christmas decoration. For this homemade wreath, you will need some Magnolia leaves, glue gun, gold spray paint, and a wreath form. Next, as usual, you just need to attach the leaves to the form. Finally, it will become a gorgeous shiny ornament you’ve dream of.

Three sets of magnolia leaves that are turned into a Christmas wreath look attractive because they are large enough to dominate your front yard. You don’t have to paint all the leaves in gold, you can also use green magnolia leaves for a more natural and fresh look. You can arrange them vertically using plain white ribbon. Three sets of magnolia leaves wreath from goodhousekeeping.

Collect magnolia leaves from your backyard to arrange into a Christmas wreath that can be used as a decoration for your front door. You can make this magnolia leaf wreath even more beautiful by painting some of the leaves in silver and gold. You can stick this leaf on a foam so that it can form according to your taste. Magnolia wreath in silver and gold from goodhousekeeping.

If you are going to make a DIY wreath made of magnolia leaves, then you can use foam to attach the ends of the leaves using hot glue that can stick together for a long time. This leaf wreath has two different color combinations, namely green and gold. These two colors can work well together to welcome Christmas this year. Gold and green leaf magnolia wreath from christmas.365greetings.

You can combine the appearance of the current magnolia leaf wreath with very fresh green pine leaves. You can paint some of these magnolia leaves using a gold color that looks as if they are dry. After everything is perfectly attached, you can immediately hang it on the front door of your house as a festive welcome for guests or family who come. Combination of magnolia leaves with fir leaves wreath from deavita.

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DIY Seashell Wreath

This Christmas wreath decoration is ultimately perfect for a beach home or the one designed with a coastal theme. Furthermore, you can use the shells’ true colors to shine out your wreath’s charm or try to paint them with some bright tones. So, just go with the design of your choice!

To make an attractive and unique bouquet, you can use the main ingredients of sea shells with natural colors without repainting. Other ornaments that can complete this wreath are chips, bicycles and miniature Adirondack chairs that have a vintage-inspired feel to the sea. After everything has been arranged neatly, you can hang it on the front door of your house. Seashell wreath with vintage ornament from homebnc.

This Christmas wreath design that has a sea theme is equipped with fishing net ornaments surrounded by sea shells that give a fun texture that is very easy to make. You can use more seashells for a more striking look. The starfish placed in the middle of this wreath is an additional decoration that you can paste right now. Combination of sea shells and nets wreath design from homebnc.

One of the best decorations that can be hung on the front door for Christmas this year is the use of sea shell wreaths combined with soft and sleek pieces of driftwood. Arrange all the materials neatly so as to create a marine nuanced wreath design that gives its own beauty and splendor. Combination of sea shells with driftwood wreath from homebnc.

For a new look on your seashell wreath design, the smart thing you can do is combine it with reclaimed driftwood material to form a sun brush style that looks sweet and of course gives a beach theme on your Christmas day this year. After everything has been arranged properly and perfectly, you can paste it on the door as an initial welcome for your guests. Sun brush sea shells and driftwood wreath from completely-coastal.

If the sea shells are not optimal enough to be used as a wreath design, then you can add a burlap ribbon decoration that is attached to the bottom surface of the wreath. After all the sea shells and this ribbon are perfectly attached and dry, you can hang them on the outdoor front door using a strong rope so they don’t fall on the floor easily. A wooden door with a dark blue color is a neutral background that you can try. Seashell wreath with burlap ribbon ornament from completely-coastal.

Look at the combination of sea shells with pine needles arranged into a Christmas wreath design, doesn’t it look amazing. Now you can also perfect the appearance of this wreath by adding a gauze band that is applied to the bottom surface of the wreath. You can hang this wreath on a hook that has been installed in front of your door. DIY sea shells with pine needles wreath flowers from hgtv.

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DIY Feather Wreath

This cute wreath will be a nice ornament option for your Christmas door decoration. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also very easy to make. Just glue some craft feathers on the wreath form, and done!

Do you need a Christmas door decoration this year? If so, then you can make a DIY wreath dominated by white feathers that looks so cute and elegant. You can attach this feather to the round foam part that is used as a wreath surface so that it can form a sweet round bouquet. This feather wreath has cheap materials so it is perfect for those of you who want to save space. DIY white feather wreath from hgtv.

The fluffy feather that is turned into a wreath design can be completed with a gold pine tree and a small miniature house placed right in the middle of the wreath with a gold ring finish that surrounds the wreath frame. The appearance of this wreath will look even cuter when you hang it using a beige burlap ribbon which has a neutral color and matches well with other colors around it. Fluffy feather wreath with gold ring from fynesdesigns.

Don’t let your white feather wreath appear plain and boring, now you can add jingle bells with a variety of colors and patterns as additional textures and colors are more fun. Doors painted in pastel colors are the best choice you can make. The last step is to paste or hang this wreath on your front door as an initial welcome for your guests who come to your house. White feather wreath with jingle bells ornament from parents.

When your flower arrangement is not perfectly assembled, you can arrange it first on the table. This flower wreath design made of feather material is perfected with some silver ornaments that give a bit of a luxurious impression without being too much. Wreath with a round shape is a favorite this year, therefore you can also use this shape by attaching this fur to the foam part of the wreath that is behind this white fur. Feather wreath with silver ornament from deavita.

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DIY Moss Wreath

This wreath is a perfect choice to create a whimsical scene of nature. It normally uses reindeer moss as the material, and more importantly, a moss wreath can bring the spirit of fall and summer too.

Faux cranberry red is one of the ornaments that can be attached to the outer surface of a bouquet made of fresh green moss. You can attach this small red ornament with hot glue that has been burned so that it doesn’t come off easily and of course it has a color contrast that avoids this wreath from looking dull. Moss wreath with faux cranberries from hgtv.

To form your round wreath to make it stronger, you can combine this moss wreath with small dry tree branches. Both of these materials have the same natural impression that you can easily find them around your backyard garden without having to buy them. Then you can hang it on the front door as the first greeting for guests on Christmas Day. Round moss wreath from thecreativityexchange.

Moss wreath depicts the Christmas season in your front yard, now you can hang this wreath right on the front door as a pleasant initial welcome. You can make it easily without having to spend a lot of money. Hang this wreath moss using burlap fabric and gold ribbon that looks shiny. Natural moss wreath from bethbryan.

Got inspired by the DIY Christmas wreath ideas above? Then do make one at home and also share the inspiration with your beloved ones.

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