Bring the Christmas Vibe to Your Fireplace with These 25 Ideas

The fireplace will be a part of your Christmas celebration. In the cold winter, the fireplace will keep you warm while celebrating Christmas. Talking about the fireplace for your Christmas celebration, it won’t only be about the function but also about how the fireplace can bring the Christmas ambiance to your home. It will be simple where you just need to decorate the fireplace with some Christmas ornaments and accessories. There are some parts of the fireplace that you can add with the decoration that could be in the body of the fireplace, on the top part of the fireplace, or on the floor near the fireplace. However, in applying the decoration, you should consider the kinds of fireplace that you have. If you still use the traditional fireplace with fire, then you should be careful in applying the ornaments. Check the following images to give you references.

Modern Christmas Stockings

Recreate a modern feel over the fireplace by using Christmas socks and small decorations for a pretty look. Here you can use three stockings with different colors so that they have a more varied appearance, for example, you can combine red with bright yellow so that it looks bold when applied to the fireplace that has a neutral color such as light gray. A unique way that you can do this right now is to hang your stockings using a candy cane which is dominated by a combination of red and white, a snowy garland is a sweet finishing touch. A large enough Christmas tree can be placed right next to the fireplace. Christmas Stockings with Candy Cane Ornament from @ldhomelife

JOY Sign Christmas Mantel Fireplace

The best way you can do to decorate the Christmas fireplace this year is to put up a DIY JOY sign that is dominated by natural pallet materials. You can make this JOY sign yourself with the materials you have at home, so it’s very on budget and doesn’t require a lot of expenses. Not only the JOY sign but you can also combine it with some other decorative items such as hanging stockings that have a combination of red and white colors so that they have color harmony with the Christmas theme. Small greenery wreaths, garlands, and mini Christmas trees are a combination that will work well and maximally. JOY Sign Christmas Mantel Fireplace from @mysweet_homedecor

An Organic Christmas Fireplace

The fir leaves that are made as a garland design will be a decoration that can decorate the fireplace mantel in your home. Now you can make it yourself easily and cheaply. Not only pine leaves, add color and texture to this garland you can combine it with patterned ribbon and string light which can give a dramatic impression. After this garland design already has the right look, then you can apply it to the fireplace mantle in a neat and orderly arrangement. The deer ornament that is hung on the garland is a sweet finishing touch and you can try it right now. Organic Christmas Fireplace from @paolitamorales

Red, White, and Green Christmas Fireplace

Don’t let your Christmas fireplace decoration look plain and boring, for now, you can decorate it with some hanging stockings that have different patterns. In addition, you can also combine it with an evergreen garland that can be made yourself easily and cheaply. Just get this evergreen material around your house or more precisely in the backyard garden. In this way, white, red, and green can work well together to welcome Christmas this year. A mirror with a gold frame that is perfected with an evergreen wreath can be placed above the fireplace as an additional decoration or color that attracts attention. Mix Color Christmas Fireplace from @parkanddivision

Christmas Village and Stockings

To fill the empty fireplace mantle, you can try combining a DIY wooden village with some hanging stockings that are hung at a neat and orderly distance. Try to choose stockings with the same color, size, and pattern so that they look more harmonious and elegant. A sufficient number of candlesticks can also be placed in the fireplace mantle area as a decorative item as well as additional lighting that can be turned on according to the lighting needs of your room, copy this Christmas fireplace decoration idea with joy. Christmas Village and Stockings from @painterplacehomeco

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Rustic Christmas Fireplace Ideas

No need to worry when you have a fireplace decoration with a simple look that is dominated by reclaimed bricks with a simple design. What you can do here is decorate it according to the Christmas theme which is quite festive and of course, it must produce a different and festive look. Ornaments that you can try to apply to this fireplace mantle are some hanging stockings, tassel garlands, and a touch of evergreen which are perfected with a medium-sized DIY deer painting. No need to repaint these brick fireplaces, let them appear in their rustic style that is simple and not excessive. Rustic Christmas Fireplace Ideas from @crop.daddy

Hanging Merry Christmas Banner

If you don’t have much time to redecorate this part of the mantle fireplace then just buy a banner that has a touch of Christmas style to match the current season. Currently, you can buy a Merry Christmas banner in a gold color that you can hang right in front of this fireplace. So that it doesn’t look too plain and monotonous, you can combine it with several other ornaments such as evergreen garlands, stockings, DIY wood Christmas trees, and shiny gold Christmas bell accents. Just place this DIY wooden Christmas tree on both sides of the mantle fireplace so it looks more symmetrical and looks more elegant. Hanging Merry Christmas Banner from @lowcountryfarmhouse_

White Christmas Scene Fireplace

White is always an elegant color choice that you can try in any part of the room and with any style. For now, you can try it on the fireplace so that it has an elegant final look and will never go out of style. Furthermore, to emphasize the Christmas theme in this fireplace area, you can decorate the mantle with a natural garland that is perfected with a splash of red through the use of red berries. You can hang two stockings of the same size to the fireplace symmetrically with a considerable distance, just choose two colors and the same size. White Christmas Scene Fireplace from @rebecca_casey_

Hanging Plaid Christmas Stockings Ideas

The view of the fireplace in the corner of this room can be perfectly decorated to have a more pleasant appearance. When you use a fireplace with white wooden shiplap, the decorative items or ornaments you need are stockings that have a plaid pattern with a combination of red and white. In this way, the presence of stockings can look bold and ready to be used as the focal point of the room. A little Christmas tree made of evergreen material is the best choice that you can design yourself easily and cheaply. Also, add two candle lanterns right in front of the fireplace as additional lighting that gives a warm impression. Hanging Plaid Christmas Stockings Ideas from @southernblondmama

Evergreen Garland and JOY Sign

When you have free time on the weekend, it’s time to make a DIY project that you can use as a decorative item during Christmas. Joy signs with wood are the best ideas you can try to make, you can apply this decorative item directly to the fireplace mantle in one of your rooms. After the joy letter has been cut and engraved neatly, then repaint it using a fairly bold color such as red, this color has color harmony with the Christmas theme. To emphasize the Christmas theme, you can combine it with an evergreen garland and some throw pillows that can be placed around it neatly using a small wooden bench. Evergreen Garland and JOY Sign from @my.midwest.home

Christmas Mantel Decoration

Do you have enough evergreens in your backyard garden? If so, then you can use it as the main ingredient to make a garland that can be installed in the fireplace mantle area beautifully. To emphasize the Christmas theme in this fireplace area, you can buy a Santa Claus statue large enough to be placed right in front of the fireplace along with a candle lantern for additional room lighting. Three white knitted stockings are an important addition to this Christmas ornament. Christmas Mantle Decoration from @letsstayhometogether

Glitter Merry Christmas Banner Decor

No need to make it, for now, you can buy a Merry Christmas banner to hang right on the fireplace as the best look of Christmas this year. Just get this banner at a Christmas craft store or you can also buy it online at a fairly cheap price. Choose this Christmas banner with a glitter look to give it a bit of a luxurious feel. Furthermore, other decorations or ornaments that you can use are an evergreen garland and several pillar candles that come in a variety of different colors such as red, pink, orange, and emerald green.l, isn’t it easy enough to try it. Glitter Merry Christmas Banner Decor from @jennybrownlees

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Red, White, and Green Touch Color Fireplace

When decorating the Christmas fireplace this year, try to combine several different colors for a pretty festive look. Red, white, and green become a color combination that never fails. The details of these three colors can be tried on the three ornaments as well. For example, for green you can try evergreen garland to be placed on a fireplace mantle, then red color on a “Be Merry” banner with a fairly large size, and finally white color you can try to repaint through a fireplace frame made of shiplap wood. impressed natural and on a budget. In this way, these three colors can be realized properly. Red, White and Green Touch Color Fireplace from @cocoandbshop

Spruce with Dried Slice Orange Garland

Evergreen garland has been used as a fireplace decoration during winter or Christmas, now you can try to make it yourself or with your family on weekends. But it’s a good idea to add dried lemon pieces to this part of the garland evenly. The perfection of this garland can be combined with other ornaments for a more festive final look. A mini Christmas tree, iron joy, and a natural wreath are the best decoration additions that you can apply to this Christmas fireplace decoration section. Spruce and Dried Slice Orange Garland from @therusticdesert

Farmhouse Textures and Soft Decor

While you’re working with neutral colors for your Christmas fireplace decor, don’t forget to incorporate texture for added visual interest. Here, the wood fireplace mantle is perfected with evergreen garland, crochet stockings, and some DIY mini Christmas trees in several different colors. Knitted stockings that are applied to this part of the fireplace give the composition softness and warmth. The fireplace design, which is dominated by white, makes the ornament or coat decoration look bolder. Farmhouse Textures and Soft Decor from @giovanna.palacios

Elegant Look Fireplace Ideas

To get an elegant look on this year’s Christmas fireplace, the thing you can do is don’t need to use an excessive number of decorations. Two different types of ornaments are enough to decorate this part of the fireplace as a whole. Knitted hanging stockings and a garland make for an ornate mix that will work well together. Give a different look to your evergreen garland design for a different and more unique look, for example, you can add some Christmas bells that you can get online so it’s more practical. The installation of this gold bell can also be done easily and of course, it will get a festive end result and it doesn’t look too monotonous. Elegant Christmas Fireplace Ideas from @ellyathome

Holiday Mantel Fireplace Decor

When you are going to decorate the Christmas fireplace this year, consider the coat decorations used. Think and consider the holiday theme on this Christmas fireplace to produce a quite different look. The first thing you can try is to apply an evergreen garland along with several candlesticks that have different sizes and heights. An abstract painting that is dominated by a combination of black and white, you can mix it directly with the hanging stockings ornament with a plain white color selection. Holiday Mantel Fireplace Decor from @niche_decor

Monochromatic Style Fireplace Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with combining black and white in your Christmas fireplace decorations this year. This is done in order to get a minimalist modern style that never fails. Don’t forget to emphasize the current Christmas theme, you can put a natural wreath together with a DIY mini Christmas tree made of bottle brush material. They come with the same color but with different heights. Finish off this Christmas fireplace decor with faux fur stockings and an array of pampas grass in a large vase. Monochromatic Style Fireplace Ideas from @gosforthhome

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Statement Christmas Stockings Ideas

When you decide on stockings as ornaments or Christmas fireplace decorations, choose and use them with a bold red color so that only using two or three is already quite festive. The existence of these hanging red stockings can be enhanced by the presence of a string light that can give an instant dramatic impression. Just choose a string light with yellow or orange lighting so it looks warmer. Next, to fill the empty fireplace mantle, you can combine candlesticks and Christmas tree pinecones that you can make yourself according to the design you want. Get string lights online to make it more practical. Bold Color Christmas Stockings from @samantha_homestyle

Santa Painting Frame Decor

When you go to a Christmas craft shop, buy a fairly large Santa painting with a DIY wooden frame that has been painted transparent so that it has a more shiny appearance. Its existence can be perfected with other ornaments such as stockings, Christmas trees and several other decorative items that have a mini size. This is done so that the Christmas theme in the fireplace area can be obtained optimally and perfectly. The soldier ornaments along the fireplace are the finishing touches that emphasize the Christmas theme. Santa Painting Frame Decor from @stagerroz

Hanging Christmas Bunting Ideas

Take advantage of your weekend to create a DIY project that can enhance the look of your Christmas fireplace. For example, you can make a Christmas bunting design with quite thick paper and of course, it has different pieces of paper, if you don’t have paper then burlap is also the second recommended choice of material. Triangle paper cut is a favorite design that you can try right now. Hang it right in front of the fireplace along with an evergreen garland which is perfected with a bold red truck ornament. Hanging Christmas Bunting Ideas from @ladyluckyfaceinteriors

DIY Hanging Plaid Merry Christmas Garland Decor

If you have a simple fireplace made of natural stone, then it’s a good idea to add some decorations or ornaments according to the current theme. For example, when you have a Christmas theme, you can hang a Christmas merry garland to this fireplace area using nails. Choose a garland design that has a festive look or pattern. For example, the plaids pattern with a combination of red and black colors makes it look quite bold and makes this Christmas fireplace stone livelier. This simple method can be done easily. DIY Hanging Plaid Merry Christmas Garland Decor from @ridgeranchfarmhouse

Red Stockings and Candlestick Ideas

Here, not only do hanging stocking ornaments have a bold red color, but the candle pillars also have the same color. This red is one of the color choices that match the Christmas theme. This fireplace design repainted in plain white makes stockings and pillar candles look even more eye-catching. You can place a large Christmas tree right next to the fireplace to emphasize the Christmas theme in your home. You can copy this fireplace decoration on your Christmas day to give it a different look. Red Stockings and Candlestick Ideas from @velvet_witch_cristina

Shabby Chic Style Christmas Fireplace

The shabby chic theme that dominates this fireplace design gives it a simple yet eye-catching look. You can complete the white color that dominates this fireplace with several different ornaments or decorations such as an evergreen garland, a DIY Santa painting, and some hanging stockings. Try to choose and use stockings with different patterns and colors to make them look more varied. The wooden Merry Christmas sign board can be placed right in front of your fireplace. Shabby Chic Christmas Fireplace from @eli_havencottage

Festive Look Christmas Fireplace Ideas

The more ornaments you apply to this Christmas fireplace, the more festive and fun you will get. Christmas decorations that are dominated by a mix of red and white have worked well together in general. Several dolls with different Christmas figures are the answer to decorations that you can try right now. Don’t forget to also hang two large stockings as a sweet final touch and you can try it practically right now. Buy all the doll figures online to make it more practical and not complicated, of course. Festive Look Christmas Fireplace Ideas from @mcateermarie


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