30 Creative Window Decorating Ideas to Try This Christmas

Undoubtedly that when Christmas comes, you will be really on fire to decorate your home. It is because Christmas is one of the most waited celebration in a year. Therefore, to bring out the Christmas spirit into your home is really worthy. Besides for your living room, dining room, Christmas tree and more, window can be the choice. Commonly you don’t give your attention into your windows and this is the time for you to give it.

Here windows start to take an important role in Christmas. That is why we do really recommend you to decorate your windows during the Chrismas month.

Decorate with Wreaths

Talking about the decoration, firstly you can do it by giving the wreath. That will be the common decoration since wreath must be there in some of your seasonal decoration. In this case, you can hang it in the center of your window by using band or simply install it that way without using any rope. Moreover, for the material you can use pine leaves, pine, bell, and any Christmas decoration. To strengthen the Christmas spirit use the red, green, or white colors.

This window is decorated with a wreath made using a combination of evergreens and red berries to make it look more festive. Having a circle shape will make it look simple but still beautiful. Berries and Evergreen wreath from @penelope_homeandmore.

This wreath is made using evergreen and pine cones so it will bring the perfect Christmas look. Decorated with bows and hanging on windows will make this Christmas decoration look more festive. Evergreen and Pinecone wreath from @littlestripedpoppet.

Make your window look festive this Christmas. This wreath made using pinecone, evergreens and berries is perfect for a Christmas window decoration idea. Here you can just hang it on the window and it will steal the show. Mix Christmas Wreath from @libu_222.

The red berries strung together into a wreath look very pretty for a Christmas window decoration idea. Wrapped with string light, it will make this wreath look more festive. Lighted Red Berries Wreath from @panamamma.

This red wreath looks perfect for Christmas. Made using red paper cut to make it look festive in a simple way. You can hang it on a glass window using a hook so it will look attractive. Red Wreath from @simply_vintageous.

Having a green and gold theme, this wreath is perfect for a Christmas theme. Adorned with bow and string lights, this wreath looks very festive. Hanging on the window will make it the perfect window treatment. Gold and green Wreath from @kathybondyfessler.

Evergreens strung together into a wreath look beautiful to decorate a Christmas window in your home. Decorated with string lights, it will bring out a beautiful glow at night. Lighted Evergreen Wreath from @brianpodolsky.

The combination of evergreen and Christmas ball on this wreath succeeded in presenting a festive look at Christmas celebrations. Decorated with fairy lights will make it look more festive. Hanging on a window will make it perfectly exposed. Christmas Ball and Evergreen Wreath from @karolinabadz.

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Christmas Balls

To add color to your window, use some Christmas balls that hung with colorful ribbons. This is a simple but cute Christmas window decoration ideas. With a different length of the ribbon can add attractive look to your window.

Hanging a Christmas ball in a glass window will give it quite a festive look. Here you can use a glittery Christmas ball so that it will present a beautiful and festive look at the same time. Glittery Christmas Ball from @brushedhairsalonnbpt.

Beautiful and festive. This window is decorated with Black and white Christmas balls so that it will present a beautiful monochromatic appearance. Displayed by hanging, will make it simpler but still perfect. Black and White Christmas Ball from @170qm.

This glass window is decorated with a Christmas ball and succeeds in making the Christmas decoration more festive. You can use a red Christmas ball and hang it using a string so it looks perfect. Red Christmas Ball from @ franklinandhare.

This silver colored Christmas ball will never fail as a window decoration idea in your home. You can display it by hanging it using a thin thread so that it is simpler but still attractive. This one window decoration idea will never fail. Silver Christmas Ball from @nazimah_55.

Very festive. This Christmas ball hanging in the window will present a very festive look. Having a red and silver color combination will make it look perfect at this year’s Christmas celebration. Colorful Christmas Ball from @rowillmo.

This window is decorated with green Christmas balls to make it look livelier. Displayed by hanging using a white ribbon will make it look more beautiful. Green Christmas Ball from @lucy.daniel.guide.

Decorating a Christmas window with Christmas balls will make your Christmas decorations look more festive. Here you can use two colors of Christmas ball to make it look more perfect at Christmas celebrations. Red and Gold Christmas Ball from @alex_s_2468.

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Snowflake Ornaments

Basically window is just a small part of your home, or it could be wide enough for some houses. This is the spot where you can look at the outside. In case Christmas is going to be in winter, to see through the window is really fun. You can see on how pretty the snow falls which is really calm and peaceful. Because of that fact, you can decorate your window with snowflake ornaments to get feels like the real snow inside your home.

This glass window is decorated with snowflake accents so it will bring a touch of winter. This snowflake is covered with yellow string light so that it will present a beautiful light at night. Yellow Lighted Snowflake from @ffiona_evans.

This snowflake is made using hot glue so it will look simple but still attractive. Here you can stick it on a glass window so it will be a perfect window decoration this Christmas. Hot Glue Snowflake from @moxie_montvale_nj.

Very festive. This glass window is decorated with lots of snowflakes so it will present a festive look. Snowflakes hanging on branches will present an aesthetic appearance and succeed in stealing the show. Hanging Snowflake from @helen_nichole_.

Using snowflakes for Christmas window decoration ideas is an interesting idea. Here you can use some mini lighted snowflakes. Then hang it on the glass window so that it will make your window decoration more alive. Lighted Snowflake from @setsuko91.

This snowflake is made using paper material so it is simpler and safer for children. Having a silver color theme will make it look more classy. Then you can hang it on the glass window so that it can steal attention. Silver Paper Snowflake from @grays_schoolwear.

Made using paper, this snowflake ornament looks very attractive in a simple way. Equipped with a dim lamp inside, this ornament snowflake will present a very stunning appearance. White Paper Snowflake from @josephinehallgren.

This kitchen window looks festive at Christmas celebrations with snowflake ornaments. Made using beaded and wire materials, this snowflake ornament will present an attractive appearance. You can hang three of these snowflakes in the window for a festive look. Beaded and Wire Snowflake from @life_on_the_brook.

This window glass looks very lively decorated with colorful lighted snowflakes so that it becomes the center of attention. Hanging with a neat triangular pattern will make your window look very perfect at Christmas celebrations. Colorful Lighted Snowflake from @jillyjillystudio.

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Liven Up with Stars

When it comes to Christmas window decorations, nothing brings out the holiday spirit quite like stars. Star are a great way to give your windows a festive look. There are many options for Christmas-star, including ones made of wood, metal, glass, paper or even plastic. These festive windows can add a touch of angelic warmth to any home.

This lighted star ornament has a small size but will present a festive appearance. You can hang it on the window so that it will make your window look more perfect this Christmas. Lighted Star Ornament from @the_hr_life.

This glass window is decorated with a lighted star ornament so it will make it look more festive. This star is big enough to make her stand out and steal attention. Large Star Ornament from @gryknottenfloz.

This star ornament is made using patterned paper material so it will make it look attractive and safe for children. Equipped with a hidden light will make this star look very festive and suitable for Christmas celebrations. Patterned Star Ornament from @hometextilewarehousediy.

Decorate your windows to look festive at Christmas. Here you can use a star accent which is made using glittery paper so it looks beautiful. Equipped with Lights will make it look very festive. Glittery Star Ornament from @sandro_hess_rheintal.

Presenting star ornaments on Christmas decorations is an interesting idea. Here you can use lighted star ornaments to decorate your Christmas window so that it will present a more festive look and manage to steal the show. Cardboard Star Ornament from @johannamassenko.

This window is very lively. Decorated with some lighted star ornamnet ornaments, it will make your winter Christmas decorations livelier. Equipped with a white string light so that it will provide beautiful and attractive lighting. White Lighted Star Ornament from @loft_cottage.

This star ornemant has an intricate pattern that will create a bohemian, festive look. Completed with lights, it will make it look very festive and perfect for Christmas decoration ideas. Colorful Star Ornaments from @vlatona.

These are some Christmas window decor ideas. With so many uses, you can find one that will fit your taste and decorate your home to the fullest.


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