How to Choose the Right Summer Lampshade to Beautify Your Home

Lighting is one of the important parts of your home that should be taken care of. It can’t be doubted that your lamp can give a certain pretty impression for your home decoration needs. Anyway, besides the kinds of lighting, you may also consider the lampshade. In this case, if you have only a simple lamp design, then you should make sure that you have an aesthetic lampshade. Another amazing thing about the lampshade is that you can also provide the seasonal decoration concept to your lampshade including this summer. For example, you can have lemon, watermelon, or fresh summer flower-patterned lampshade. The ideas will be wider than you can get on the following images.

DIY Summer Lemon Lampshade

The classic design is a fun and relaxed style, all of which you can apply to the use of a lampshade with a strong summer touch. The lemon pattern is the best option you can work on right now. Use an alcohol bottle that is no longer in use to be used as a summer table lamp design that looks DIY and vintage. The light generated from these lamps gives a warm impression to the room as a whole. Besides having an adorable appearance, this table lamp is also very attractive to anyone who sees it. Lemon Pattern Lampshade from twin_made

Hanging Pinaple Lampshade

If you need the best unique lampshade that you can use in any room of the house during the summer, then the pineapple pattern is one of the best choices that you can use right now. This ceiling light looks very cheerful because it is perfected with several different color combinations. Colors that can be combined are orange, pink, yellow. This is a friendly art style and certainly has color tones that help make your children’s room very attractive and may work elsewhere in your home with this similar decor. Summer Pinaple Lampshade from purple_cats_handmade

Red Watermelon Patterned

Are you looking for a modern way to add to your home decor while sticking to a summer theme? With this watermelon pattern lampshade, the light will reflect well and create a warmer feel in the room. It’s not enough to stop here, this lampshade with a watermelon pattern can also be made as a statement that can be seen clearly during the day or night. The red color gives an attractive impression and makes the room more lively. Bold Watermelon Lampshade from kitschrepublic

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Handmade Lampshade Decor

Red, yellow, pink and blue make for a color combination that will easily work for a floral pattern for your current lampshade design. You can make it with watercolors that have bolder colors and don’t fade easily when used for a long period of time. This theme will be very suitable when applied in a summer-style room. The feel of the room, which is dominated by plain white, makes this summer-style floral lampshade look clearer and is suitable as the focal point of the room. Watercolor Floral Pattern Lampshade from thelampshadelass

Mid Century Style Lampshade

This beautiful lampshade is made using a sheet of paper that has a printed leaf pattern dominated by a mix of green and white colors. This print pattern will create a touch of life in your room. It also has a more subtle pattern, combined with a tulip flower arrangement that can be placed right next to it to emphasize the summer theme. With this, the lampshade design is given a nice texture. When this lamp is a table lamp, just place it on the console table in the entryway area. Green Leaf Pattern Table Lampshade from lightingexperts

Tissue Paper Floral Lampshade

It doesn’t have to be too expensive to make a DIY floral lampshade. Now you can use tissue paper which will be easy to arrange according to your expectations. This floral pattern, which is dominated by pink, green and yellow, will stand out and be colorful. Certain folding patterns can help play with light in a good way. Not quite up here, the light that is produced will also be warmer and inviting. DIY Tissue Paper Floral Lampshade from papershades

Tropical Summer Bird Pattern

The round shape of this lampshade is perfected with a bird pattern which is perfect for application in a summer-themed room. In addition to having an attractive pattern, the color of this lampshade is also very prominent for the feel of the room which is dominated by plain white. Get this lampshade at the nearest craft store or you can make your own at a low cost. It’s not enough to get here, you can also put it on a console table that is often visited by your friends or family to be used as a charming multifunctional decoration. Summer Bird Table Lampshade from monicamanu_maison

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Vintage Floral Lampshade Ideas

With a colorful shade, this summer lampshade is a great idea if you are looking for something functional and artistic. Made of fabric that is painted with a floral pattern, it gives a touch of art from every corner of the room. When you turn it on. The light that will be obtained will enter through this floral pattern so as to provide pleasant lighting in the room. This summer lampshade design comes in several different sizes and shapes, you can choose the one that you like the most. Colorful Floral Lampshade from floral_vintage_home_

Bee Patterned Lampshade Design

Bees are one of the animal patterns that are suitable for use in the summer. Now you can try to apply it to the use of a lampshade pattern that can be used in one of the rooms of your house that guests often visit. Yellow, black and white are the colors in this bee pattern that work well together. This lampshade is made of cloth so it is not easily damaged or torn when used for a long period of time throughout the summer. Summer Bee Lampshade from buckfishuk

Pink Floral Lampshade

Have a lampshade with beautiful folds dominated by bright pink. This fold gives a new look that is not boring, usually this lampshade is widely used by table lamps that can be moved to any room of the house according to the lighting needs of the room. The small floral pattern dominates the surface of this lampshade which is suitable for use when summer arrives. Just use this lamp at night so that it can work better and maximally to illuminate a room. Pleated Floral Lampshade from fenellainteriordesign

Classic Style Sunshine Lampshade

Have you seen the sunshine lampshade design this summer? Yes, in addition to an attractive appearance, the light that enters through the gap from this lampshade will feel warmer because it is dominated by a touch of yellow. The installation of this lampshade must be careful and detailed because it is made of tissue material that is easily torn. Choose a lampshade pattern that matches your home decor so that it blends perfectly, when you have classic home decor, vintage patterns are a smart idea that you can use. Place this lamp in a room that requires additional lighting. Sunshine Lampshade from interiorslytham

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Greenery Print Lampshade

You can bring a sense of the outdoors into your bedroom with a lampshade that has a greenery print pattern. This is an interesting piece of art on the outside. Besides having a bright color, green tones can also work with a colorful summer decoration theme. You can get it as a general lighting style or ceiling pendant as well as in a variety of sizes. Just complete the existence of this summer lampshade with colorful tassel garlands and blooming flower arrangements that can be placed right next to this lampshade. Greenery Nightstand Lampshade from hannah_madden_printmaker

Pomegranate Lampshade with Bold Color

Not only flower patterns that you can try on your current summer lampshade use. As a different look and design, you can use a lampshade with a pomegranate pattern that has a splash of bold color. Yellow and dark blue become a color combination that is quite contrasting and of course can be used as a focal point of the room as well as room decoration that gives a striking color. Not only the lampshade, also harmonize the use of throw pillows that are in harmony with this lampshade so that they can work well together. Pomegranate Lampshade from driftwoodboutique_decor

DIY Colorful Rattan Lampshade

There is nothing wrong with using rattan woven material for the summer theme this year. You can apply it to the use of hanging lampshades in the decoration of the living room or dining room. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also repaint it with several different colors for a more attractive appearance and be a beautiful addition to the color of the room. Colors that can be combined are blue, red and white. These three colors can work well together in one accent lampshade. Colorful Rattan Lampshade from statusrow

Botanical Floral Lampshade

This stunning lampshade made using botanical paper designed with a floral and green leaf pattern can be used well as a table lamp in any room of your home. It features lifelike watercolor work by creating floral patterns in a variety of different colors. Besides having a subtle pattern, this botanical watercolor lampshade also makes for a lampshade design that has a nice texture. The green plants that surround this table lamp become a room decoration that completes the summer theme. Botanical Floral Lampshade from lornasyson


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