Decorate Your Wall this Spring with These 10 Ideas

It can be said that decorating the wall is the easiest way if you don’t want to do a too exhausting project to beautify the decoration this spring. Also, by simply decorating the wall, you will get the benefit to save the space of your house. It will be functional for you who have a small home space so that you don’t need to spend the space around and make your house be seen as crowded. There will be so many choices for your wall decoration from the simple ones to the ones that will need more effort. For the simple one, you can simply install the wallpaper there. Then, for the little bit difficult one, you can install 3D framed ornament. There are still so many kinds of wall decoration projects that you can choose as we will show you below.

DIY Paper Floral Backdrop

With plain white paper, you can present a project with a spring feel that is suitable for all rooms in your home. You can make rose flower crafts in one color for a great idea to try. Now make paper roses of various sizes and then hang them on the empty wall using strong adhesive glue. Different flower sizes make it appear more varied. The existence of this DIY flower is also perfected with a gold ring that is hung simultaneously at a close distance. With this floral decoration, your wall becomes a beautiful focal point. DIY roses wall decoration from

Hanging White Paper Roses from cutediyprojects

Pretty Spring Garland

Spring will bring new hopes and new dreams. Make sure you make wall decorations that make the room stay cheerful all day long. One of the easiest ways to bring a change of spring into your decor is to make roses pink garland. They become economical room decorations because you can get the main material in the backyard garden without having to buy it. Not only roses, you can also add greenery garland on top as an additional fresh color. Then finish with the application of a string light so that it can be seen clearly when your room looks dark. Pillows with floral patterns also emphasize the spring theme this year.

Pink Roses and Greenery Garland from cutediyprojects

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Springtime Floral Wreath

Don’t let your walls look plain and boring. Try to apply the crafts that you produce and of course have a style harmony with spring. For example, you can use a floral wreath that can be hung right in front of a mirror that has been neatly installed on the wall. This floral wreath is combined with a gold ring to make it easier for you to apply the green flowers and leaves. Hang this wreath using a white ribbon for a prettier look and end result, also consider the level of how to hang it to make it look more unique and maximized. Not only floral wreath, but you can also add several types of green plants that are applied on the table using clay pots of two different sizes.

Hanging Ring Floral Wreath from cutediyprojects

3D Framed Botanical Display

If you want to be artful with greenery and flowers, try this 3D botanical framed wall theme. You can choose two types of plants and three types of flowers with splashes of different colors and of course, you can adjust them according to your wishes. Also, consider using two frames with different materials and colors for a more varied look that doesn’t look boring. Frames with white and gold are a pretty good combination to try. Hang it at a distance that is not too far away so that it can be made as one of the focal points of a beautiful room and can also be used as a photo background with your family or friends.

Botanical Framed Wall Decoration from shelterness

DIY Pegboard Wall Decoration

If you have a pegboard with a size large enough, then you can make it a suitable wall decoration to welcome spring this year. Decorations that you can do are paint and repaint the pegboard with a blooming flower pattern which is perfected with a splash of pastel paint. Pastel colors that can be used are yellow, orange, blue and green. All of these colors will work well together to be applied in the same area. With this, this pegboard is ready to be used to welcome spring this year. Furthermore, the procurement of tulips around it is the right complement.

Floral Painting Pegboard from shelterness

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Framed Easter Egg Wall Decoration

Do you need wall decorations to welcome spring this year? If so, then you can use an Easter egg with a pastel blue color selection. To make it easier for you when applying to the wall, you can attach some of these Easter eggs to the white framed part. The surface of this egg also has a variety of different patterns so that it looks charming and not boring when used to decorate a plain brown wall. Complete this spring theme with a ceramic rabbit statue that has the same size as the frame used. Because this egg has a fairly bold color, it can be used as a different room view, you can try applying nine Easter eggs to one framed.

Blue Theme Easter Egg Framed from shelterness

Easy Spring Banner Ideas

The next funny craft project you can make is a spring banner combined with colorful DIY pom-poms. Spring banners are perfect for a boho-inspired wall hanging with a look that’s perfect for spring. You only need a white cloth as the background of the hello spring writing. Do this hello spring writing using black paint or permanent marker so that when washed it doesn’t fade easily. Do this wall decoration idea easily and cheaply with your family or friends on the weekend. Don’t forget to end it with white thread at the top of the banner as a tool to attach it to the wall more easily.

Fabric Hello Spring Banner from artsycraftsymom

Making Rainbow Macrame

Handmade macrame has a simple DIY wall hanging project that anyone can do. Using some yarn in rainbow colors for a more colorful look, start arranging them the way you want. Then complete it with white floral paper as an optional decoration which is very easy to do. After the macrame is perfectly arranged, you can hang it on an empty wall. Hang this macrame using a thread that is sturdy and doesn’t come off easily when used for a long period of time. Handicrafts are very on budget because they only use materials that are cheap and easy to find in your home.

Rainbow Macrame with Paper Floral from artsycraftsymom

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Applying Floral Wallpaper

Liven up your nursery room decor with the use of floral wallpaper on the walls that are still plain with white paint. This is one of the best ways you can present a spring theme this year. This wallpaper pattern has a variety of different colors so it looks more colorful and fun. You can get this wallpaper at the nearest craft store or you can buy it online at a price that is not too expensive. No need to use this wallpaper to all parts of the wall, you can simply apply it to the lower part of the wall. Furthermore, the use of colorful chandeliers is also a perfect interior that can add color pigment to the room instantly.

Colorful Floral Wallpaper from thespruce

Add a Bold Floral Painting

This part of the wall that is painted in black will look more beautiful and masculine when combined with a canvas painting that has a large enough size. Adjusting this painting with a spring theme and painting colorful flowers is a smart idea that you can try. Hang this painting right above the bed instead of a headboard. The modern minimalist and contemporary bedroom style fits perfectly with this painting. Furthermore, this room which is dominated by black and white colors makes this colorful painting look bolder and suitable to be used as a focal point that can spoil your eyes when you see it.

Large Canvas Floral Painting from thespruce


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