29 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas to Fill the Blank Wall Space

What comes first to your mind when we are talking about wall decor? Are you thinking about a certain style? If you have no idea, consider rustic as your wall decor. Rustic presents beauty through some natural materials, like wood, rattan, brick, and stone. These materials will not let your wall plain. They can be your DIY projects of wall decor to decorate your living room, dining room, bedroom, entryway, and other rooms.

In general, there are a hundred ideas for rustic wall decor. They are presented in this gallery below. But, some will be described as follow. The most common wall decor that everybody has is photo frames. To make a chic rustic wall decor, get wooden frames that look aged. It will be better for those with carving so that it looks beautiful with a vintage look. Set some frames from the small to the big ones to make a wall gallery. You can have black-white photos to enhance a rustic look. On the other hand, if you do not want to have wooden frames, you can make DIY wall-hanging photos to hang your photos with a rustic rope.

Moreover, to complete your rustic dining table decor, you can decorate your dining room with amazing wall ornaments. Bring a vibe of fall as your wall decoration by bringing dried flowers in metal vases. Then, have some wooden signs to beautify the dining room wall. Additionally, get a rustic pendant lamp to make an intimate ambiance for your dinner. Furthermore, for your living room, you can recycle your old window to be a great DIY wall decor. Its aged look makes a perfect rustic style. Hang a flower wreath to make it more adorable.

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Awesome wall decor will not only decorate your living room or dining room, but you can also put a creative wall decor like a wooden compass in your prayer room. It is helpful to know the Qibla. Likewise, for those who love being extraordinary, you can upcycle a gear from your old vehicles, like a tractor, bicycle, or motorcycle. It can be a unique yet gorgeous wall decor idea with a rustic style.


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