50 Ways to Decorate Your Spring Mantel

Well, when the winter is gone, you can turn your fireplace to be something that can add beauty to your spring home decoration. In this case, you can decorate the mantel with spring touches. Since during spring, you won’t need the fireplace just like during the winter times, so here, we do recommend you to juggle your mantel to be the additional decoration for your living room or any room that has the fireplace. It will be really easy where you just need to put some colorful and fresh things there so that it has the spring spirit. It will be such a good idea to utilize your mantel to beautify the decoration rather than let it just that way until the next winter.

Decorating the mantel could be in some parts. The first and the most common one is on the upper side of the mantel where you can put some ornament there. Since the season is spring, providing some blooming there will be awesome. Or, you can put some decorative candles that have spring touches. Then, you can also hang a wreath or garland to the mantel. This one is also something which is really common to do. Of course, you should choose the ones that have the spring design. Besides, you can also put the ornament in front of the mantel or beside the mantel. The ornament that can be chosen will be varied. For more complete information and decoration references, you can check out the following images.

Floral Spring Sign from prudentpennypincher

Farmhouse Fresh Spring Mantel from prudentpennypincher

Focal Point Greenery Wreath from prudentpennypincher

Greenery and Tulips Wreath from prudentpennypincher

Spring Vignette Mantel from prudentpennypincher

Deer Antlers Ornament from prudentpennypincher

White Theme Mantel from prudentpennypincher

Rustic Touch Spring Mantel from prudentpennypincher

Flower Painting Spring Mantel from prudentpennypincher

Barn Wood Shutter Decor from prudentpennypincher

DIY Triangle Paper Garland from prudentpennypincher

Clay Pots Spring Mantel from prudentpennypincher

Layered Spring Mantel from prudentpennypincher

Vintage Style Spring Mantel from prudentpennypincher

Easter Egg Wreath from prudentpennypincher

Turquoise Ceramic Bunnies from homedit

Fresh Flowers in a Vase from homedit

Vintage Window Pane as Backdrop from homedit

Easter Vase Tulips Mantels from homedit

Speckled Eggs Mantel from homedit

Symmetry Spring Mantel from homedit

Moss Wreath with Bird Eggs from homedit

Pastel Easter Egg Hunt Mantel from homedit

Classic Easter Spring Mantel from homedit

Birds Painting and Candle Holders from homedit

Symmetrical Tall Flower Vase from homedit

Old Framed Mirror with Greenery from homedit

Hanging Baskets Ornament from homedit

Easter Eggs with Flower Ornament with homedit

Colorful Yarn Balls from homedit

Elegant Spring Mantel from digsdigs

Gold Beanie and Vase Flower from digsdigs

Yellow Flower and Greenery Wreath from digsdigs

Rustic Touch Spring Mantel from digsdigs

Spring Nests Mantle Decor from digsdigs

Modern Spring Mantel from digsdigs

Arrangement Purple Flower Vase from digsdigs

Chalk Paint Clay Pots from digsdigs

Antique Touch Spring Mantel from digsdigs

Fresh and Bright Mantel from digsdigs

Colorful Symmetries Vase Tulips from digsdigs

Floral Branch Spring Mantel from digsdigs

Hanging Photos and Blooming Flower from digsdigs

Vintage Book Mantel from digsdigs

Box Greenery Spring Mantel from digsdigs

Monogrammed Spring Packages from digsdigs

Burlap Spring Garland from digsdigs

Branch Candles with Greenery from digsdigs

Arrangements Blue Jars from digsdigs

Vintage Mirror Decoration from digsdigs

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