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How to Decorate Lampshade Easily With Affordable Materials

A lamp may have similar light but can have different shade. If you want to have different lampshade…

A lamp may have similar light but can have different shade. If you want to have different lampshade pattern, you may create or buy it at certain store. However, it may tackle high price to get the best lampshade pattern. Further, apply unique lampshade may give you proud feeling. It makes the lamp looks special and inviting.

Using Lace Cloth

Using Lace Cloth


Using lace cloth as lampshade will not hard. However, you need to have basic tailor skill. After being tailored as the lamp shape, you may add a ribbon with beautiful flower. Put at your little girl bedroom.

Purple Bead Lampshade

Basically, this lampshade may need many days to create. If you don’t have time, you may buy it or ask someone to make this purple bead lampshade for you. Put at your favorite place whether your bedroom or office room.

Cloth Hanging Lampshade

If you have unused fabric at your cabinet or may be old fashioned cloth, you may change it as a beautiful lampshade. Choose the bright color fabric and cut it carefully. After that, sew based on the lamps shape.

Hanging Lampshade Using Basket

A basket may have many functions beside storage. Here, you can use it as lampshade that will improve your room decoration. It may not cost much but give eye-catching design.

Hanging Grater Shade

This hanging grater shade may look interesting to apply for your porch. Hang them in a wood log and hang them anywhere as you like. You can have more lamps to get brighter area.

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Bold Floral Fabrics

Give pop color for your lamp may look more interesting idea. Choose bold floral fabric with white basic color.  This may upgrade your bedroom to appear more cheerful but calm.

Repurpose an Old Sweater

Don’t throw away your old sweater! It may repurpose into another function, as lampshade. Cut the old sweater and sew it. Cover the lamp with it. Just make sure you have bright color sweater to have brighter light, but if you like darker shades you may apply dark grey or other bold colors.

Shabby Chic Look

Shabby chic is always inviting decoration style, include for lampshade. First of all you need to master rosette making to create this adorable lampshade.

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