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8 Pink Chandeliers To Beautify Your Little Girl’s Room Decor

Bedroom lighting choice will affect room decoration. For girl nursery room, you can use pink chande…

Bedroom lighting choice will affect room decoration. For girl nursery room, you can use pink chandelier. It doesn’t only add her bedroom lighting but also makes it look more inviting. Pink is most of women’s favorite color. Choose pink chandelier will be a great decision to make her happy. Check out these pink chandeliers that can be chosen as your little girl’s lighting;

Gypsy Inspired Pink Chandelier

Gypsy Inspired Pink Chandelier


This wonderful pink chandelier inspired by gypsy style. Looking at this chandelier reminds us about the beauty of life with free thinking. The room with pink gypsy chandelier may look more attractive and inviting.

Chandelier With Pink Rose Shades

Look at this sophisticated pink rose shades chandelier for beautiful girl’s room decoration. The dangling crystals look elegant to add beauty for your little girl’s room. Let the wall in white or change in other colors that match with this chandelier design.

Butterfly Chandelier

This butterfly chandelier looks amazing for your girl’s decor. Furthermore it has butterfly and flower accents to add its interest. When you switch it on at night, the light will appear sophisticated with any room colors.

All Pink Chandeliers

You may add gorgeous accent for your little girl nursery room with this all pink chandeliers. Whatever the room’s style, this chandelier will add little bit of glamour touch that improve nursery room decoration.

Light Carriage Chandelier

Light carriage chandelier will make your little girl’s room appear brighter. Shades of pink help it to look more feminine and sweet. Furthermore, this chandelier flowers lines on the edges of the shades make it more inviting.

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Arm Flower Garden Chandelier

It doesn’t matter how old your child is. With brown and pink color tone, this chandelier can accompany your girl to grow up. Even if she already becomes an adult, this chandelier still be able to apply to beautify her room beautifully.

Five Light Chandelier

Bring the spirit of spring season on your little girl bedroom. It has pink flowers with beautiful crystals that look elegant and charming. Let the room feel more romantic that will make her feel happy all time here.

Pink Crown Chandelier

Pretend that your little girl is a princess and actually she is yours. Applying this pink crown chandelier helps the room like a bedroom in a palace. Next, your project is to create a palace bedroom decor that will transform her as like as real princess.



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