How to Build a Dry Bar for Your Small House

Having your own bar is really worth it because you can enjoy the drinks freely in such a private one without needing to go outside. It will be also great if you can serve your guests the drinks in such a good way with a good facility. Anyway, if you don’t have the space left in your house for a bar, then you can simply have the small dry bar. It is a bar that is installed in a simple way without any sink there. It is commonly involved with the kitchen so you don’t need a special room for the dry bar. It can be really effective, save space, easy, and functional to consider having the dry bar be a part of your home decoration.

For your information, there are some ways that you can follow to build a dry bar. The first one is to prepare the cabinet. Then, you can paint the cabinet. It could be painted based on the home decoration concept that you want to have or simply adjust it based on your home decoration style. To complete your cabinet, you should install the bar top, upper cabinet, shelves, and features that are based on your needs. Make sure that you provide the proper storage or shelves for your bottles and beverage stock. You can find the proper dry bar that we have prepared below to get the best references.

Corner Bar from Realhomes

Built-in Vertical Bar from Deavita

Glass and Wooden Dry Bar from Deavita

Minimalist Dry Bar from Deavita

Close Dry Bar from Deavita

Blue Dry Bar from Deavita

Floor to Ceiling Dry Bar from Deavita

Built-in Dry Bar from Deavita

Maple Wooden Bar from Deavita

Lighted Dry Bar from Deavita

Natural Wooden Dry Bar from Deavita

White Dry Bar from Deavita

Letter L Bar from Thespruce

Small Bar from Thespruce

White and Black Bar from Thekitchn.

Rustic Mini Bar from Homebunch

Minimalist Dry Bar from Homebunch

Industrial Bar from Realtor

Small Dry Bar from Decoholic

Dark Built-in Dry Bar from Decoholic

Built-in Dry Bar from Decoholic

Painted Dry Bar from Realtor

Brown Wooden Bar from Realtor

Hidden Dry Bar from Decorpad

Cabinet Dry Bar from Decorpad

Wooden Bar from Decorpad

Glass and Black Bar from Decorpad

Half Moon Bar from Decorpad

Tall White Bar Cabinet from Decorpad

White Tall Bar from Decorpad

Blue and White Bar Nook from Decorpad

Small Dry Bar Nook from Decorpad

Light Grey Dry Bar from Decorpad

Patterned Dry Bar from Decorpad

Small Cabinet Bar from Deavita

Oak Dry Bar Cabinet from Deavita

Modern Bar Cabinet from Deavita

Dark Dry Bar from Deavita

Lighted Cabinet Bar from Deavita

Wooden Dry Bar Cabinet from Deavita

Unique Wall Bar from Digsdigs

Built-in Dry Bar from Digsdigs

Farmhouse Dry Bar from Digsdigs

Wooden Dry Bar from Digsdigs

Under the Stair Dry Bar from Digsdigs

Light Built-in Dry Bar from Digsdigs

Black and White Bar from Digsdigs

Folding Dry Bar from Digsdigs

Vertical Dry Bar from Digsdigs

Black Dry Bar from Digsdigs

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