25 Dazzling Winter Decorations for Your Door

No matter what room to be entered, when you can provide the proper decoration to the door, especially the seasonal decoration, it will always be fun to enter it. For winter decoration, there are so many ideas that you can apply to the door that decorating it is like a must. Well, mostly, the ornaments that are possible to be added to the door are something that is hung. But, you may also have the ones that are pasted there. For the kinds of possible ornament, you may have the wreath utilizing the materials that characterize the winter. Or, another interesting idea will be a wreath that can shape the winter figures like snowmen or Santa. The kinds of the wreath itself are really varied and you can surely buy it or make it yourself. Besides the wreath, there are still so many other ideas that we have for you. Check them out.

Scarf Wreath Design On a Budget

Do you have an old scarf that is no longer in use? If you have it, you can reuse it as a wreath design that can be hung on the front door of your house. The existence of this wreath scarf can emphasize the winter theme instantly at a low cost. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine fabric with evergreen and red berries to add color to your front door so that it looks more attractive. Previously you could also repaint the front door with plain white so that it can be used as a neutral background and make the wreath accent look clearer during the day or night. Scarf Wreath Design On a Budget from @thedailydiyer

DIY Pallet Snowman Front Door Decoration

No need to worry when you don’t have a lot of money to make a winter ornament that can be hung right on your front door as a statement decoration. Here you can use old materials that you have to turn into a DIY snowman that can be perfected by repainting, for example, you can reuse old pallets that are in your home warehouse. With the scarf accent on this snowman, you can use a cloth that is no longer in use. The black and white paint job on this snowman accent gives it a new look that looks like it will never go out of style. Hang it using a string that is quite sturdy with a hook that is already in this front door area. DIY Pallet Snowman Front Door Decoration from @tonalitydesigns

Greenery Snowman for Front Door Hanger

When you have free time on the weekends, you can make the right decoration for the front door of the winter hanger. For example, you can make a snowman ornament with greenery material that you can easily get in the backyard garden. Just make this natural snowman accent with a size large enough so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. To add a greenery color to this snowman, you can add bold colored ribbon accents such as red and two patterned mittens that are attached to the two hands of this snowman. When everything is installed properly then hang it on the wall using the hook that has been provided. Greenery Snowman for Front Door Hanger from @gordumsevdimdenedim

Sled Door Hanger with Snowflake Pattern

Sled door hanger is one of the classic modern decorations for winter this year. Get creative with DIY sleds that have been combined with snowflake patterns of various different sizes. Here you can repaint with a combination of brown and black which gives an instant modern and sleek impression. This sturdy and unbreakable rope becomes an easy accent for you to hang on a front door or your bedroom door. Hang this DIY winter door in a room that needs interesting decorations, try to make this door hanger decoration visible to everyone. Sled Door Hanger with Snowflake Pattern from @afewblocksfromhome

String Light Snowman Door Hanger

So that your white wooden door decoration does not look plain and boring, then you can make a DIY snowman which is quite easy to make yourself with the materials you have around your house. For example, you can make a snowman with dried root material so that it is quite sturdy and not easily damaged when used throughout the winter. Don’t forget to finish this snowman design with string light accents and a bold colored ribbon so that the final look that can be obtained is more attractive. Turn on this string light accent at night so that your door decorations can look brighter at night, white lighting is the best choice that you can use right now. String Light Snowman Door Hanger from @angelllcorona

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Mesh Snowman Wreath Design

When you don’t have free time to decorate the door in your house, then try hanging a snowman doll along with patterned ribbon accents and plain white mesh. These three materials or ornaments will work well together to decorate your wooden door. Ribbons that come in a variety of different colors and patterns add color and texture instantly. You can get all these materials easily and cheaply at a special winter craft store or you can also buy them online to make it more practical and hassle-free. After this wreath design is perfect and ready to hang, you need to prepare a rope or hook to install it. Mesh Snowman Wreath Design from @karensthreads

Little Snowman for Our Winter Door Decor

One way you can decorate your door in winter is to hang a little snowman that has a combination of white, blue and orange. These three colors will work well together for a maximally ornamental snowman finish as well. For the blue color, you can apply it to two flannel mittens that are attached as hand accents. Next for the orange color you can try it on the nose and the small button on the hat area. While the white splash can be applied to the snowman’s body as a whole so that it has an elegant appearance and is suitable for application to all room decorations including modern, farmhouse or contemporary themes. Little Snowman for Our Winter Door Decor from @pennedbypervin

Evergreen Hanging Wreath Ideas

Natural elements will be one of the decoration choices that will make your winter door decoration look more attractive. On this wooden door that has been repainted in white, these fresh and green fir leaves will be more charming because they have a neutral background. Just make this evergreen wreath yourself without having to buy it to save more on your budget. In addition, you can also hang it with a rope that is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t come off easily when hung for a long period of time, you can try it now easily. Evergreen Hanging Wreath Ideas from @flowerzdesign

DIY Winter Mitten Door Hanger

A wooden board that has been repainted in black can be used as a winter sign that you can install in any area of the room according to the decorations you need. Because your front door is still empty and plain, you can hang a winter sign that has been perfected with a mittens pattern and of course with several different color combinations. Green, blue and purple are a mix of colors that you can apply simultaneously to this winter sign. The wooden door which is dominated by this bright blue color will be the background that makes the sign look brighter and more modern, of course, you can try it now easily and cheaply. DIY Winter Mitten Door Hanger from @ourblessednestof4

Winter Fruits Wreath Decoration

Persimmons, pears, berries and ivy make for a blend of winter fruits and greenery that work well together for a wreath design. When everything is installed properly and according to the design you want, just hang it on the front door of your house. Because the materials used are natural materials, the colors produced will also be more vibrant, orange and green dominate this natural wreath design. Get all these ingredients in your backyard garden or in your fridge. Try to use fresh ingredients so they don’t rot easily when used for a long time. Winter Fruits Wreath Decoration from @lauradowlingtheflorist

Wreath Hanging Door Design Ideas

The best decoration you can do to welcome your guests in winter is to hang a natural wreath with a festive garland that has an attractive color combination that makes your front door look more alive. The wreath and garland are a combination of ornaments that will never fail to hang together in this door area. White painted wood and frosted glass are the right combinations for your front door design, frosted glass allows a lot of sunlight to enter the room so as to minimize the humid and smelly room. Christmas bells hanging on the wall scones lamp is a sweet finishing touch. Wreath Hanging Door Design from @carlyshomelife

Blue Paint Winter Door Garland

Don’t just focus on the decorations that can be applied to the front door this winter. Also pay attention to the color of the paint used. Blue is one of the best choices that you can try on this front door, the shiplap wood that dominates it gives a natural impression which is very suitable when combined with some of the green plants around it. Here you can hang a homemade garland with evergreen material around your house so you don’t need to buy it to save on budget expenses. Just hang it right above the door so it can be seen clearly. Blue Paint Winter Door Garland from @amflowersprofessionalflorists

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Winter Garland for Framed Door

This evergreen garland combined with a plaid ribbon dominated by a combination of red and black colors becomes an accent for you to hang on your front door as the best frame that you can try this winter. You can make this garland yourself to save more on your budget. Pinecones, birch, and sleds that stand upright next to the front door are an additional combination of natural ornaments that you can install in the best arrangement to produce a neat decoration. End this front porch area with a door design that has been repainted in a bold red color. Winter Garland for Framed Door from @katieplantsplants

Snowman Pattern Door Decoration

Don’t let your bedroom door look plain when winter arrives even though you have decorated all the rooms with winter decorations. For an easy way, you can coat it with snowman-themed stickers or if you have a talent for painting you can use this door as a medium to showcase your work. Paint a snowman using watercolors on the door that still looks empty and don’t forget to add a few motivational sentences that will lift your spirits when reading it. Snowman Pattern Door Decoration from @kennedyrena

Snowy Door Decoration Ideas

The snowy accent applied to a door in the room of your house emphasizes the winter theme instantly. Just apply this snowy accent in sufficient quantities so that it can be installed more evenly. You can get this Faux Snowy online at a fairly affordable price. This will give a unique and different look, not only you use garland and wreath so as not to produce a boring final decoration. Repaint the wooden door frame in blue so that it gives a brighter appearance and of course it is very suitable to try for those of you who want to save on expenses for decorating the door this winter. Snowy Door Decoration Ideas from @teach.play.grow

Repaint Blue Color Front Door Ideas

Give a different look to your front door decor by repainting it using a fairly bright color like pastel blue. This paint can be combined directly with a wreath design that you can hang using a satin ribbon that looks shiny when exposed to light reflections. This repaint on the front door is intended to have a more modern and not shabby look. In addition, blue is also one of the most suitable color choices and is very appropriate when applied to a touch of winter themes throughout the year. Just buy paint at the nearest store with a fairly affordable price choice. Repaint Blue Color Front Door from @prosecco_and_petals

DIY Crochet Snowflakes Door Accent

You can make these crochet snowflakes in several different sizes to make it look more varied and not boring. Now you can make it as a winter door decoration that you can attach to a circular frame that resembles a wreath shape. When making crochet snowflakes, you can use white material so that it has color harmony with the original color. The front door, which is painted in jet black, makes your snowflakes ornament look bolder. This additional monogram on the hanging door gives a personal touch that you can customize your initials with. The ribbon and mesh attached to the top of this loop make for a cute finishing touch. Crochet Snowflakes Door Accent from @rustandrefind

Rattan Woven Cone Door Hanger

Round wreaths are not the only option for winter front door decor. Snowy evergreens and pinecones that are applied to a rattan woven cone give a new, unique look that your neighbors haven’t even thought of. Complete this hanging wreath door with a light brown burlap ribbon so that it has a more inviting look. Wooden doors that have been repainted in bright colors also add an elegant look that will never fail to try. Get evergreen materials and pinecones around your house for free without having to spend a lot of money. Just try it lively and precisely. Rattan Woven Cone Door Hanger from @bebefinihome

Snowman Door Hangers

Impress your neighbors who see it with an awesome winter DIY snowman that’s easy to do yourself. Simply combine the snowman accent with some mesh fabric and ribbon in a variety of different colors and patterns to create a lovely winter door decor. One of the ribbons used has a red color that has color harmony on the mittens and scarf which is applied using watercolors. Next, use a red ribbon to hang this DIY snowman ornament on the neutral gray door. The final look of this winter ornament will be more inviting along the doorway to your home. Snowman Door Hangers from @beautifulmeshwreaths

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Frosted Snowflake Doorway

Complete the frosted glass look of your front door with a wreath and garland that perfectly frames the door. These two ornaments will be a combination that will never fail to bring a touch of winter instantly. What you can do here is add snowflake and snowman accents of various sizes so that it looks more festive and fun. Christmas balls that come with a variety of different color choices are also additional ornaments that you can install evenly in a neat arrangement. After both are installed neatly, their presence is ready to be used as an initial welcome for your guests or family who come to the house. Frosted Snowflake Doorway from @misscayces

Reindeer Ornament Wreath Design

Deer is one of the suitable ornaments when applied to a winter theme. For now, you can apply it to a wreath design that is dominated by pumice and white goose feathers. You can also make this deer ornament yourself with natural materials such as pinecones and dry twig accents for this deer antler. The addition of red berries to this wreath design will add color to the wooden door so that it has a more pleasant appearance and of course makes this door area more lively. This repaint on the door is intended so that a modern classic look can be obtained along with a touch of the autumn theme according to the ongoing season. All the materials you need can be found easily. Reindeer Ornament Wreath from @lauradowlingtheflorist

Hanging Pink Skating Door Hanger

Don’t just use old ice skating, when you have it with a look that is still nice and clean why not try it for your winter door decoration? Choose and use skating with pastel colors like pink to have a soft color contrast when combined with pastel blue doors as a background that will never fail to try. There’s nothing wrong with adding accents of greenery and red berries on this ice skating for additional natural colors that you can get easily and for free. Just design everything yourself so that the costs are not too much, this winter door decoration idea is suitable for those of you who want to decorate it on a budget. Hanging Pink Skating Door Hanger from @thewelltraveledstilettos

Vintage Look Ice Skating Door Ideas

Don’t throw away the old ice skating that you have at home, because now you can reuse it as one of the door decorations that is quite attractive when winter arrives. Complete the look of this skating with a few strands of faux evergreens that look greener and certainly won’t wilt and rot when used for a long time. You can also attach the small silver Christmas balls to the hanging door evenly for a more shiny appearance when exposed to the sun’s reflection. In this way, your old ice skating will be better and maximum. Just do this vintage door design yourself according to the design you want. Vintage Look Ice Skating Door Ideas from @tv_doorsandwindows

Winter Citrus Fruits with Floral Accents

Look at the door decoration that is perfected with this hanging citrus wreath, doesn’t it have a perfect color contrast to try? Yes, you can try it right now easily and lively. The yellow color that comes through the use of the citrus wreath provides a splash of color that is quite eye-catching. Furthermore, for the door, you can repaint it with a bright blue color so that it has a contrasting background and makes the decoration of your door more lively. Here you can use only citrus faux so that it can be used for a longer period of time so it doesn’t rot easily too. Winter Citrus Fruits with Floral Accents from @lauradowlingtheflorist

DIY Wooden Snowman Door Hanger

Adjust the design of your door with the decoration that will be used today. For example, when you have a door design with rustic or shabby chic materials, a wooden snowman ornament that has been repainted with the color of your choice is a smart idea that you can try right now. Snowman is one of the decorative items that is very suitable when used in winter. The combination of white with pink on this snowman accent will work well together to decorate your shabby wooden door. Complete the snowman hat with wire accents to make it easier for you to hang it on the nail that is already attached to your door. DIY Wooden Snowman Door Hanger from @dinonesdesigns


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