20 Ways to Add Winter Touches to Your Apartment

Living in an apartment, although only in a small space, providing the winter touches there will also be recommended. If you don’t want to make your apartment seen as crowded, then a few touches of the season to the decoration will be enough. In this case, the decoration won’t only be about the ornament to beautify your apartment decoration but also about the additional facilities or stuff that can give you comfort and support your activities during winter. Of course, that will be related to the weather and temperature where winter will require some additional layers and different materials to keep you warm. You can check on the following ideas for references about how you can make your small apartment have the winter touches and make your apartment to be proper to welcome the season.

Soft Material Table Runner Ideas

One way you can do to bring a touch of winter to the living room area of the apartment is to use faux fur fabrics for the furniture used in it. For example, you can coat the coffee table with a faux fur table runner with a splash of white which gives a soft touch too. Furthermore, on the top surface of this table runner, you can also decorate with candlesticks that are perfected with red berries and green plants that are still fresh. This table runner is capable of giving a warm feel and of course it will look clean throughout the winter because it can be washed again when it looks dirty. Faux Fur Table Runner Design from @deesignplay

Furry Armchairs for Apartment Living Room

Decorating the living room will certainly be a room that is often used to gather with your family or guests who visit the house. Therefore, when winter comes, you can use the appropriate furniture or interior. To emphasize this winter theme, try to use two armchairs with neutral white furry. These two armchairs will work well together when combined with a tufted sofa with a choice of soft and warm fabric layers. Both types of seats can be used comfortably together with a rug made of fur which will cover the floor so that the surface of your feet will feel warmer. Furry Armchairs and Tufted Sofa from @structure.arch

Sheepskin Throw Blanket on the Sofa

The use of a sofa that is used as a sitting area during winter is not enough when it is equipped with just a few throw pillows, but here you can combine it with a white sheepskin throw blanket that can be used by anyone when the temperature in the room feels warmer. cold. In addition to making your sitting surface warmer, the throw pillows and sheepskin blankets make your sofa feel more comfortable when used all day. Just choose and use different colors of throw pillows so that it looks more fun and not too monotonous, just copy this sitting area idea to be applied in the winter apartment living room area. Sheepskin Throw Blanket on the Sofa from @patterson_interiors_

Winter Apartment Bedroom Decor

A touch of winter in the bedroom apartment area can be easily obtained, one of which is by using the right interior. Start decorating the winter bedroom by using several layers of thick fabric to be applied directly over your bed. Furthermore, for the floor, you can cover it with a wide rug made of faux fur with a choice of a gray color. You can add a lounge chair with white color in this room as a relaxing area so that it makes you feel more relaxed. Wall paint with bright colors like yellow can be used as a room statement that will never fail. Winter Apartment Bedroom Decor from @thecharlestonboca

Modern Classic Living Room Ideas

Look at this wide and large rug, isn’t it very suitable when combined with a sofa and chairs in gray? Yes, the two interiors in this living room will work well together to display winter living room decorations with a classic modern theme. Here you can use a rug with an abstract pattern that is dominated by a combination of white and gray as well. Don’t forget to add some throw blankets on a chair or sofa as an accent or heating accessory that can be used by anyone who needs it. Throw pillows with knitted fabric are a smart choice that you can use because they have a warmer and softer surface. Modern Classic Winter Living Room from @onlyladiesandgentshomes

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Winter Balcony with Boho Vibes

When winter comes, of course, what you need is warmth, not only in the house, but you also have to provide that warmth. In order not to look monotonous and too plain, try to decorate your balcony with a touch of color and boho patterns. You can apply this boho touch to a throw pillow or rug. To add warmth when on the balcony, also provide a faux fur rug that you deliberately place in the sitting area. If you don’t like flashy colors, you can try a monochrome color, which is a combination of black and white. That way you will get a comfortable balcony view and also have the attraction to linger on the balcony for a long time. Winter Balcony with Boho Vibes from @thebalconybar

Candle Lighting for Apartment Bedroom

To add warmth while in the apartment bedroom, you can add several candle holders in different areas. In addition, the candle holder can also give a romantic impression when in the apartment bedroom. Don’t hesitate to use a large number of candle holders, because the more candle holders you use, the brighter the lighting in the apartment room without using lights. You can put some of these candle holders on several sides of the bed, for example under the bed or near the window. The lighting produced makes the room feel more dramatic and of course gives a different and warmer atmosphere. Dramatic Candle Lighting from @suzie_cuue

Beige Furry Bed Frame Design

Give a different look to the bed in your apartment when winter arrives. Cover your bed with a fluffy cover, so you will get comfort when you are resting after a day of activities. Choosing a furry cover is a smart idea, the soft and thick texture will certainly be able to warm your body to the maximum this winter. You also shouldn’t miss the right color choice, beige is perfect for giving a warm atmosphere to the bed. In addition, beige is a neutral color that you can easily mix with other colors. Perform routine maintenance so that the hairy bed frame that is used is free from dust and dirt. Beige Furry Bed Frame Design from @notis_karantzas

Warm Touch Color Winter Apartment

Furthermore, the color that you can use to decorate the winter living room is a combination of white with beige which neutralizes the color tone of the room to make it look more elegant and open. Here you can cover the wooden floor with a beige rug furry. Next, you can use a white sofa linen design which has a softer and softer surface. To complete the decoration of this living room, you can use a wooden coffee table that has been repainted with a transparent color so that it has a more glossy appearance. Here you can relax with your family or friends comfortably and warmly of course. Do this room alone to the maximum. White and Beige Combination Winter Apartment from @notis_karantzas

Dramatic Light for Industrial Apartment

Look at the decoration of the winter living room in this apartment, doesn’t it have a dramatic look that makes it feel warmer and more comfortable? Yes, you can try this living room decoration right now. What you can do here is dominate the room with orange lighting, for example, you can take advantage of candle lighting or fire lighting that comes from using a fireplace in this room. Hanging snowball ornaments that are hung to the ceiling in sufficient quantities add a unique impression that will never fail. Tufted leather sofa which is combined directly with a layer of faux fur fabric into a combination of furniture that you can have right now, the Christmas tree is the final touch that you can place symmetrically in this living room. Dramatic Light for Industrial Apartment from @spacespng

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Cozy Winter Wonderland Apartment

Warm up the winter atmosphere in your apartment with a stunning living room wonderland decoration. An easy step you can take to create a wonderland atmosphere is to use decorations that are full of imagination. A large wall sticker with a unique character that is pasted right above the fireplace is used to make a statement in a different room. You can also use a string light as a wonderland decoration lighting in winter, with this string light, the view that you get will look more maximal and also real. The fireplace becomes an accent for heating the room temperature that you can use as needed. Winter Wonderland Apartment from @ray4kthy

Neutral Color Winter Living Room

Neutral colors that you use as living room decorations in winter are a good step. Neutral colors that you can apply for example white, this color will not turn off the atmosphere of your living room in winter to be unattractive. Precisely the white color in the living room will reflect light into the room perfectly, so it will create a bright and warm room. To provide a color contrast that is not so striking in the living room, you can also add gray to be applied to the sofa in this living room. All the colors used in this winter living room will work well together and of course give a more elegant final look. Neutral Color Winter Living Room from @ulrikaenoksson

Thick Fabric Bedding Design Ideas

Several layers of thick fabric that are applied right above the bed are the best ideas that you can do to the maximum. Here you can use it through the use of warm bedding and furry blankets. Just arrange everything neatly on the bed that is used to add warmth to your body while resting in the bedroom this winter. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add wood accents in this room to be used as a headboard design with a smoother outer surface and of course, it has a glossy surface because it has been repainted with transparent wood color. Pillows with a sufficient number of pillows make your sleeping surface softer and more comfortable. Thick Fabric Bedding Design Ideas from @ivarlondonofficial

Rustic Winter Bedroom Decoration

Using a rustic theme in winter decorations is the right step you can do. The rustic decoration is very suitable when applied to the bedroom, lining the bedroom walls with wood accents that can add a warm atmosphere when winter arrives. You can also use a classic bedside lamp that radiates warmth at the bedside. To add a rustic impression to your bedroom, try using a knitted pillow, a knitted pillow that has a classic motif will maximize its appearance in this main room. Also, add a thick blanket over your bed to add warmth when you rest day or night. A headboard with a plaids pattern is a finishing touch that you can use as well. Rustic Winter Bedroom with Knitted Pillow from @coraleemonaghaninteriors

Winter Themed Throw Pillows

To emphasize the winter theme in your living room, don’t just use thick blankets and interiors that make you feel warmer. For now, you can emphasize this theme on some throw pillows that are used in the living room to be placed on the sofa that is used. For example, you can use a throw pillow with a snowflake pattern and they have words that match the winter theme. One of the throw pillows and blankets placed on the gray chair has a splash of bold color, namely a combination of red and white that can be used as a room statement. Hanging evergreen wreaths that are hung right above the sofa are additional decorations that you can design yourself according to the designs and materials you have in mind. Winter Themed Throw Pillows from @chapajaz

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Apartment Dining Room Winter Vibes

Prepare your dining room decoration with a winter theme that you can do yourself according to the decor you want. For example, when you use a tufted stool, you can cover the top surface with a throw faux fur blanket as a warmer accent that can be easily found in your wardrobe. Furthermore, a Christmas tree that is high enough to be the main decoration that you can place right in front of the dining table is used as a decoration as well as a different and certainly more unique sight. The dining room floor covered with an abstract rug makes the surface of your feet feel warmer, softer and comfortable all day long while in this room, you can try this dining room decoration this year for a very easy renovation to do with the family you on the weekend. Apartment Dining Room Winter Vibes from @victoriakatehome

Mid-Century Look Winter Room

Prepare a small area that you can use as a place to relax or a relaxing area that can be used by anyone who needs it. Here you can decorate it according to the current season, when in winter a warm area is a smart choice that you can do. For example, you can cover the chair with a throw blanket that has a thick material and is perfected with a white snowy pattern. The handle or frame of this chair is also made of wood which adds a warm feel and a natural look that brings a touch of the mid-century apartment to this year’s winter theme. The small Christmas tree that is placed right next to this mini chair is an additional decoration that you can choose as a beautiful room texture and of course you can easily do it yourself. Mid Century Winter Apartment from @kimerim

Patterned Apartment Bedroom Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with adding different patterns and colors to your winter bedroom decor, this is done to make it look more unique and attractive. Just try to apply a large herringbone pattern to bedding with very thick layers or fabrics. The selection of bedding with thick fabrics is intended so that you can rest more comfortably. Then a few throw pillows that are neatly arranged on top of your mattress become the last accent you can use, here you can use one of the throw pillows with different patterns and colors to make this room look more alive. Patterned Apartment Bedroom Ideas from @aptsforrent

Winter Themed Coffee Table Decor

Pay attention to the decoration of the coffee table in your winter living room. Don’t let it look monotonous, tacky or out of date. Choose and combine several different ornaments on this coffee table. For example, you can combine a small white deer ornament with some candle lighting that makes the room feel warmer. Furthermore, to emphasize the winter theme in this living room, you can cover the floor with a furry rug and use one of the throw pillows with a choice of textured velvet material which has a softer and more comfortable surface. Winter Themed Coffee Table Decor from @ulrikaenoksson

Warm Chunky Rug for Covered Floor

Even though wood floors are the right choice in winter, you need to recover them with a chunky rug that has a thick enough material. In addition to making your footwear warmer, this Chunky rug also makes your footwear softer and softer so that it can keep your feet warm. In every chair and sofa that is used, it is also necessary to add some throw pillows so that the sitting area is softer, choose faux fur or velvet materials so that they can work together with winter more optimally. This apartment living room decoration is ready to be used anytime along with your family or friends who will visit. Chunky Rug for Covered Floor from @stirling_ackroyd


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