21 Tricks to Decorate the Living Room Decoration in Small Space

A cozy living room is everyone’s dream. To make it true, there are some aspects to consider like the furniture, color scheme, lighting, the arrangement, and so on. In dealing with a living room, it may be easier to organize the larger than the smaller one. Small living room forces us more to get some tricky ideas on managing our furniture.

There are some tips to make your small living room to be a larger one. By applying these smart tricks, it surely will make your small living room seems like it is larger. To get some smart tricks and inspirations, read the following description and check out the pictures.

Bright Color Schemes

It is not a secret anymore that applying white as your small room can make it looks airy and larger. This timeless color is suitable to apply for the wall, floor, and furniture. If you want to apply other colors, it would be welcomed. Blush pink, pale blue, and dusky lilacs will make a small living room fresher and more inviting.

This pink blush wall blends nicely with the white wall to give a fresh impression to this small living room. This small French style living room also features hardwood floors for a warm and inviting look. This cozy vintage-style seating area set makes for an eye-catching look. Pink blush wall from thespruce.

The clean white color in this small living room gives the illusion of a fresh and spacious room. Here is an interesting room decoration idea for you to try. This dark wood floor complete with a tribal patterned rug creates the perfect contrast. This large potted fig plant also provides a natural, fresh space throughout the room. Clean white color scheme from thespruce.

The white color scheme and large window on one of the walls of this small living room give the illusion of a bright and spacious room. This white sofa which is equipped with several pillows gives a warm and comfortable impression to the entire room. This large abstract painting above the sofa creates the perfect focal point for the room. White color scheme from hgtv.

The beige color scheme on the walls of this living room is complemented by a trellis pattern to give it a unique and stylish look. With the help of this large window will provide perfect lighting in this living room. This beige sofa is also equipped with several color cushions to provide extra comfort in this tiny living room. beige color living room from hgtv.

The beige color scheme in this small living room lends a warm and serene feel to the entire room. Adding a large window on one of these walls will make the room light and airy. Adding a matching color sofa complete with orange cushions gives it a trendy look. Beige color scheme from hgtv.

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Right Seats

Next, choose the right seats that match to your need and living room style. If sofa gobbles up your living room space, then consider to replace it with snuggler. This idea will not lessen the convenience of your living room.

A neutral sofa can help lighten up this small living room. Choosing a snuggler sofa complete with cushions brings a stylish and comfortable design to the entire room. Complete with floor lamp lighting to create dramatic lighting throughout the room. Right sofa from idealhome.

In this small living room you can complete the decor with a soft leather snuggler sofa. This design will give a sophisticated and inviting look. Complete with patterned pillows and this bulb chandelier creates an interesting room design for you to try. You can use this open shelf for easy storage of ornaments. Soft leather snuggler sofa from idealhome.

Complete the decor of your small living room with a snuggler sofa to add to the comfort of this room. Complete the look with pillows to create a cozy room decor. A quirky armchair, ottoman coffee table and blue rug complete the décor of this living room. Large windows with white trim also present a spacious and airy room design. Gray snuggler sofa from idealhome.

This leather snuggler sofa gives a cozy and warm look to the decor of this room. This idea will not reduce the comfort of your living room. Don’t forget to add some pillows and blankets to create a cozy room. Complete the look with a glass coffee table and side table for a stylish look. Leather snuggler sofa from idealhome.

To maximize your space, you can add a snuggler sofa to add extra comfort to your room. Don’t forget to add some patterned pillows for added comfort. Placing the sofa near the window will give it a bright look. This off-white color scheme will give the design room a spacious and airy design. Snuggler sofa from idealhome.

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Pay Attention to The Storage

You cannot ignore the storages of your living room, for some newspapers or megazines. Get your storages hanging on the wall to save the space. Rattan baskets, shelves or racks can be hung up on the wall. Furthermore, get some functional furniture to maximize their functions in a minimal space you have. A coffee table or sofa with storage helps you to store your stuffs.

Built-ins around this sofa provide additional floor-to-ceiling storage and are a great design addition to this small living room. Internal storage can provide the perfect place to make good use of those awkward corners. Complete the decor with an L-shaped sofa to create the perfect room decor. Built-ins storage from hgtv.

The storage rack in this living room provides a stylish room design and will steal the attention of many people. You can put it on your living room wall to be the focal point of this small living room. This idea will make it easier for you to store various ornaments and book collections so that the room becomes neat. Storage rack from digsdigs.

This small living room storage idea gives it a neat and uncluttered look. Applying this bookstore under the stairs gives a neat room decor. This floor sofa complete with a round coffee table will complete the stylish decor of the room. Bookstore under the stairs from digsdigs.

This floor-to-ceiling high shelf provides a unique décor for the room as well as being the perfect focal point of the room. In addition, this shelf will make it easier for you to store various items or ornaments neatly. Placing this behind the sofa is a brilliant idea for you to try. Floor-to-ceiling high shelf from digsdigs.

Complementing the room decor with this corner floating shelf will make it easier for you to tidy up this living room. You can easily store various ornaments and greenery in the pot to give it a perfect look. This decorating idea creates a unique look and steals the attention of many people. Corner floating shelf from digsdigs.

Install a Large Mirror

Do the same idea by hanging a large mirror. It can help you to make your tiny space looks bigger and make a reflective light from its surface.

This large mirror with an open wood frame brings a rustic design to your small modern living room. Choosing this mirror can help you to make your small space look bigger. In addition, this mirror will also help reflect light so that it makes your room look bright. Combined with this white color scheme will give a spacious room. Wood frame mirror from hgtv.

This mirror placed above the small living room fireplace will help reflect light from an adjacent window and add light to the fireplace brick wall. With this design, your small living room will also look more spacious and airy. Combined with this beige color scheme it will help you create a warm and serene space throughout the room. Mirror above fireplace from thespruce.

If you have high ceilings, try an old school rectangular mirror. Putting it on this sofa will help you create a spacious and airy room decor. Combine with this window will make the room brighter. Combined with the white color scheme and hardwood floors, this also gives the room a bright and warm feel. Old school rectangular mirror from apartmenttherapy.

You can also get a large old mirror and place it behind your sofa. This is a simple way to make a small living room décor more spacious and bright. Plus, it’s a great way to create the perfect focal point of a room. Opting for a large frameless mirror will give your living room a trendy look. Large frameless mirror from apartmenttherapy.

If you do not have a large room, you can apply a mirror attached to the door of your house. This idea of placing a mirror will help you create a large and bright room. This mirror can also be a focal point of the room so as to provide a stylish living room design. Mirror door from apartmenttherapy.

This larger rectangular mirror is for a small living room design. Applying to this room will help you create a spacious and airy room decor. This wooden framed mirror will bring a rustic feel into the room and this decor will be the perfect focal point of the room. Larger rectangular mirror from apartmenttherapy.

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Now, you do not need to be worried about your small living room as you can take some smart tricks above.


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