Easy Rustic Decor Ideas for a Tiny Living Room

The rustic decor would be the right choice for those who wish to create a cottage retreat at home. This decorating style can also help you strengthen the natural ambiance at home. This is because rustic accents itself are very attached to earthy elements such as wood and stone. Most importantly, you can also build a rustic mood in a small room. So, here are some inspiring rustic decor ideas for a tiny living room you must try.

Place a Rustic Wood Side Table

To bring rustic spirit into a small living room, start with something small but have interesting details. For example, you can put a wood side table as a rustic accent. You can also make this type of furniture as the highlight of your rustic living room concept.

With a wooden table that has an extra underneath rack in cool black iron board, you can provide a good combination for decorating your living room.
A wooden table that has a simple impression, which has additional storage above and below so that it can provide a nice and enchanting decoration for your living room.
This one is an ottoman table which not only gives a rustic impression into the decoration of the living room but it also gives a comfortable impression.
There are so many rustic living room decorations but this one has a different and a good one if you use it. With a simple wooden table with additional wheels, you can make a unique impression into the decoration of the living room.
This one is a nice rustic living room with a multifunctional wooden table that has additional storage that is able to provide completeness of decoration for the living room.
This is a very unique wooden table which can be folded to cover the storage under the surface. You can have it if you want to store your things.

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Put a Large Faux Fur Rug 

For those seeking rustic living room decorating ideas, consider purchasing a large faux fur rug. It would be a valuable investment for your rustic room, too. Most importantly, this type of rug can make the room look cozier and welcoming.

This one is a brown furry rug that has a soft impression. You can put it for your living room in order to have a nice decoration which look attractive.

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Put this decoration into your living room. With a fluffy white carpet that is very soft and comfortable can beautify the decoration of your rustic living room.
This fluffy rug has a very good pattern which is suitable when you combine it into the decoration of your rural living room. With this decoration, your living room can have a dazzling decoration.
The pattern that this faux fur rug has looks harmonious with the pattern of the cushion which is adorable. You can try to copy this mix and match.

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Install Rustic Floating Shelves

To create a rustic atmosphere, you do not need to remodel the whole living room design. Simply insert a simple but eye-catching detail like rustic floating shelves. You can also use them to set some attractive rustic decor items. This way is definitely more budget-efficient than remodeling the full concept of your living room.

This one is another thing that might be important for the living room you often forget. The simple wooden hanging racks may not be good for decoration but can provide benefits as storage or to put ornaments for the living room.
If you want to have a nice living room decoration and have simple storage, you can use this idea. With a wooden hanging rack on the wall, can facilitate you to put goods or ornaments.
Use a simple wooden hanging rack to your living room so that your living room has a different additional decoration.
This floating shelve is a little bit different as it has the black big nail to strengthen the rustic impression.

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A simple wooden beam that you can use as storage by putting it on the wall so it becomes a hanging rack that can complement the decoration of your living room.
Having a living room decoration that has a rustic impression might not be complete if you haven’t added additional simple wooden storage racks to it.

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Accentuate with Rustic Vintage Ladder

By placing some vintage details, you would easily pull your rustic living room off. As for the rustic concept, accentuate your tiny space with a vintage ladder. This item can even be made by yourself and is one of the space-saving decorations. Also, the vintage ladder becomes an eye-catching detail that can build the character of the room.

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Wooden ladder like this can be used as good storage, especially if you put in the decoration of your living room. It can provide very nice decoration and looks beautiful with the greenery.
This wooden ladder looks soft with its color. You can put rattan ornament to give such a harmonious impression.

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Installing the ladder to the nook can be a good choice as you can make use of the blank spot in your house with something that can create the rustic style touch.
This ladder rack looks even more sturdy. With this kind of ladder rack, you can put some heavy things as it will be safe on the rack.
Rattan baskets that added under the ladder rack look really effective and functional. You can use it to differentiate the owner of the things inside the basket.

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In black color, this ladder rack looks fierce and masculine. It fits you well if you are a kind of manly person.

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Let’s create your own charming living room with the help of rustic decor ideas above!

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