24 Inspiring Kid-Friendly Living Room Decor to Manage The Chaos

As parents, we want to always see the living room look neat, orderly and far from the chaos. In addition, we must always strive to create a comfortable and kid-friendly living room. Not only that, we always want to provide the best decoration, without forgetting the value of functionality. For those of you who have children. You will surely know how important each piece of furniture is in your living room. The crew to consider is furniture that is safe, environmentally friendly and not dangerous. So it is not only functional but still, kid-friendly.

Storage Seating

First, how to put smart household furniture. For example with this storage seating. Not only does it help you avoid clutter, but it also functions as a main living room furniture. Also, pay attention to motives and comfort. For children, you should avoid dangerous materials such as glass. So, the ottoman chair design with rhombus motif is perfect for your kid-friendly living room. With this, you also mean adding safe children’s toy storage media.

Home decoration using a gray ottoman complete with storage under it will complement the living room of your house. Place it behind the sofa to maximize space. Gray ottoman from organisedprettyhome.

This ottoman with wooden crates helps you avoid clutter in a kid-friendly living room. By this, you also mean to add storage media for children’s toys that are safe. Wooden crates ottoman from homebnc.

This ottoman can serve as a toy storage in your kid friendly living room. This chair also serves as furniture in the main living room. Ottoman for toy storage from hgtv.

Small Cozy Corner

To create a kid-friendly living room, you should avoid dangerous materials. So, it never hurts to try a stylish wooden coffee table design. You don’t need to worry about a cool living room. With this coffee table, your living room will still look elegant and definitely kid-friendly. Furthermore, it would be better if you put the coffee table in one corner of the room. So that you will not reduce the child’s playroom.

Putting a coffee table in the corner of the living room provides space for your child to play. With this coffee table, your family room will still look elegant and of course child-friendy. Round wooden coffee table from onecrazyhouse.

Placing a coffee table complete with children’s chairs will provide a play space in the corner of your living room. To make it more attractive, you can add a white tent beside the table. Coffee table with children’s chairs from homemydesign.

This gray coffee table provides a playroom for your child. Add a child chair to complete the room decor. Gray coffee table from homemydesign.

With this coffee table, your family room will still look elegant and of course child-friendly. Placing it in the corner of the room which is equipped with several children’s games will make your little one feel at home in the living room. White coffee table from homemydesign.

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Wall chalkboard

Have you ever thought that installing a chalkboard is very useful? Aside from decorating the empty living room space. It means that you provide a child-safe area. In short, children will enjoy the room and the room still looks stylish. In addition, you can directly supervise children playing with the learning process. A case of writing or drawing on an available chalkboard. Consider this and have a kid-friendly living room.

Adding a large chalkboard to one of the living room walls will create a kid-friendly décor. So you can immediately supervise children playing with the writing or drawing process on the available boards. Large chalkboard from homedit.

Let the children draw on the wall. Don’t worry, you can paint the chalkboard on a small wall so it doesn’t get messy. So that it will produce a child-friendly living room. Wall chalkboard from homedit.

Completing a kid-friendly living room decor with the addition of a house-shaped chalkboard on one wall will make the child write or draw at a creative level. This method also functions as a decoration for an empty living room. House-shaped chalkboard from petitandsmall.

Providing Toys Containers

Feel dizzy with too many children’s toys. Even usually scattered where the place and did not have time to tidy it up again. Well, this is the time to train your children to be responsible. For example by providing plastic storage for each of their toys. Plastic is not only kid-friendly but also lightweight and easy to get. You can easily train them to return toys after use with separate storage.

The selection of plastic toy containers makes it easy for you to store children’s toys in the living room. Plastics are not only kid friendly but also lightweight and easy to come by. Plastic toy containers from onecrazyhouse.

This plastic storage will create a kid-friendly living room decor. Plastics are not only kid friendly but also lightweight and easy to come by. Plastic storage under table from formandfunctiondesign.

Using this plastic storage complements storage in a kid-friendly living room. You can easily train them to return toys after use with separate storage. White plastic container from idealhome.

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Low Storage Basket

Children are creatures with high curiosity. No wonder they like to take things that make him curious. Take a look at this table replacement storage basket design. Looks sweet as a container of books, or folding paper. The low design makes it easy for children to store and retrieve the books they want. Indeed, you can not put coffee there, but you give children the opportunity to be independent. The straps on the basket add sturdy and strong for active children.

The low storage basket will make it easier for your child to easily store and retrieve the books they want. Place it next to your sofa for the perfect decoration. Low storage basket from hgtv.

A console table with a storage basket underneath will make your room tidier. You can use it to store books and some of your child’s toys. Console table with a storage basket from designingidea.

Using a woven basket storage will make it easier for you to tidy up your living room. The low design makes it easy for children to store and retrieve the books they want. woven basket storage from designingidea.

This woven basket has a very good function for you to apply in your living room. It can serve as a storage area for your child’s books and toys. Low woven basket from idealhome.

Kids Artworks

Did you know that children will be very happy if you display their work in any form? For example, the following child artwork decoration, which is almost entirely the work of a child. Not only produces a living room but will give you happiness. Frame artwork with matching color frames and hang them on an empty space. Not only lively, but you will also be seen as a wise parent.

Using open shelves to place your child’s artwork is a great idea for you to try. You can combine it with several other wall ornaments for an attractive appearance. Open shelves with child’s artwork from idealhome.

The addition of wall art to the living room will create an interesting decoration for you to try. This method will easily appreciate your child’s creativity. Kids wall art from sassymamahk.

You can attach children’s artwork to your living room wall. For an interesting look, you can add a white frame for the perfect contrast. Framed children’s artwork from housebeautiful.

The gorgeous look in this kid-friendly living room is complemented by artwork pinned to the walls. In this way it will make a stunning decoration. Artwork kid-friendly living room from madebymood

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Hidden Rack

Laying the coffee table in the middle of the living room tends to be prone to chaos. In fact, you will also reduce children’s play space. Why not with this side or behind the coffee table. Even if you are behind, you must pay attention to the value of the function. So it is important for you to pay attention to its size, width, and breadth. The design along the sofa and squeezed between the sofa and the wall gives a more sense of security.

To create a clean and tidy family room, you can add hidden shelves to the walls of the room. Use it to store some of your child’s books and toys. Hidden shelves from sebringdesignbuild.

Hanging Baskets

Now you do not need to be confused with toys or anything that is not used. Store in this hanging basket. Installing a hanging basket is not only a decoration but also helps you to overcome the chaos. You can store blankets or children’s toys that are rarely used here. And when they want it back, you can easily search. Rattan material is very environmentally friendly and safe as well as lightweight to hang.

Hanging a few baskets of plants will create the perfect decor for a neat living room decor. You can save some of your child’s play easily. Hanging baskets storage from onecrazyhouse.

An attractive living room decoration with hanging a few wicker baskets will make it easier for you to store your child’s toys easily. Rattan is very environmentally friendly and safe and lightweight to hang. wicker baskets from idealhome.

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