How to Create Luxurious Look in Small Living Room

The luxurious living room doesn’t always involve a large space. You can turn a small living room into a luxurious lounge. Combining the right furniture, materials, color, and layout will turn a small space into a posh hideout. Here are some tricks to create an opulent living room in a limited space.

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Panels

Large glass panels are the main features of many modern luxury architectures. You can create a modern luxury by installing floor-to-ceiling glass panels. They may serve as windows or sliding doors, bringing natural light inside and creating a more spacious feel.

Your luxurious living room decoration will not look bright and perfect without sunlight entering the room, so in this decoration you can install ceiling glass panel windows to the floor that have length, width and width. Pair these high windows with a black metal frame for a nice color contrast and won’t be a sight to the eye. This window idea is highly recommended for remodeling your current living room. Floor to ceiling glass panels with black iron frames from digsdigs.

You can try a glass window with a larger and wider size to decorate your luxurious and modern living room. If this window uses curtains, then open these curtains as wide as they are to keep the sunlight in the room maximally. Do not forget to match the color of the window frames with wall paint for an elegant and timeless room decor. Glass bulb lights become the main lighting that you can use at night. Match the window frame color with wall paint from digsdigs.

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2. Modern Minimalist Sofa Set

Buy a sofa set with a modern minimalist design to adorn a luxurious living room. Make sure the sofas have the same design to create a seamless look. The current luxury trend involves simple design with unique flairs. For example, a white sofa set may have brass or black-coated legs.

To keep your living room decor minimal, just use a linen sofa with one matching color, dark gray. This color is one of the neutral color choices so that it is easy to mix with whatever interior is around it. This black iron table leg is a color combination that produces a cool and out-of-date masculine room color tone. Gray linen sofa with black iron table legs from digsdigs.

White sofas with a touch of gold in some of these interiors give a luxurious impression that never goes out of style. This window shutter provides sunlight freely into the room so it doesn’t feel dark. The herringbone wooden floor provides a comfortable fit and provides a smooth, non-rough surface. White sofas with a touch of gold on several other interiors from digsdigs.

3. Statement Lamps

Lamps with distinctive designs add attractive charms in a small living room design. Don’t hesitate to splurge for a high-quality modern pendant lamp with a contemporary style. Choose an elegant and demure design to make it look timeless. You can also install modern sconce lights near functional areas to improve the room.

Choose and combine chandeliers with light wall scones with yellow lighting to give the living room a warmer and more dramatic feel. You can turn on all the available lights at dusk for a brighter appearance in the room. This lamp is also the main light source that can help you during your night activities in this living room. Combination of chandeliers with wall scone lamps from thespruce.

Perfect your luxurious and contemporary living room decor with sculpted LED lights that hang from the ceiling. Meanwhile, this globe floor lamp is a light counterweight that can help illuminate the room optimally. This lamp has a white light which is perfect to turn on when the weather outside is getting dark. Sculptured LED light with globe floor light from thespruce.

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4. Marble Surfaces

Marble is still a classic choice for creating luxurious rooms. Marble tiled provide instant upgrades in a small room. You can layer it with marble tiles to suit the floor or applied to the walls.

This square marble floor will be the perfect base for a luxurious and open space decoration. The living room dining room combo is a good combination of rooms and becomes a decoration that never gets boring. Shades of white make for an elegant look and give a broad impression. Do not forget to apply green plants on the table as an instant fresh decoration. Square marble floor from architecturaldigest.

If you use white nuances in a luxurious living room decoration, then for furniture ideas you can use matching colors. Don’t forget to use marble floor for additional luxurious and contemporary accents. This transparent glass wall makes the room look more open and spacious. Use enough furniture so as not to interfere with your space when you are in this luxurious living room decoration. White marble floor from architecturaldigest.

5. Beautiful Artworks

Having artworks at home is often a sign of success. With that logic, installing artworks in a small living room will make it look posh. You don’t need to fill up all the walls with artwork. Pick one or two distinctive pieces such as painting or sculpture that blends well with the interior design.

The standing painting behind the sofa has a large size so that it becomes the focal point of the room that displays creative artistic value and is certainly captivating. You can apply gold glitter to some walls to emphasize the luxurious living room decoration without being overwhelming. Black nuances in the living room need to be assisted by transparent glass windows to help lighten the room in a natural way, namely with sunlight. Standing painting behind the sofa from home-designing.

This painting of Nona’s face with a classic round frame has a high artistic elemental value. A horse statue in gold color complements the luxurious classic living room decor without being limited. Use a sofa in blue as an accent that can refresh the room instantly. You can try installing two table lamps as vintage-style lighting that enhances the look of your living room. Nona’s face painting with classic frames and horse sculptures from home-designing.

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A small living room should not limit your creativity. Create a luxurious vibe with these design tips and wow all your guests.

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