Top Comfortable Living Room Design Ideas You Should Try

Along with the bedroom and dining room, a living room is most likely a place you spend a lot of time yourself, with family, friends, guests, or a lover. It is the social center in a house where you can simply catch up on Netflix with your loved ones or play board games with a whole family. 

Nobody wants to have a cold and uninviting living room where no one wants to hang out. On the contrary, a cozy and warm living room is the dream. Manifest the dream by following these three comfortable living room design ideas below.

1. Have Amazing Couch

One of the most vital and essential center points in a living room is a couch. It is the spot where you can take a rest after a long day or the place you and your lover want to curl up on.

To have a comfortable living room design, you should invest in a good quality couch. Make sure that it pleases the eyes too so that anyone would want to linger longer in your living room. Choose one with great material and durability to give you happiness and comfort for years to come.

The sofa is one of the important furniture that must be owned in any style of living room decoration to be used as a comfortable sitting area all day with your family or guests who come to the house. Choose and use a sofa material made of linen so it is very easy to absorb sweat and does not cause this sitting area to be damp and easy to smell. Perform routine maintenance with a vacuum cleaner. Sofa linen from housebeautiful.

You can bring a feminine feel through the use of furniture that is applied to your living room decoration. The pink sofa which is equipped with several patterned throw pillows makes the surface more comfortable, warm and soft so it is highly recommended to try. This sofa furniture is perfected with a cooper coffee table with a round shape that looks more luxurious and sweet. Feminine sofa color from housebeautiful.

If you need a comfortable sitting area in the living room, then you can try using a sofa with velvet material which has a softer and smoother surface. Bring a modern feel to this room by adding some other luxury furniture such as a round glass table with gold metal legs. It’s not enough to stop here, patterned wallpaper is also an elegant finishing touch. Blue velvet sofa from housebeautiful.

Modern living room decorations without a sofa will look incomplete and seem more tacky. Therefore you can try to use sofas and chairs as the right guest sitting area in this room. You can choose a sofa with any color and material to your liking, for example, you can choose a velvet sofa with a bright color like yellow to serve as the focal point of an elegant room. Yellow sofa from housebeautiful.

The last choice for sofa ideas in the living room are those made of leather with a surface that is more glossy when exposed to reflected sunlight or the light that is hung in this room. The black color on this sofa minimizes the outer surface being easily dirty when used for a long time. In addition, the advantages of using a leather sofa are also not easily damaged or torn. Dark leather sofa from housebeautiful.

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2. Add Extra Seating

While your couch would be a perfect comfort for you, it might not be so to anybody else. Some people prefer an overstuffed armchair or a chaise instead of the couch. Moreover, you will need those extra seating so that everyone gets a spot to sit on. Therefore, it is a wise move to add plenty of additional seating to make a wider range of companies comfortable.  

There’s nothing wrong with adding some extra seating in the living room decor to accommodate your family and guests in larger numbers. This additional seating can be applied through several wooden chairs and benches that are placed right in front of the glass window. Don’t forget to add a throw pillow in each of these seats as a heating accent that can be used freely. Combination of chairs with stools from hgtv.

Seating in the living room does not only use a sofa, you can also use some chairs and benches for more and wider seating. The built-in bench on this open shelf can be covered with a seat cushion to get a softer and smoother surface. Choose chairs and coffee tables in one color for a more elegant living room look. Instead of a sofa with chairs and stools from hgtv.

Do you have a larger family? If so, then if you only use a sofa, there will be less seating in this living room decoration. Chairs are additional seating ideas that you must try, besides being easy when arranging the chairs, they will also be a comfortable sitting area for yourself and guests who come to your home. The choice of chairs and sofas in blue brings coastal style instantly. Combination of sofa with chairs from hgtv.

Two white sofas placed opposite each other are suitable seats for decorating a modern farmhouse living room. Don’t forget to add two matching colored chairs as additional seating ideas that can be used when needed when this room is used as a gathering place for your family. Chandeliers that are hung right above the coffee table become very bright lighting when used at night. Two white sofas and two chairs from hgtv.

This sectional sofa combined with two linen chairs is a combination of seating that can be used on weekends with family. Use some throw pillows as additional accents that can be used for maximum comfort. Choose and use a throw pillow with a bolder color to make it the focal point of a fun room. Combination of sectional sofa with armchair from hgtv.

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3. Don’t Overload It

It is nice to have a huge comfortable couch along with those additional cozy seating. However, you shouldn’t overload your living room. Make sure you don’t put too much stuff which creates a claustrophobic effect. You have to keep some free spaces so that the room still feels spacious and comfortable.

If you use sofas and chairs in decorating your living room, avoid using the entire room to put the furniture used so it doesn’t feel stuffy and cramped. Glass windows that are large enough to be a source of natural light that can be used during the day. Give the distance between the furniture as empty space that is easy to create. Distance between furniture from architectureartdesigns.

If you have a living room decoration with a room that is not too wide, then you can use only important and main furniture. For example, L-shape sofa with ottoman which is perfected with a round coffee table. The free floor that is not used to place this furniture becomes a free room that is easy to clean every day. Leather sofa and ottoman from architectureartdesigns.

This linen sofa and bench with matching colors are the right living room seating ideas and of course have maximum comfort. Leave empty space in this living room area to free up your activities while in this room. In addition, the design of the living room with a wider empty space is also very easy to maintain routinely. Gray linen sofa and chair from architectureartdesigns.

This spacious living room decoration becomes the most comfortable gathering area so you have to get the right furniture layout. For example, you can use a white rectangle sofa surrounded by wooden coffee table chairs and floor pillows. Do not forget to keep the distance between this furniture so that it is not too close or too far so it is very effective. Rectangle sofa with chair and floor cushion from architectureartdesigns.

To get a wider living room area, you can only use some important furniture such as a sofa, chairs in the corner of the room and a tufted coffee table that looks luxurious. The furniture in this room is enough to be a proper and comfortable interior so it is very suitable for use with family or guests who come. Use only the main furniture from architectureartdesigns.

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Those are three comfortable living room design ideas you have to try!


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