14 Things You Should Provide for Your Living Room Decoration

From all of the things that you can provide for a living room, there are some priorities that you should provide and take concern on those the most. Here we have some things that could be effectively create the comfort so that you can really enjoy your time there. Moreover, you can also welcome your guests well if you can make them get the fun atmosphere with the comfort your living room has.

Comfortable Sofa & Coffee Table

Sofa and coffee table could be said as the most important furniture for the living room. Applying the good one is really worthy for you whether for the quality and the designs. Even if it is possible, you can choose the coffee table that can be multi-functional value with the drawer or additional storage under the table. Then, for the sofa, make sure that you choose the one that give you comfort while sitting on it.

When you use a modern and minimalist living room decor, a transparent glass coffee table equipped with storage underneath is one of the best furniture choices you can try. Use the empty space under this table to store some of your favorite books or magazines that you often read when relaxing in this room. Decorate this table surface with fresh flower arrangements to give a fragrant aroma around this room. Glass coffee table with storage underneath from elledecor.

A reclaimed wood coffee table equipped with a built-in storage drawer underneath becomes multifunctional furniture that is suitable for decorating a living room with a smaller room size. If you want a warm atmosphere in the room, try to apply a wood brown color to this table with a re-polish that makes the outer surface look cleaner and shiny. Use the empty space under the drawer as a storage idea for your favorite books or magazines. Reclaimed wood coffee table with storage drawers from home-designing.

A good mix will be obtained when you combine a light-colored linen sofa with a small coffee table equipped with two storage drawers. Use the same color for the two pieces of furniture to get a harmonious look. The starfish pattern and several light-colored interiors emphasize the beach coastal style in this living room instantly, you can try installing a striped rug dominated by black and white. Coastal living room with multifunction table from home-designing.

Be bold in decorating the living room by using furniture that has a striking color, for example by using a very rosy maroon sofa and a masculine black coffee table that looks shiny. This very striking combination will certainly make the center of attention of all your guests who come. Take advantage of the area under the coffee table as storage by placing several large rattan wicker baskets. Coffee table design with wicker basket underneath from home-designing.

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Proper Lighting

Lighting is a must in any room, then what you should do is make sure that your lamp is in proper one. What is meant with proper here is that your lamp can give the good lighting and good looking at once. The reason why you should also consider on the appearance is because you can use it as the ornament to beautify your living room. Here, you can really create the aesthetic side for your living room with the right lighting design.

Lighting is an important interior that is needed in decorating your home, including in a modern living room that is dominated by pastel colors. Currently you can use glass chandeliers that have different colors or according to the beautiful color tone of the room, you can hang them right above the glass coffee table as the main lighting idea that can be used when the room feels dark. Colorful glass chandelier from hgtv.

To save electrical power in your home, a smart step you have to do is to arrange the right decoration. For example, by applying bright colors to paint the walls of this living room. Bright colors will maximize the reflection of light throughout the corner of the room. You can also use a pendant light with a geometric cage iron that has a gold color so it looks more luxurious and is very suitable for application in modern living room decorations. Pendant light with geometric iron cage from hgtv.

White is a neutral color that you can apply to the living room. The all-white living room will help maximize the lighting to be more perfect. The white color will also make the living room look more spacious and clean. Hanging rattan wicker lamps are the right lighting ideas to bring the maximum natural impression in this room. Natural woven rattan lamp from hgtv.

Match and harmonize the color of your living room lights with the color tone of the room for a more elegant impression. Starburst lighting hung lower in this living room will produce brighter lighting and of course have a modern style that never goes out of fashion. Neutral colors in the furniture in this living room are the perfect combination that you can use together. Starburst lighting from hgtv.

The glass window may not be enough to illuminate your living room at night, for the right lamp idea in your current room is a hanging pendant light that has a round gold shape with a size large enough. Hang this lamp directly above the coffee table to maximize the lighting throughout the room. Hanging iron pendant light with gold touch from hgtv.

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Pretty Ornament

Remember that when talking about the living room decoration, it won’t only how the room can functioned well. In this case, you should also considering into things that can beautify the room where in this case is the proper living room ornament. It is important because your coziness is not only about what you feel but also on what you see. Since there are so many different kinds of ornament that you can have, you can simply choose the one that match well with your living room theme.

Don’t let your coffee table look plain and boring, you can decorate it with some terracotta pots filled with a variety of green plants that thrive. Perform routine maintenance by watering it and giving it fertilizer in moderation, of course, this indoor plant requires sunlight to maximize its growth. Currently you can enter sunlight through the glass window in the living room. Terracotta pots decorating the coffee table from thespruce.

Decorating wall tiles in the living room will look more artistic when you decorate it with several animal head statues that are hung neatly at a distance that is not too far away. This statue has a matching color which is white so it can work well together when combined with purple wall tiles. Hanging animal head statue from thespruce.

Several gold round ornaments that are hung on one part of the wall become beautiful and luxurious decorations that can be applied to modern minimalist living room decorations. You can enhance the existence of this ornament with mirrors, indoor green plants and abstract canvas paintings that have a fairly large size. Bright lighting is the perfect complement. Hanging ornament round gold from thespruce.

Not only using living room ornaments that must be hung on the wall, you can adjust the use of ornaments in a living room according to their style. When you use modern living room decorations, you can put a small ceramic vase on a folding coffee table beautifully and look elegant. In addition, you can also put a flower vase on the windowsill to make it a beautiful windowsill decoration and give a fragrant aroma. Ceramic vases and flower vases as windowsill decorations from thespruce.

The plain white walls in the living room decoration will look more beautiful and artistic when you complement them with several wicker rattan plates that have various different sizes. You can also repaint it with a bright or dark color as a real blend that can be applied instantly, easily and without hassle. Complete this wall decor with a green plant corner that has a fairly large size. Hanging rattan wicker plate from thespruce.

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By simply providing those basic things into your living room, you can get the proper living room decoration for sure. Anyway, if want to have the other one, then of course you can provide it. For example if you want to have the rack or cabinet to store your books or other things, then just have it. What you need to consider is that don’t apply too much things if you have the small living room since it will make your room looks crowded and narrow. For another ideas, see more at Inspirational Living Room Decor !



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