Impressive Bohemian Living Room Decors

It is true that the Bohemian style has an impressive look which will be really awesome to be applied to the living room. With its festive look, the Bohemian style can create such a cheerful atmosphere to give you a fun feeling while enjoying your time in your living room. Anyway, there are two points that you should concern when decorating your Bohemian living room style. The first one is on the furniture, then the second one is for the ornament to beautify your room. Maybe the look will be really standout, but that is really ok! because the concept is in Boho where you can apply any standout color you want.

Proper Furniture

When talking about living room furniture, it won’t be far from the dining table, sofa, chairs, storage, or book rack sometimes. Anyway, providing all-new furniture with a Bohemian look might be too expensive and you can have over budgeting. In this case, you don’t need to buy a new sofa or table. You can simply add your sofa with a throw blanket or cushion cover that has the Bohemian pattern or touches. Those things will be surely cheaper and easy. Then, for the table or other furniture, if it is possible, you can add colors on it or apply the fabric that has a Bohemian look.

You can use one of the bohemian style furniture in your living room as a beautiful bold color, for example on your sofa. Emphasize the bohemian style of this living room with this bright boho patterned pillowcase. Bohemian style is usually complemented by fresh greenery. Cristal chandeliers glass is a lighting that gives the room the impression of being luxurious. Boho pattern sofa and pillowcase from goodhousekeeping.

This bohemian living room decoration has a beautiful colorful style. Blue, red and orange are a combination of colors that can blend perfectly. This bohemian patterned carpet can clean your wooden floor. Choose warm carpet material to make comfortable footwear. Large windows add personality to a bright and relaxing living room. Colorful bohemian carpet from goodhousekeeping.

You don’t need to buy new furniture to present a bohemian living room decoration. Here you just need to apply some bohemian pillowcases with different motifs and colors to make the room more cheerful and energetic. Other interiors that you can use in this room are rattan furniture, green plants and some wall decorations. Bohemian pillowcases with different colors and motifs from goodhousekeeping.

To produce a modern-style bohemian decoration, you can combine floral wallpaper with a white and red striped carpet. This decoration trick will be a trend this year. The faux fur table provides a smooth and soft texture, the wall decoration with gold frames complements this living room to the fullest. You can add greenery behind the white sofa. The combination of floral wallpaper with striped carpet from goodhousekeeping.

This colorful floral wall accent makes your living room present modern and contemporary boho graphics. You can use several interiors with different colors. The green sofa is the focal point in this room because it has a striking color. Use a pillowcase with a cheerful motif as a complement to a beautiful room. Boho graphic living room from goodhousekeeping.

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Pretty Ornament

Don’t forget to add the ornament for your Bohemian living room because this style will be nothing without any ornament. For the simple one, you can provide the macramé ornament or add the macramé to your lighting or window. Then, the wooden and rattan ornament is also known as the Bohemian character. You can provide it in the form of wall ornament and even the table ornament. Here are some examples of Bohemian ornaments with several different materials.

Decorate your plain white walls with a macramé hanging from a weathered wooden stalk. Here you can maximize wall decorations to make them look more beautiful and attract attention, vines become decorative items that refresh the room. Several bohemian hues on the carpet, blanket and pillowcase can come together perfectly. Wall decoration with macramé hanging from weathered wood stalks from shelterness.

To emphasize the bohemian decoration in your living room, you can add a macramé ornament with a larger size. Hang this macramé right above the sofa which is used as a sitting area. The bold color on this boho carpet is a focal point that adds a livelier decoration to the room. Green plants never fail to enhance your room. Larger Macramé that hangs over the sofa from shelterness.

Not only using macramé as your bohemian living room wall decoration idea, here your decor will appear more different and stunning with several wall paintings with different patterns and themes. Different types and sizes also give the room a more artistic impression. You can create an eclectic bohemian color by including several bright colors at the same time. Painting of wall frames from shelterness.

Jute wall decoration is the right choice to decorate a boho living room, you can add a tassel with a bohemian motif to emphasize this decoration. The neutral color of the furniture makes it easy for you to combine it with other interiors around it. You can easily try this room decoration. Jute wall decoration from shelterness.

The combination of canvas painting with rattan woven plates gives a unique and beautiful appearance. You can paint these rattan plates in several different colors. Give some of your pillowcases a color other than white. The greenery behind the sofa becomes a decorative item that refreshes the room perfectly. The combination of canvas painting with rattan woven plates from shelterness.

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With all of those explanations, we hope that it is clear enough for you to master the Bohemian style concept. Since Bohemian style is applying the colorful and standout look, here you don’t need to be worried and feeling limited in playing with the colors. Moreover, pattern and texture are also important for this style then just use your imagination to deal with this. Add the details, because the more complicated the details, the more unique your Bohemian style looks like.


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