Elegant French Country Living Room Decor Ideas

Have you ever thought of having a French country style living room design and decoration? And how about the elements that can support the decoration of a family room with a French country theme. You will be amazed at everything. Starting from a warm neutral color scheme. Room decoration is romantic and on a budget. As well as a variety of DIY french country decor that inspires. Well, beautiful French country style decor always prioritizes of elegance, warmth, and certainly full of comfort. No wonder, if lately the decoration of this style has become very popular. In addition, the use of furniture remains in simplicity. But the value is impressive and comfortable to look at.

Neutral or Pastel Colors

You can present an elegant French country style living room decorating idea from a neutral color scheme. You should know, that using a combination of neutral colors will produce an elegant and elegant feel of the room. Like the following examples of decorations that try to use a neutral color combination. The narrow room will look spacious, as well as the lighting inside.

Light gray is one of the pastel colors that is perfect for a French country living room decoration that will look more colorful when you apply some floral patterned pillowcases on a plain white sofa. This light gray color can be applied to walls and curtains for a more elegant and calm look. Light gray living room with floral pillowcase from impressiveinteriordesign.

Furthermore, beige is the best choice that can be applied to French country kitchen decorations, you can apply this color to parts of some furniture such as sofas, ceilings, rugs and wall paint. Flowers blooming with a small vase placed on the coffee table become a decoration that has a bright color and of course looks very contrasting but still beautiful. Glass window panels are a source of sunlight that maximizes natural lighting in this room. Beige color living room from impressiveinteriordesign.

There is nothing wrong with adding a striking color in the coffee table area to add a more beautiful color to the room by using ceramic ornaments that have several different sizes. This living room decoration is dominated by pastel colors so that it seems more calm and not tacky. Animal statues, macramé mirror frames and painting frames are suitable room decorations for the French country style. Pastel living room with red ceramic ornament from impressiveinteriordesign.

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Well, the beauty of a room is not only seen from one side only. But the overall facade of the room and how the color composition between one furniture with another. So that everything looks harmonious, matching, and has a good texture balance. However, you must not forget the comfort of the furniture. To get an elegant feel to consider softer colors and finer patterns. Beautiful edges, decorative trims, and frilly accents add a touch of elegance.

Choose and use a sofa set with a neutral pattern that is not too flashy, in this furniture you can also use pastel colors such as light blue to make it easier for you to combine it with other patterned interiors around it. You can install large rugs and wall hangings with individual patterns that have a variety of styles and touches. Sofa set with unobtrusive pattern from elledecor.

If you have used patterned rugs with bold red colors, then the next furniture that you can use is those that have plain colors and patterns as an elegant combination. Make all the color combinations in this living room work well together to produce a beautiful room decoration. Sofa with velvet material has a softer and smoother sitting surface. Patterned rug with plain sofa set from elledecor.

To give the living room an elegant texture, you can use vintage painting wall decorations that are equipped with a sitting area of various colors and patterns. Neutralize all the mix of colors and patterns in this room by using beige wall paint evenly. Do not forget to include sunlight as natural lighting that can be obtained from using the shutter window. The combination of colors and patterns of interior living room from elledecor.

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Before you do the decoration, you should indeed determine what type of furniture you want. Then, what material is in accordance with the integrity of your room. In addition, recognize the distinctive characteristics of French country style living room furniture that is dull, and low in gloss. In addition, pay attention to the composition of the room becomes very important.

Choose and use a linen sofa with a mix of white and blue, usually this French country living room decoration uses some simple furniture and certainly doesn’t look shiny. The wooden table placed behind this sofa has a vintage feel because it has a unique and unusual shape. Enter sunlight into the room through the use of large glass windows. Linen sofa in two colors from impressiveinteriordesign.

If you use the French country style in decorating the living room, then avoid using luxurious and shiny furniture, you can use some wooden chairs with a layer of leather material that has a splash of earth tone color. The engraving on the coffee table legs also gives a vintage impression that is durable because it is made of iron that is sturdy and not easily porous. Wooden chair with leather material from impressiveinteriordesign.

The next choice of material that you can try on the sofa, chairs and coffee table is a combination of linen, wood and iron. All of these materials will work well together without creating clutter to complete the look of your French country living room. Don’t forget to cover all the surfaces of the furniture legs with vintage rugs that have a simple pattern. The repainted stone walls are natural accents that are environmentally friendly. Combination of linen, iron and wood furniture set from impressiveinteriordesign.

If you have a living room with a wider floor space, then you can use two sets of seats that can be used as a gathering area with your family and friends when you come home. Layers of fabric with pastel colors are one of the characteristics of the French country style, you can try to combine it with some interiors made of natural materials. Two sets of vintage seating from impressiveinteriordesign.

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You can choose and determine various kinds of decorations in the French country style living room. Next, you choose the best color scheme, then a balanced texture, then the right furniture. Dab simple motifs to bring a romantic feel. Like floral motifs, stripes, or asymmetrical. The objects that you use for decoration are character furniture. A case of vintage style furniture, with a slight finishing touch and low sparkle. You can use simple floor motifs such as wood, brick, or beautiful floral patterns. Now, you can determine the best decoration for your living room. So the French country style living room is amazing. You can determine the design and size of the coffee table or the most comfortable sofa.



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