Homey Yet Stylish, Discover These 10 Best Country Decor for Living Room

Whether your living space is a small block of apartment or three stories tall cottage, there are some of the best ways to revitalize your dull, empty house into a warm and homey cocoon to live in. Ranging from a shabby chic aesthetic until a vintage French paradise, the country decor will transform your house in a way that you never imagined before–all without breaking your bank!

Wondering how to incorporate the countryside allure into your house? These are the best country decors for your living room will reveal that you don’t have to live in the countryside to relish in its excellence!

Reclaimed Wooden Walls

Vintage and environmentally friendly, these reclaimed wooden walls are a staple for every country decor. You can either paint it white or leave it in its natural colors to enhance warmth and comfort. The wooden wall is a great way to nail country decor and bring nature into your living room.

A vintage-style living room decor using a touch of reclaimed wood walls. This decoration displays the impression of a living room to present an elegant and more elegant impression. Combined with some wooden furniture on a coffee table and gray sofa, it presents a warm and cozy living room decor. This vintage funritur will give it a playful look. Vintage-style living room from homebnc.

The reclaimed wood wall in the living room with a wood texture that is deliberately not painted and combined with a natural wood coffee table accent gives a more comfortable and warm impression to be in the living room. Some of these wooden ornaments and furniture will give your room a rustic impression. Adding a window with a white frame will present an interesting look for you to try. Reclaimed wood wall from countryliving.

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Bright Curtains

Taking its inspirations from the French aesthetic, this bright curtain will instantly brighten and cheer up your living room. Get yourself going by adding a bright-colored sofa and a cozy wooden table to finish the look.

Choosing bright patterned curtains for your rustic living room decor can make your room feel bright and cheerful. Also, enhance the feel with pink cushions and footrests to complete the décor. Choosing an all-white nuance will create a stylish and inviting room decor. This large chapel under the sofa will create a warm and serene space in this country living room décor. Bright patterned curtains from southernliving.

This is one of those special ideas in the living room that will prove the country even more. The color palette for the curtains with a soft texture will bring out the appearance of a more charming living room. Choosing a matching color on the curtains and cushions on the chairs and coffee table will make your living room decor more stylish. Wooden floors and shades of pink blush walls will give a beautiful room for you to try. Bright curtain from homesandgardens.

Vintage Chandelier

Get a functional piece of lavish decoration by hanging a rustic chandelier as a new focal point in your living room. The warm yellow hues create a homey atmosphere where people gather and chat around comfortably.

With classic chandeliers and warm lighting, it makes the living room look more attractive and warm. The yellow color created from the lighting provides a comfortable atmosphere. By choosing this metal pendant lamp, it is complemented by a candle that will have dramatic lighting throughout the room. Combining with some other classic furniture will reinforce an attractive country design. Classic chandeliers from homedesignlover.

A charming decoration is created in this country living room. The reason is, the touch of an attractive chandelier with a splash of wood and metal gives the impression of an elegant living room. In addition, having a hanging lamp decoration like this will create a dramatic lighting throughout the room. You can combine it with some red and white armchairs that will give your living room a comfortable and inviting decor. Wooden chandelier from homedesignlover.

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Weathered Leather Couch

The weathered leather sofa provides a bold accent in the settings of your country decor. Pair with exotic carpets, and instantly get the perfect angle to read at night.

The weathered leather sofa gives a charming accent to your country living room decor arrangement. And your living room will look even wilder and more elegant. Equipped with several neutral color pillows, it will give a comfortable impression to this living room decor. A unique coffee table will also complement the look so that it will create a stylish and spacious room. Weathered leather sofa from countryliving.

The touch of a weathered leather sofa in a rustic living room provides even more comfort. A warmer and more charming impression for you to relax with your family. Completed with a round coffee table and patterned pillows, this will give your room a charming and comfortable decoration. This chapel under the sofa and wooden floor provides a harmonious decoration for the room. Armchair weathered leather from countryliving.

Muted Color Palette

Muted and neutral colors such as white, creme, beige, and other pastel hues are the best selections if you want to create the best country decor. Make sure to combine it with darker tones, either in furniture or flooring, to add depth and personalities.

The concept of a living room with a touch of beige on the walls and a combination of beige and blue furniture gives a more beautiful touch of decor to the living room. Combining with a sofa and some black furniture will make for the perfect room decoration. Wood flooring and patterned rugs add a warm look to this country taamu space. Beige on the walls from countryliving.

Pair paint with luxurious textured furniture to create a refined, relaxing environment into the perfect decoration of this country living room. Shades of gray and combined with dark furnitures will present a contrasting room decor. This antique coffee table and soft carpet will add a warm decor to your room. A white storage cabinet also makes for a stunning appearance. Grey paint wall from countryliving.

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With country decor, there’s an endless possibility to transform your living room into the coziest part of your home.

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